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Two Wheeler Insurance

Two wheeler insurance refers to the type of insurance policy that offers coverage against any damage caused to a two-wheeler and/or its riders arising due to some unforeseen event such as road accidents, theft or natural disaster. It also provides protection against third-party liabilities that may arise due to bodily injuries or damages caused to a third-party individual or property.

What is bike insurance

Two-wheeler insurance is an ideal solution to meet the ever-so-inflated repair costs that may arise due to the damages caused to the insured two-wheeler vehicles. In addition, insurance policy for bike provides protection to all types of two-wheelers including motorcycles, moped and scooters, and are available for all two-wheeler vehicles used for both, personal or commercial use.

Also, to avoid a hefty fine of Rs. 2000 under the newly introduced penalty structure of Indian Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act , you need to carry your active two wheeler insurance policy throughout, as per the recently announced Indian traffic rule.

Why is Two-Wheeler Insurance Important?

One of the major reasons to own two wheeler insurance is to ensure protection against third party liability. Moreover, the Indian Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory for all bike owners to have bike insurance, at least third party insurance, without which one can’t ride a motorcycle. Considering the rising number of accidental cases, bike insurance is essential to ensure the utmost financial protection. Apart from the liability coverage, 2 wheeler insurance comes in handy in covering the following:

  • Loss or damage of vehicle caused due to natural calamities such as earthquake, or flood, fire, self-ignition or lightning etc.
  • Loss or damage of vehicle due to man-made calamities, burglary, theft, strike, malicious acts.
  • Personal accidental cover for owner-driver/riders

Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

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Two Wheeler Insurance Plans starting at Rs. 2 per day. Compare and buy two-wheeler insurance plans at PolicyBazaar. You can now renew your expired two-wheeler insurance online.

  • Quick Policy Issuance
  • No Inspection, No Extra Charges
  • Lowest Premium Guarantee on Two-Wheeler Insurance

With plenty of insurance providers introducing a range of two wheeler insurance policies, finding the right type of cover can be confusing. As bike insurance is an important part of one’s financial portfolio, ensuring the best policy matters a lot. In this regard, we have compiled a list of top two wheeler insurance plans in India to be considered:

Two Wheeler Insurer Third Party Cover Network Garages Personal Accidental Cover Incurred Claim Ratio Policy Term No Claims Bonus
Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance Available 4000+ Rs. 15 Lakh 69.19% 1 year Available
Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Available 1600+ Rs. 15 Lakh 89.09% 1 year Available
HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Available 1600+ Rs. 15 Lakh 89.43% 1 year Available
IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance Available 2000 Rs. 15 Lakh 79.19% 1 year Available
Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Available 159 Rs. 15 Lakh 81.47% 1 year Available
Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance Available 150+ Rs. 15 Lakh 80.66% 1 year Available
Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance Available 3300+ Rs. 15 Lakh 84.99% 1 year Available
New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance Available 150+ Rs. 15 Lakh 79.68% 1 year Available

Disclaimer- As updated, the ranking of the insurance companies in this content is not in any particular order. The list is not compiled as per the IRDA ranking.

You love your motorbike like your own baby. You clean it and polish it every Sunday. You go zooming in it all around the city. Yes, your two-wheeler is an important part of your life. It is your necessity and pride too. Keep your two-wheeler safe and secure. Get your prized possession covered and stay at peace by purchasing bike insurance.

This insurance policy provides financial cover to motorbike against physical damage, theft, and third-party accountability. It includes insurance for the motorbike. With poor road conditions in India and no driving ethics, two-wheeler insurance is your only savior on the roads.

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance

Typically, there are two different types of two-wheeler insurance policies available at the disposal of insurance seekers in India:

Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

Also called first-party two-wheeler insurance, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan offers coverage against all types of damages caused to the insured vehicle and its owner/rider.

The comprehensive two wheeler insurance, as the name suggests, provides total cover for the two-wheeler and the insured. The list of coverage include:

  • Protects from Loss/Damage Caused to the Vehicle: Any damage that is caused to the insured vehicle due to man-made disasters or due to natural calamities is covered. The insurer will compensate for the loss suffered by the insured and gets it back running into its original condition. Most insurance companies offer additional covers or optional features to be considered in order to enhance the basic coverage.
  • Personal Accident Cover: It offers a personal accident cover up to Rs. 15 lakh in case of accidental injury leading to partial/total temporary or permanent disability and death. The Indian motor insurance providers offer the optional benefit for adding co-passengers as well.
  • Coverage against Third Party Liability: It covers legal liabilities arising due to:
    • Third-party Death or Bodily Injury: It protects the policyholder against any liability arising due to 3rd party injury or death, where the insured vehicle remains at fault. At times injuries may result in hospitalization, cause temporary or permanent damage or partial or total disability such as loss of limbs or eyes. The liability amount to be paid by the insured will be covered.
    • Damages to Third Party Property: The insurance companies cover third-party property damage up to a specified limit as defined under the policy document.

