ULIP- Unit Linked Insurance Plan

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ULIP, also known as Unit Linked Insurance Plan, is a financial product that combines insurance coverage with investment avenues. By allocating premiums between life insurance and diverse funds, it offers both potential returns and protection for your loved ones.

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Best ULIP Plans
  • Guaranteed Tax Savings

    Guaranteed Tax Savings

    Under sec 80C & 10(10D)^
  • savings

    ₹1 Crore

    Invest ₹10k Per Month*
  • Zero LTCG Tax

    Zero LTCG Tax

    Unlike 10% in Mutual Funds
Top performing plans with High Returns*
Invest ₹10K/month & Get ₹1 Crore returns*
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Top Funds in Unit-Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP)

Large Cap
Mid Cap
Fund Details
Fund Size
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year
Top 200 Fund
Fund Size: 1,259 Cr
1,259 Cr
130.92 -0.08%
24.81% Highest Returns
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Virtue II
Fund Size: 2,155 Cr
2,155 Cr
55.06 -0.10%
19.25% Highest Returns
Get Details
Pure Equity
Fund Size: 1,804 Cr
1,804 Cr
57.44 0.05%
16.8% Highest Returns
Get Details
Super Select Equity Fund
Fund Size: 1,129 Cr
1,129 Cr
63.4 0.03%
16.78% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Opportunities Plus Fund
Fund Size: 808 Cr
808 Cr
55.73 0.00%
16.73% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Fund
Fund Size: 5,900 Cr
5,900 Cr
17.47 0.00%
16.17% Highest Returns
Get Details
Pure Stock Fund
Fund Size: 5,250 Cr
5,250 Cr
118.08 0.32%
16.16% Highest Returns
Get Details
Large Cap Equity Fund
Fund Size: 2,121 Cr
2,121 Cr
56.38 0.15%
18.68% Highest Returns
Get Details
Grow Money Plus Fund
Fund Size: 355 Cr
355 Cr
53 0.08%
15.82% Highest Returns
Get Details
Build India Fund
Fund Size: 32 Cr
32 Cr
47.98 0.08%
15.53% Highest Returns
Get Details
Whole Life Aggressive Growth Fund
Fund Size: 667 Cr
667 Cr
71.15 -0.03%
16.35% Highest Returns
Get Details
Frontline Equity Fund
Fund Size: 2,317 Cr
2,317 Cr
51.82 0.11%
16.3% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Top 250 Fund
Fund Size: 474 Cr
474 Cr
46.13 0.03%
14.62% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Growth Fund II
Fund Size: 4,298 Cr
4,298 Cr
58.61 0.10%
14.56% Highest Returns
Get Details
Top 50 Fund
Fund Size: 213 Cr
213 Cr
73.59 0.05%
15.83% Highest Returns
Get Details
Blue Chip Fund
Fund Size: 7,834 Cr
7,834 Cr
39.95 0.10%
14.12% Highest Returns
Get Details
Value & Momentum
Fund Size: 609 Cr
609 Cr
37.39 -0.04%
13.98% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Apex Fund
Fund Size: 75 Cr
75 Cr
43.72 0.04%
16.5% Highest Returns
Get Details
Accelerator Fund
Fund Size: 196 Cr
196 Cr
36.71 0.06%
15.62% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 2,523 Cr
2,523 Cr
53.13 0.08%
13.93% Highest Returns
Get Details
Enhancer Fund-II
Fund Size: 750 Cr
750 Cr
44.5 0.07%
13.49% Highest Returns
13.49% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Super Fund
Fund Size: 11,900 Cr