Third-Party Liability Only Bike Insurance Policy

The two-wheeler liability insurance policy only covers the policyholder against legal liabilities arising out of injuries caused to a third-party, property damage or death from the insured 2-wheeler. As the name suggests, the policy doesn’t cover the insured vehicle or any damage/loss sustained by it.

Most motor insurance providers in India also provide a personal accident cover for the owner of the motorcycle, moped or scooty. As per the new IRDA’s rule, all the motor insurance providers will offer multi-year (up to 5 years) third-party insurance cover to all the two-wheelers that are purchased after Sept 01, 2018.

Third Party Vs Comprehensive Cover

Below are the differences between liability insurance and own damage cover as per the benefits offered:

Third Party Liability Insurance Comprehensive Insurance
Can be availed at a lesser premium Premiums are comparatively at the higher side
Premiums are decided by the IRDA Premiums depend on certain factors such as age, registration zone, make and model, cubic capacity etc.
Only covers third-party liability arising out of accidental damage, injury and death of a third party Apart from covering third party liabilities, it includes own-damage cover as well
Beneficial for the vehicles more than 5 years old Best option for brand new vehicles or comparatively not more than 5 years old

Understanding Important Terms Related to Bike Insurance

Third-Party Two Wheeler Insurance Clause

Third-party bike insurance is a two-wheeler insurance policy covering you against all the losses or damages caused to the third-party.

India Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, mandates to have a valid third party two wheeler insurance for anyone who owns a two-wheeler. If anyone who owns a two-wheeler, be it bike or scooter, does not comply with the rule, might end up paying huge penalties.

Third-party two wheeler insurance policy safeguards the riders against all the legal obligations that arise out of the damage to the third-party. The third-party, here, can be property or individual person.

Getting third-party bike insurance is hassle-free and needs minimal documentation. The reason being this type of two-wheeler insurance plan covers the third-party but not the insured two-wheeler.

Renewal Process of Third-Party Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan:

In order to renew your third-party two-wheeler insurance, you have to keep a vigil on the date of expiry of your policy. Just before your policy expires, you can renew your two-wheeler policy online. You must keep a check on the actual date of expiry so as to avoid heavy inspection charges.

You will require certain documents at the time of renewal of your bike insurance third-party such as a current document of your policy, net banking/debit card details, and the Registration Certificate of the insured bike or scooter.

Liabilities under Two Wheeler Insurance

It provides financial cover for the insured vehicle if it causes injury, death or injuries a person. It also features the cost of any legal accountability.

Get this insurance at unbelievable competitive rates and without any hassles. A completely win-win situation!

Key Features of Two Wheeler Insurance

Two-wheeler insurance market has changed dramatically, thanks to the emergence of new players in the market. Nowadays, bike insurance companies have come up with a range of features to woo new customers and retain old ones. In this regard, below are the common features of two-wheeler insurance:

  • Two wheeler insurance protects the insured vehicle against loss or damages sustained due to man-made or natural calamities
  • Third party bike insurance is mandatory in India, where insurance coverage is provided against legal liabilities
  • Bike insurance online is the most convenient and the safest way of buying motorcycle insurance.
  • The policy is easily transferable in case of switch of the insurer
  • No claim bonus is an alluring benefit offered under own-damage cover, where the insured is rewarded for not claiming the insurance. The NCB bonus can be earned up to a certain percentage in terms of discount in the policy premium or increase in the sum insured.
  • Quick settlement of claims, instant policy purchase, online renewal etc. are some of the basic features of this plan.

Benefits Under Two Wheeler Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance Buying Guide

Apart from the basic coverage to the insured vehicle, a two wheeler insurance policy comes with the following additional benefits as well:

Instant Policy Issuance

Gone are the days when we had to wait for a long to get the policy document, as it was sent to the registered mailing address by post. But, with the advancement of technology, nowadays digitally signed policy can be issued, where the insured can avail the policy instantly mailed to their email Id. online 2 wheeler insurance is the most convenient way of availing insurance coverage.

Add-on Covers

Access to add-on covers is another benefit that boosts the basic policy coverage. Among the add-on covers, it includes personal accident cover for pillion riders, enhanced coverage for spare parts and accessories, zero depreciation cover, road-side assistance and so on. The additional coverage is generally offered at an extra cost but goes a long way to ensure extensive coverage in case of an unforeseen or unfortunate event.

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

No claim bonus is a bonus offered by the insurance company for every claim-free year. It is provided either as a discount on the premium or increase in the sum insured. NCB bonus ranges from 20% to 50% depending on the insurance provider. No Claim Bonus is an important part of bike insurance as it promotes safe driving. Hence, you can ensure up to a maximum of 50% discount on OD two wheeler insurance premium. Below is the percentage of NCB to be earned for each claim-free year:

Number of Claim-free Years Discount
1st claim-free year 20%
2 consecutive claim-free years 25%
3 consecutive claim-free years 35%
4 consecutive claim 45%
5 consecutive claim 50%

Avail Discounts and Save on Own Damage Premium!

Two wheeler insurance providers offer additional discounts, avail them you can save on two wheeler insurance premium up to a considerable amount. Let’s have a look:

Voluntary Deductible: A deductible is a part of the total claim that the policyholder agrees to pay from his/her own pocket. The rest of the claim amount is covered by the insurance company. Usually, deductibles are of two types- Compulsory and voluntary deductible. When compulsory deductible is pre-decided, voluntary deductible can be volunteered by the insured. More is the voluntary deductible, the lesser will be your premium. By opting for this deductible, you can avail 20-25% discount on own damage cover. Here’s the amount of discount to be availed by opting for Voluntary Deductible under OD cover:

Amount of Voluntary Deductible Discount
Rs. 500 5% discount on OD premium
Rs. 750 10% discount on OD premium
Rs. 1000 15% discount on OD premium
Rs. 1500 20% discount on OD premium

*Kindly opt for the amount of voluntary deductible that is affordable only

Discounts on Installing Anti-Theft Device/Membership of Indian Automobile Association: IRDA of India approved insurers to offer certain discounts on premiums considering certain factors such as if the insured is a member of Indian Automobile Association if the vehicle is protected through an anti-theft device if the owner/driver has a smooth driving record etc. Moreover, insurers offer additional discounts with online two wheeler insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance Online Policy Renewal and Claim Registration

Almost every insurance provider has made its products and services available online. This further makes it easy for the policyholders to avail the post-sale services. With online bike insurance, one can easily claim or renew the policy online and save time. Moreover, scooter insurance online ensures the most affordable and extensive plan within your budget.

Ensures Peace of Mind

Apart from the offered coverage, two-wheeler insurance policy offers much-needed peace of mind. Motorcycles are the most popular among youngsters and middle-class people. Whether it is Jammu and Kashmir or Andaman and Nicobar Islands, millions of people use their motorcycles to commute or to wander, for work or to run errands. For them, their motorbike, scooter, or moped is a means of their daily commute. Even small damage to their precious vehicle will mean rearranging the monthly budget to save on the costs incurred. This policy works wonder for them. It gives them peace of mind as they don’t have to worry about how to pay for the expenditure. The insurance company will take care of these expenses leaving the insured in a complete relaxing state of mind.

Add-on Covers of Two Wheeler Insurance

Get Best Comprehensive Policy

Add-on covers help the insured to be prepared fully for the uncertainties while on road and offers complete protection to the set of wheels. However, these covers can be availed with comprehensive insurance at an additional cost. Some of the basic add-on two wheeler insurance covers include:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover: This cover helps the insured get the complete value of the vehicle in case of damage. Usually, the value of a bike depreciates over a period. Due to the depreciation, the cost of plastic, metal, rubber, nylon etc. It is not covered fully by the insurer while deciding the IDV. The depreciation can range from 5% to 50% as per the age of the vehicle. With zero depreciation cover, the full market value of the vehicle can be availed at the time of claim.
  • Accessories Cover: This cover helps to cover the high-end electrical and non-electrical accessories studded in the two-wheeler.
  • Consumable Cover: No insurance provider covers the cost of consumables such as nuts and bolts, engine oil, lubricants etc. By covering them additionally, one can save a considerable amount in the hour of need.
  • Personal Accident Cover for Passengers: Usually personal accident cover for owner or driver is an inbuilt cover under the comprehensive policy, but for covering pillion riders it can be availed as an add-on. The policy covers the pillion in case of accidental injury, disability or death.

What is not Covered by Two Wheeler Insurance?