11,900 Cr
62.57 0.02%
14.05% Highest Returns
Get Details
Super 20
Fund Size: 1,712 Cr
1,712 Cr
52.83 0.13%
14.3% Highest Returns
Get Details
Multi Cap Growth Fund
Fund Size: 17,275 Cr
17,275 Cr
41.82 0.00%
13.13% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Large Cap Fund
Fund Size: 452 Cr
452 Cr
45.24 0.09%
12.99% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Fund
Fund Size: 52,487 Cr
52,487 Cr
157.57 0.35%
13.01% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bluechip Fund
Fund Size: 4,000 Cr
4,000 Cr
37.01 0.06%
13.13% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 1,135 Cr
1,135 Cr
99.08 0.14%
12.74% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Opportunity Fund
Fund Size: 62 Cr
62 Cr
33.98 0.04%
15.1% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bluechip Equity Fund
Fund Size: 921 Cr
921 Cr
35.62 0.07%
14.36% Highest Returns
Get Details
Maximiser Fund V
Fund Size: 50,508 Cr
50,508 Cr
42.47 0.07%
12.99% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Maximize Fund
Fund Size: 83 Cr
83 Cr
44.1 0.04%
13.62% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity II Fund
Fund Size: 3,029 Cr
3,029 Cr
32.9 0.07%
11.37% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Plus Fund
Fund Size: 516 Cr
516 Cr
29.19 0.05%
11.18% Highest Returns
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Fund Details
Fund Size
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year
Whole Life Mid Cap Equity Fund
Fund Size: 10,158 Cr
10,158 Cr
112.98 -0.23%
21.46% Highest Returns
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Fund Size: 3,446 Cr
3,446 Cr
73.07 -0.09%
19.88% Highest Returns
Get Details
Midcap Fund
Fund Size: 1,038 Cr
1,038 Cr
68.14 -0.01%
19.85% Highest Returns
Get Details
Opportunities Fund
Fund Size: 31,393 Cr
31,393 Cr
57.85 0.06%
18.59% Highest Returns
Get Details
Accelerator Mid-Cap Fund II
Fund Size: 5,017 Cr
5,017 Cr
63.22 0.08%
18.46% Highest Returns
Get Details
High Growth Fund
Fund Size: 3,654 Cr
3,654 Cr
79.86 -0.20%
23.19% Highest Returns
Get Details
Classic Opportunities Fund
Fund Size: 10,627 Cr
10,627 Cr
52.71 0.06%
15.08% Highest Returns
Get Details
Opportunity Fund
Fund Size: 2,455 Cr
2,455 Cr
44.92 0.02%
14.25% Highest Returns
Get Details
Flexi Cap
Fund Size: 1,170 Cr
1,170 Cr
41.04 0.05%
14.09% Highest Returns
Get Details
Save N Grow Money Fund
Fund Size: 70 Cr
70 Cr
49.69 0.07%
11.1% Highest Returns
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Fund Details
Fund Size
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year
Whole Life Stable Growth Fund
Fund Size: 210 Cr
210 Cr
50.47 0.01%
13.39% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balanced Fund
Fund Size: 1,474 Cr
1,474 Cr
15.17 0.00%
11.85% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 500 Cr
500 Cr
84.37 0.12%
10.92% Highest Returns
Get Details
Multi Cap Balanced Fund
Fund Size: 2,037 Cr
2,037 Cr
34.46 0.02%
10.59% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balancer II
Fund Size: 719 Cr
719 Cr
32.1 0.03%
10.6% Highest Returns
Get Details
Managed Fund