Two wheeler insurance doesn’t cover the insured under below conditions:

  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear of the vehicle
  • Loss from mechanical or electrical breakdowns
  • Depreciation or any consequential loss from regular use, unless it is covered by an add-on
  • Any damage to tyres and tubes in the normal course of running
  • Any loss incurred while the vehicle is being used beyond the scope of coverage.
  • Loss or damage to the vehicle when driven by a person without a valid driving license
  • Losses occurring because the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Any damage caused due to war or mutiny or from nuclear risk

Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim Process

Nowadays, most of the insurance companies follow a customer-friendly claim-settlement approach. They offer assistance to the insured to take the motorcycle to the nearest authorized service centre. The motor insurance claim process involves a few simple steps:

  • Inform the insurance company and register the claim
  • Filing an FIR with the police station in case of accidental injuries/property damage/or theft
  • Taking the motorcycle to the garage and submitting the necessary documents with the duly filled claim form.
  • As per the applicable terms and conditions, the insurance company bears all the covered expenses and the policyholder has to bear only the expenditure that is not covered under the policy. The policy contains information on the expenses that are excluded.
  • Insured can also fill out the motor insurance claim form and attach relevant documents required such as a driving license copy, original bills (if required), and submit it to the insurer by visiting the nearest branch); and get their bike repaired at the network garages.

Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Process

Two wheeler insurance can be renewed in two ways- online and offline.

Online Bike Insurance Renewal

To initiate bike insurance renewal online, you can log on to the insurance company’s website and follow the steps for two wheeler insurance online renewal. Makes sure the filled-in data such as personal details and policy details are correct. Keep the current policy with you while you renew so you can refer to it for any details such as policy number and so on.

Also, keep your debit cards or internet banking details handy so you can furnish the information at the time of making payment. Insurance companies generally generate a digital policy in the PDF format that does not require any person’s signature on confirmation of the premium payment. Save this PDF file in a secured location as you may need it later. Take a print out and keep it with you when you ride.

Offline Bike Insurance Renewal

Two-wheeler insurance policy can be traditionally renewed by visiting the insurance provider’s nearest office. The process is actually very simple though you will have to find the time to go to the branch. You need to know your policy and vehicle details and fill the same in the application form. In case you want to buy optional riders or add-on covers you can opt for it.

The insurance officer serving you will hand over the new policy immediately after paying the premium by cash, demand draft or debit card. Cheque payments need time to clear and your policy is generally emailed on the official email address subject to cheque clearance.

How to Renew Two-Wheeler Insurance Online After Expiry?

You can’t afford to carry an expired two wheeler insurance, right? Well, don’t forget to consider its aftermath apart from the extra charges. An inactive policy means you’re no longer covered by the insurer for damages, legal liabilities and the list goes on. These expenses can burn a big hole into your pocket. So, ensure that your policy is in an active state. If you miss renewing your policy, here’s how to opt for two wheeler insurance online renewal after expiry.

You Can Switch the Insurer

If you’re not satisfied with your current insurer, which may have resulted in the delay in renewal (just we guess), you can switch it now. Renewal is the best time to review your policy coverage as well as the insurer. Go shop around, compare and buy the right plan.

Go Online

Online insurance renewal is convenient, fast and safe. Log on to the official website of the insurer, provide some basic details of your bike such as make and model, year of manufacturing, cc capacity etc. Select the type of insurance from the available options and pay bike insurance online.

This way you can renew the lapsed policy easily. However, it is recommended to renew the policy before it expires. As a two wheeler insurance policy saves you from expending a huge amount in case of damage or loss, it is your responsibility to keep a track of every important thing related to your insurance plan. If you want to go with an insurance aggregator, you can consider buying from Policybazaar.

Benefits of Expired Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Renewal Online

In case you forget the renewal due date of your two-wheeler insurance, the policy is considered as break-in policy. It is essential to remember the expiry date and renew the policy before the due date so that the policy doesn’t lapse. Two-wheeler insurance online renewal after expiry can be easy with Policybazaar. The best part is, if you renew your expired two wheeler insurance online, there will be no vehicle inspection.

The benefits that you get on renewing an expired two-wheeler insurance policy through PolicyBazaar are:

  • Get your bike or scooty insurance renewed without documentation and inspection
  • No extra charges to be paid
  • Instant policy issuance
  • No previous policy details to be provided for cases where the policy has expired for more than 90 days.
  • Online renewal of expired two-wheeler policy is quick and easy.
  • Save money through a comparison side-by-side and choose the one that fits your pocket best
  • Get assistance from our call centre

How to Compare Two Wheeler Insurance?