Fund Size: 41 Cr
41 Cr
32.41 0.02%
10.33% Highest Returns
Get Details
Stable Fund
Fund Size: 20 Cr
20 Cr
27.74 0.05%
10.1% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balanced Plus Fund
Fund Size: 2,090 Cr
2,090 Cr
26.93 0.04%
9.59% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Balance Fund
Fund Size: 67 Cr
67 Cr
33.31 0.04%
9.75% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balanced Fund-II
Fund Size: 141 Cr
141 Cr
30.39 0.04%
9.42% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 5,917 Cr
5,917 Cr
91.88 0.11%
8.92% Highest Returns
Get Details
Cautious Asset Allocator Fund
Fund Size: 40 Cr
40 Cr
30.31 0.03%
7.62% Highest Returns
Get Details
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Fund Details
Fund Size
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year
Pure Fund
Fund Size: 411 Cr
411 Cr
39.2 0.04%
15.31% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 242 Cr
242 Cr
79.8 0.09%
9.18% Highest Returns
Get Details
Secured Fund
Fund Size: 532 Cr
532 Cr
13.81 0.00%
9.05% Highest Returns
9.05% Highest Returns
9.05% Highest Returns
Get Details
Whole Life Income Fund
Fund Size: 776 Cr
776 Cr
34.92 0.05%
8.3% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 289 Cr
289 Cr
58.15 0.07%
8.1% Highest Returns
Get Details
Debt Fund
Fund Size: 446 Cr
446 Cr
33.25 0.04%
8.1% Highest Returns
Get Details
Dynamic Gilt Fund
Fund Size: 205 Cr
205 Cr
41.17 0.06%
8.03% Highest Returns
Get Details
Steady Money Fund
Fund Size: 70 Cr
70 Cr
35.29 0.05%
7.87% Highest Returns
Get Details
Dynamic Bond Fund
Fund Size: 1,481 Cr
1,481 Cr
44.64 0.06%
7.87% Highest Returns
Get Details
Income Advantage
Fund Size: 794 Cr
794 Cr
36.12 0.06%
7.85% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bond Fund
Fund Size: 109 Cr
109 Cr
25.63 0.00%
7.7% Highest Returns
Get Details
Income Fund
Fund Size: 9,315 Cr
9,315 Cr
28.13 0.03%
7.63% Highest Returns
Get Details
Secure Fund
Fund Size: 1,002 Cr
1,002 Cr
40.39 0.05%
7.57% Highest Returns
Get Details
Preserver II
Fund Size: 78 Cr
78 Cr
25.49 0.02%
7.14% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Income Fund
Fund Size: 86 Cr
86 Cr
32.56 0.05%
7.13% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 265 Cr
265 Cr
41.06 0.02%
7.09% Highest Returns
Get Details
Protector II
Fund Size: 755 Cr
755 Cr
26.03 0.03%
7.02% Highest Returns
Get Details
Whole Life Short-Term Fixed Income Fund
Fund Size: 234 Cr
234 Cr
31.19 0.00%
6.84% Highest Returns
Get Details
Money Market Fund
Fund Size: 387 Cr
387 Cr
31.43 -0.02%
6.4% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bond Fund-II
Fund Size: 101 Cr
101 Cr
24.44 0.02%
6.32% Highest Returns
Get Details
Dynamic Floating Rate Fund
Fund Size: 21 Cr
21 Cr
34.41 -0.01%
6.24% Highest Returns
Get Details
Liquid Plus
Fund Size: 243 Cr
243 Cr
20.79 -0.01%
6.24% Highest Returns
Get Details
Liquid Fund
Fund Size: 71 Cr
71 Cr
71.82 -0.03%
5.64% Highest Returns
Get Details
Safe Money Fund
Fund Size: 60 Cr
60 Cr
22.5 -0.01%
5.36% Highest Returns
Get Details
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Grow Your Wealth!

Best ULIP Funds - Consider the best performing ULIP funds to invest in 2023 with Policybazaar. Find the list of best ULIP funds in India on the basis of Returns, Latest Nav, Fund Size and Categories

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What are ULIPs?

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) are a type of financial product that combines investment and insurance benefits. When you invest in a ULIP, a part of your premium goes towards providing you with life insurance coverage, while the rest is invested in funds of your choice. This makes ULIP plans a unique investment option that can help you achieve your financial goals while also protecting your loved ones in case of an unforeseen event.

You hold the power to select from a diverse range of options – be it equity, debt, or a mix of both funds. 

ULIPs are popular because they offer flexibility to policyholders to choose and allocate funds according to their risk appetite and financial goals. Additionally, ULIPs offer tax benefits under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What are the Features of ULIPs?

Key Features of ULIP
Key benefits of Child Plans
Feature 1
Provides a pool of funds plus life insurance
Key benefits of Child Plans
Feature 2
Daily NAV tracking & monthly factsheets for transparency
Key benefits of Child Plans
Feature 3
Flexibility with top-up and fund switching options
Key benefits of Child Plans
Feature 4
Tax benefits under Section 80C & 10 (10D)*
Key benefits of Child Plans
Feature 5
Diverse asset classes available like equity, debt, balanced, MMI, etc.
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(*Tax benefits for investments up to ₹2.5 Lacs/year)

Here are the features of ULIPs:

  • Dual Benefit: With ULIPs, you get the dual advantage of insurance and investment. While a portion of your premium ensures you're covered with life insurance, the other part is invested in various funds of your choice.

  • Flexibility: You have the freedom to switch between funds based on your risk appetite and market conditions. Whether you're a conservative investor or someone who loves to take risks, ULIPs offer a range of funds to suit your style.

  • Transparency: You always know where your money is going. Detailed statements show you the charges applied, the amount invested, and the insurance coverage you have.

  • Liquidity: After the initial lock-in period, which is 5 years, you can make partial withdrawals to meet any unforeseen financial needs.

  • Tax Benefits: Investing in ULIPs can help you avail tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Additionally, the maturity proceeds you receive are tax-free under Section 10(10D).

  • Long-Term Investment: ULIPs encourage you to think long-term. With benefits that compound over the years, you're incentivized to stay invested and watch your wealth grow.

  • Top-Up Facility: Got some extra cash? You can invest it in your ULIP through the top-up facility, enhancing your fund value and potential returns.

  • Life Cover: Your loved ones are always protected. In the unfortunate event of your demise, they will receive the sum assured or the fund value, whichever is higher.

  • Performance Tracking: ULIPs allow you to monitor the performance of your investments. You can see how your funds are doing and make informed decisions about switching or staying.

All ULIP investments are transparent and hence a good option to put the money in.
Multiple options to choose from
From high to low risk and from equity to debt funds, there are multiple fund options in ULIP to choose from.
ULIPs offer partial withdrawal of money to meet unpredictable events and emergencies.
Higher returns
12-15% returns in just 10 years due to the availability of multiple investment options.
Low Surrender Charges
ULIPs offer reasonable surrender charges compared to traditional plans, making it a good investment option.

What are the Benefits of the Unit Linked Insurance Plan?

Financial Goals:
Get Returns as high as 17%
Fund Control:
Free switching to manage market risk
SIPs with 150+ fund options
Diverse Portfolio:
Diverse portfolio through market-linked plan
Financial Security:
Life cover for family
Withdrawal option after 5 years
Benefits Of Market Linked Investment Plans
Get Return as high as 17%
Free Fund Switching
150+ Funds
ZERO risk through CG plan
Life cover
Withdrawable after 5 Years

Other benefits that the best ULIP plans offer are:  

  • Dual Benefits: When you invest in a ULIP plan, you enjoy the dual advantages of both investment and insurance in one package. This means you can channel your funds into various market-linked options while also securing life coverage under that very policy.

  • Transparency: With ULIP plans, there's no hidden agenda. Everything from charges to fund performance is transparent. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) ensures that all insurers lay out their fees upfront.

  • Tax Benefits: Under Section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, the premium you pay towards your ULIP policy can be deducted from your taxable income. You can claim deductions up to Rs. 1.5 lakh annually.

  • Long-term Wealth Creation: ULIP Plans aren't just short-term investments. They're designed for the long haul, maximizing wealth creation over extended periods. Thanks to the power of compounding, you can build a substantial corpus over the years.

  • Flexibility to Switch Funds: ULIPs don't lock you into one investment strategy. You have the freedom to switch between different ULIP funds based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance. This means you can regularly tailor your investment portfolio to aim for the best returns.