Two wheeler insurance can be a life saver in times of need. In addition to protecting against bodily injuries or damages caused to property of first-party/ third-party. Additionally, it also provides personal  accident cover. You can easily buy insurance online or offline by approaching an agent or personally visiting the branch office. Nevertheless, the key to ensuring the right policy is ‘comparison’. On you can compare bike insurance online. You can use online two-wheeler insurance premium calculator to find the premium charged by different motor insurance plans and finally land down on the cheapest two wheeler insurance. There are quite a few things to check apart from the premium when you compare two wheeler insurance:

Types of 2 Wheeler Insurance Plans

There are a number of two-wheeler insurance companies that offer both third-party and comprehensive insurance plans. A comprehensive plan is recommended for those who are looking for a full-fledged coverage against the risks.

Add-on or Optional Covers

All insurance companies offer add-on covers. These add-ons can be purchased by paying an extra premium. Zero depreciation cover, personal accident cover, emergency roadside assistance, pillion rider cover, medical cover, accessories cover etc. are to name a few.

Benefits and Features Offered

In order to satisfy their users, insurance companies try introducing plans with advanced features and benefits. Insurers are now more focusing on post-sale services as well to keep them happy. For instance, motor insurance companies offer 24/7 helpline, online claim registration, claim tracking, renewal etc. The insured can get in touch with the experts who can guide them in selecting the right policy, assist in policy renewal, transfer of NCB (No Claim Bonus) etc.

*Note- Some motor companies also go an extra mile and ensure that the customer’s do not have to follow up with the repair workshop in case of cashless repairs.

Renewal Process of Two-Wheeler Insurance

Most of the insurers provide online two-wheeler insurance renewal facility. Renewing two-wheeler insurance online is an easy option for everyone. At the time of buying, one should be ardent to compare the renewal process of an insurer and go for the one that offers two wheeler insurance renewal online as well.

Discounts Available

While comparing, it makes sense to opt for companies that offer discounts such as no claim bonus (NCB), discounts to members of a recognized automotive association,  installation of anti-theft devices in the and so on. Also, some companies may offer an additional discount for online renewal, purchases made through certain apps or credit card, and NCB for each claim-free year.

Claim Settlement Ratio

Comparing the claim settlement ratio of an insurance company is important. CSR indicates the ability of an insurance company to settle the claims in a particular financial year. The higher the claim settlement ratio, the better it is for you.

How PolicyBazaar Two-Wheeler Insurance Calculator Works?

PolicyBazaar provides you bike insurance calculator that helps you to calculate bike insurance premium. This way you can get assistance in assessing your insurance requirements and ensure the appropriate option. You just need to fill an online form by providing some basic information. After you fill the basic details about your two-wheeler in PolicyBazaar, calculator form the PolicyBazaar two-wheeler calculator suggests the best options as per your requirements. After that, you can compare bike insurance plans available and opt for the one that suits you the best.

PolicyBazaar two-wheeler calculator premium is calculated based on the following factors:

  • IDV of the vehicle
  • The cubic capacity of the vehicle
  • Zone of registration
  • Age of vehicle

Recent Updates on Two Wheeler Insurance

Following are some of the recent changes in terms of two wheeler insurance in India.

Increase in Bike Insurance Price for Two Wheelers

As per the recent hike in third-party bike insurance price list set by IRDA of India, one would have to pay more for two-wheeler bike insurance price for third party cover. While the premium or policy rate of comprehensive insurance is decided based on certain external factors such as bike engine capacity, age, location, gender etc., the price of third party insurance is decided by IRDA itself. And every year it tends to increase. For the financial year 2019-2020, IRDA of India has increased third-party bike insurance premium from 4.44 to 21.11 %. The highest rise of 21.11% is for two-wheelers with engine capacity between 150cc and 350cc.

Third Party Bike Insurance Price Rates

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) has revised the third-party premium rates for bike insurance. Check out the increased premium prices of 3rd party 2-wheeler insurance in the below table:

Vehicle Types Third-Party Two Wheeler Insurance Rates
2018-19 2019-20 Percentage Increased (%)
Vehicle not exceeding 75cc Rs. 427 Rs. 482 12.88%
Exceeding 75cc to 150 cc Rs. 720 Rs. 752 4.44%
Exceeding 150cc to 350 cc Rs. 985 Rs. 1193 21.11%
Exceeding 350 cc Rs. 2323 Rs. 2323 No change

Insurer Third Party Cover Add On Covers Special Features Limitations
Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance Up to 1 L for third party property damage No Add ons available for Two Wheelers
  • Expired policies/ Owner Transfer cases can be renewed, WITHOUT Inspection and Documentation
  • Instant Policy Issuance
  • The swift claim settlement process
  • Available for vehicles up to 15 years old
Bharti AXA Two Wheeler InsuranceUp to 1 L for third party property damageNo Add ons available for Two Wheelers
  • Expired policies can be renewed, WITHOUT Inspection and Documentation
  • Instant Policy Issuance
  • The swift claim settlement process
  • Available for vehicles up to 10 years old
HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler InsuranceUp to 1 L for third party property damageZero Depreciation (ZD)
  • Expired policies can be renewed, WITHOUT Inspection and Documentation
  • Instant Policy Issuance
  • The swift claim settlement process
  • Renew expired policies- WITHOUT Inspection and Documentation
  • ZD plan available for vehicles up to 24 months old
  • Available for vehicles up to 15 years old
IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler InsuranceUp to 1 L for third party property damageNo Add ons available for Two Wheelers
  • Instant Policy Issuance
  • Comprehensive support through our dedicated customer support team
  • Available for vehicles up to 10 years old
New India Assurance Two Wheeler InsuranceUp to 1 L for third party property damageZero Depreciation (ZD)
  • Instant Policy Issuance
  • Quick and hassle-free settlement for your two wheeler insurance claims
  • ZD plan available for vehicles up to 58 months old
  • Available for vehicles up to 10 years old
Reliance Two Wheeler InsuranceUp to 1 L for third party property damageNo Add ons available for Two Wheelers
  • Instant Policy Issuance
  • The swift claim settlement process
  • Available for vehicles up to 10 years old
Universal Sompo Two Wheeler InsuranceUp to 1 L for third party property damageZero Depreciation (ZD)
  • Instant Policy Issuance
  • Quick and hassle-free settlement for your two wheeler insurance claims
  • ZD plan available for vehicles up to 60 months old
  • Available for vehicles up to 10 years old

What documents should I submit to get discount on two-wheeler insurance on the basis of my age and occupation?


To avail discounts on the basis of your age and occupation, you would need to submit Pan Card and employment or education certificate respectively.


Can I replace a new vehicle in my current insurance policy?


Yes, you can replace your new vehicle in your current insurance policy. Call the insurance company to make changes effective.


Can I cancel the policy during the tenure of the insurance?


Yes, you can cancel the policy during its term, provided you submit documents to prove that your vehicle has been insured elsewhere or the registration certificate of your vehicle has been cancelled by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Once the policy is cancelled, the insurer will refund the remaining amount, after deducting the premium for a period in which coverage has been given. The refund is possible only if there has been no claim during the policy tenure.


Why should I buy comprehensive insurance policy when law mandates only 3rd party, injury, and death or property loss?


Although, as per law it is compulsory only to buy 3rd party bike insurance it is strongly advised to purchase a comprehensive policy to protect your two-wheeler from both man-made and natural calamities. By buying comprehensive cover, you can claim from your insurance company for accidents or damages caused to the vehicle. Without comprehensive cover, the entire responsibility to pay the bill comes on your shoulder. Thus, by opting for a comprehensive insurance policy, you can get complete peace of mind that whatever happens to your two-wheeler, the insurer will share your financial burden.


What information do I need to submit to buy two-wheeler insurance online?


To buy a two-wheeler policy online, no documentation is required. He only needs to give the previous policy details and RC information at the time of buying the insurance policy, which is checked at the time of policy renewal.


Can I get NCB on the expired insurance policy?


You can get NCB on the expired policy only if you renew it within 90 days of the policy expiry date.


Can I buy and renew two wheeler insurance policies online?


Yes, you can buy and renew motor insurance policy online by using your credit/debit account or bank account details. We, at PolicyBazaar, offer an easy and efficient mechanism to purchase and renew policies online on a click of a mouse. For insurance related queries, contact us at 1800-208-8787 (24*7 Toll-Free).


What if my insurance policy is misplaced?


Contact your motor insurance company and they will issue a duplicate copy of the policy. You may have to pay a nominal amount to get the duplicate copy.

In the case of online policy, soft copy of the policy is sent to the email address of the customer. Usually, policy documents are digitally signed and a coloured print out of the same works as a valid hard copy.


What is a no claim bonus (NCB)?


The bonus received by the two-wheeler policyholder when he has not made any single claim in policy tenure is called no claim bonus (NCB).


In which all cases, inspection of a vehicle is mandatory?


Inspection of a vehicle is mandatory only when you buy a policy offline. In online cases, inspection is not required.


What is the tenure of policy?


wheeler insurance policies for a longer duration, for 3 to 5 years. And all the two-wheelers that will be sold after Sept 01, 2019 shall be issued a long-term third-party insurance policy. The claim process can be quite tedious


What is the endorsement in two-wheeler insurance?


The term endorsement with reference to two-wheeler insurance refers to an agreement that is documented proof of any changes in the policy terms. This document is valid proof of the changes in policy. The endorsement, typically, is of two types – Premium Bearing and Non-premium Bearing.


What to do if my two-wheeler is lost or stolen?


In this case, you need to visit the nearest police station to lodge an FIR against the lost or stolen vehicle. You also need to inform your insurer about the incident in order to file a claim, which requires you to submit certain documents with a copy of the FIR attached.


How is the two-wheeler insurance premium affected?


The premium payable for your two-wheeler insurance policy is subject to its age and several other factors. This means that the IDV (Insured Declared Value) of your two-wheeler decreases with its increasing age and the premium payable for the same is also lowered.


Do we get personal accident insurance cover within bike insurance?


Yes, you get a personal accident insurance cover of Rs. 15 Lakh with your bike insurance policy that should be a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.


How can we buy long-term two wheeler insurance?


The long-term two-wheeler insurance policies introduced by IRDA of India are now offered by various top notch general insurance companies. You can easily buy one for your two-wheeler online/offline from your existing or a new insurer and pay the premium through a Debit Card, Credit Card, or Internet Banking.


What is Long-term Two-wheeler (LTTW) Insurance?


A long-term two-wheeler insurance policy is a multi-year insurance policy for your two-wheeler, which has a validity of 2 to 3 years. The primary benefit of a long-term two-wheeler insurance policy is that you don’t have to renew it annually (i.e. after 12 months) and the IDV and third-party liability of the vehicle remains intact over the policy term.

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July 22, 2019
Well satisfied

What can be better than getting the highest cover with lowest premium? This is what I was able to get. Thanks to Policybazaar.

July 20, 2019
Best and affordable deals

I was unable to decide which insurer to go for and wanted to change because my previous insurer was charging too much premium. Luckily, I stumbled upon Policybazaar and was able to get the best deal here.

July 17, 2019
Amazing services

I am impressed with the after sales service of Policybazaar. There was an error in my policy document and it was corrected by them really quick.

July 11, 2019
Mind blowing website

The interface of the policybazaar website is totally up to the mark. I researched about the policy and it was quite easy to get my bike insured.

July 10, 2019
Wide range of insurers available

It was so easy to get the plans and premiums from numerous insurers and select the best as per my requirement. I recommend Policybazaar to all and will always check with them for any further insurance requirements.

November 30, -0001
Wonderful services

I signed up on Policybazaar to check for my bike’s insurance. I got a call instantly and the executive briefed me about the insurers available and the premiums. It was very convenient and a good deal.

April 12, 2017
Minor Head light crack due to accident

There was a minor crack and I wondered if they will consider it. I was quite apprehensive in the beginning.Just submitted the relevant documents of insurance copy and registration online and got reimbursed for the same

April 12, 2017
Best motor insurance policies by Bajaj

I bought Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance policy for using their online portal. The premium is low and they offer cashback in the form of no claim bonus as well. Bajaj Allianz motor insurance plan is the one to buy.

April 11, 2017
Easy to access online portal

Thanks to Bajaj alliance for online policy renewal process, I was able to extend my policy cover for my Scooty. It's amazing that Bajaj alliance two wheeler insurance has such a cool online mechanism to buy or renew existing policy with in a just few clicks.

April 11, 2017
My bike is in good hands

Bajaj alliance two wheeler insurance is fine. Very easy tidy process for policy renewal and a much improved customer care experience compared to last time. Thanks!!

October 20, 2016

I have bought two wheeler insurance plan from bajaj allianz general insurance. Service is fast and large number of garages are providing great services. Policy coverage is good and claims are high. Even the tow service is available for any location and may charge also.

October 05, 2016
Bike Insurance Policy

I have a two wheeler insurance policy from bajaj allianz general insurance company ltd. Service is fine and the executives gives great response to there customers. Renewals are easy to make by the online portal service.

September 28, 2016
Worth Of Buying

Long searching on web, finally the search is ended because I have found bajaj allianz insurance company which provides me the best deal and wide range of policies. I have purchased two wheeler insurance in low premiums but the returns are huge. Policy coverage and claims are good with good percentages and lots more.

August 26, 2016
Vehicle Insurance

My two wheeler insurance policy for my new bike is awesome. Policy coverage is high and except tires whole bike is insured through it. The tow bike service is for free of cost at any location. Renewal of the insurance policy get simple by online portal and it is really easy to use.

August 23, 2016
Two Wheeler Insurance

Bajaj allianz general insurance provide me two wheeler insurance policy. I took it in very low premium and the benefits are much more. Services given by the each and every person in the company is superb. Updates are mailed regularly and easy online renewal option.

July 29, 2016
Good Insurance Policy

The two wheeler insurance policy i buy is bajaj allianz general insurance. It has fantastic service and the claiming is easily sanctioned. The renewal of the insurance plan is simple just few clicks on online portal website page.

July 21, 2016
Bike security

I have purchased bajaj two wheeler insurance plan in low investment but the benefits are unimaginable. The whole vehicle is insure except tires. Accidental benefits also there for the vehicle and the owner of the insurance plan.

July 01, 2016

The two wheeler insurance plan of mine is fantastic with good number of benefits. The policy premium is less and the policy coverage is high. Service is fast from your company members. Tow facility and number of garages are there which works 24X7.

June 24, 2016
Trustable Insurance

My two wheeler insurance plan is for my new bike and it work's for me perfectly. The policy coverage is high and premium is low. Service is fantastic and tow facility is at any location for free. The insurance is not for fiber parts and tire. Updates are mailed regularly.

June 06, 2016
bajaj discover 125 cc

in a good condition,one year purchase

March 16, 2016
Best Policy Plan

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is the best provider which facilitate best benefits in low premiums. I buy two wheeler insurance policy plan. Policy coverage and the claims are 90%, Rs.1.2 L. Service is great and the behaviour of the executives is really nice. Good work guys, I like the policy very much.

March 16, 2016
Great Policy Plan

Great policy plan i have, which i buy from bajaj allianz general insurance. Policy have high number of garages which provide the best service in the city and no extra charges are there for service or recovery. Policy coverage and claims are easily clear due to nice service provided by the executives.

March 16, 2016
Manageable Policy Plan

The policy i have is not so good but not so bad either. Bajaj allianz two wheeler insurance policy plan i have which have low premiums and the policy coverage and the claims are high. The number of garages are not so high but the service provided by them is good and fast so waiting is not a option.

March 16, 2016
Poor Policy

I purchase two wheeler insurance policy plan by bajaj allianz general insurance. The service is poor and never on time. Claims are less ~40 K. Policy coverage is around 60% and the premiums are high. Fiber parts of the bike is not included in the claims.

March 16, 2016
Much Better Than Others

After long searching and comparing i found the bajaj allianz general insurance, so i took two wheeler insurance policy plan. The policy coverage and claims are high and the low premiums. Good amount of garages are providing non stop services.

March 16, 2016

The policy of my bike which i purchase from bajaj allianz general insurance is totally satisfactory. The premiums are normal i.e., Rs.3999 and the returns are high like whole bike is covered in the claims. The service of any garage is perfect and on time. Around 80% garages are working under the company. Nice policy plan.

March 16, 2016
Power Policy Plan

Bajaj allianz general insurance facilitate the best two wheeler insurance policy plan which has all things and staff. Like toe up facility is there and it is absolutely free of any charges, Huge number of garages present, premiums are low, behaviour of the staff and executives are very nice.

March 16, 2016

Company provides good services and benefits. Nice two wheeler insurance policy plan and nice work bajaj allianz general insurance. Policy coverage and claims are good {80%, Rs.2 L}. Around 78% are the garages in the city which provides great services.

March 16, 2016
Less Claims

I have bajaj allianz two wheeler insurance policy plan which is very nice but claims are less. Policy coverage is high around 80% and the premiums are low. Tow up facility is not provided by the policy and the number of garages are low. But yes the nature and behaviour of the executives and the staff members are good.

March 16, 2016
Happy With Services

The services provided by bajaj allianz general insurance is very impressive and the work is done in just blink of an eye. The best two wheeler insurance i got in just low premiums. Policy coverage and claims are also high but the fiber parts are not included in the claims.

March 16, 2016
"Two Wheeler Insurance"

My two wheeler insurance policy plan is good and i buy it from bajaj allianz general insurance. Good coverage and the claims are not for fiber parts. Garages are few so that the waiting is common but after the recovery the vehicle is perfect, so no doubt in servicing.