  • Protecting Your Child's Future: Considering your child's future? Child ULIP plans are crafted precisely for this purpose. They come with a standout feature: the "Waiver of Premium.” If something were to happen to you, like a critical illness or disability, this feature ensures your child's policy remains active. Future premiums? They're waived off, and the policy continues as initially agreed.

  • Lock-in Period: ULIPs have a 5-year lock-in period. This isn't just a random number; it encourages disciplined investment. By committing for this duration, you're setting yourself up for long-term financial stability and the potential for maximum returns.

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What are the Types of ULIP Plans?

Types of ULIP PlansTypes of ULIP Plans

ULIPs are classified based on their purpose and death benefit. Let us learn about them in detail.

Classification by Purpose: ULIPs are best classified on the basis of the purpose they serve:

  • ULIPs for Retirement: With Whole Life ULIPs, you have an effective retirement planning tool. The investment component of these plans lets you accumulate a significant corpus over the long term. Imagine having a substantial amount ready for your retirement needs, paid out to you in the form of annuities once you retire.

  • ULIPs for Wealth Collection: Are you in your late twenties or early thirties? ULIPs could be your ticket to accumulating wealth over time. By investing in this plan, you gain the flexibility to fund your future financial goals. Think of it as a strategic move to secure your financial future.

  • ULIPs for Children's Education: As a parent, don't you want the best for your child's education? ULIPs designed for children come with a waiver of premium features. Imagine a situation where, due to disability, critical illness, or even death, you're unable to pay the premium. This feature ensures that your policy continues without any hitches, making sure the financial goals you've set for your child's future remain uncompromised.

  • ULIPs for Health Benefits: Did you know that ULIPs offer more than just common benefits? They efficiently provide financial assistance to tackle medical emergencies. So, when health challenges arise, you have a financial cushion to fall back on.

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Classification by Death Benefits: Unit Linked Insurance Plans can also be categorized on different criteria or norms. For instance, ULIPs are categorized into two broad categories depending on the death benefit. Type 1 and Type 2 ULIPs. 

Parameter Type 1 ULIPs Type 2 ULIPs
Lock-in period 5 years 5 years
Investment options Equity, debt, or a mix of both Equity
Returns Market-linked returns Assured returns
Death Benefit Plans pay either the sum assured or the higher fund value to the nominee upon the policyholder's death.

For example: If the sum assured is ₹40 Lakh and the fund value is ₹50 Lakh, the beneficiary shall receive the fund value.
Plans pay the sum assured and the fund value together, resulting in a higher premium and a larger payout to the nominee.

For example:  If the sum assured is ₹40 Lakh and the fund value is ₹50 Lakh, the beneficiary shall receive ₹90 lakh (₹40 lakh sum assured + ₹50 lakh fund value).
Objective Guaranteed death benefit payout Higher returns
Suitable for Risk-averse investors Risk-taking investors
Investor Profile Conservative, not willing to take investment risks Comfortable with market volatility
Sum at Risk As the fund value steadily increases over time, the amount of risk faced by the insurance company decreases correspondingly. Insurance company's liability for the death benefit remains unchanged as they are obligated to pay the specified amount assured in the policy. The "sum at risk" remains consistent for the insurer.

What Type of Funds Do ULIP Plans Include?

Common types of funds available with their risk characteristics are:

  • Large Cap Funds: These ULIP funds primarily invest in stocks of well-established and financially stable large-cap companies that are in the Top 100 companies.  For example, Nifty 50 stocks.

  • Mid Cap Funds: Mid Cap ULIP funds invest in stocks of medium-sized companies with the objective of generating higher returns than large-cap funds, albeit with relatively higher risks due to the smaller size of the companies.

  • Debt Funds: Debt ULIP funds predominantly invest in fixed-income securities such as government bonds, corporate bonds, and debentures, aiming for stable income generation and capital preservation, making them less volatile than equity funds.

  • Balanced Funds: Balanced ULIP funds strike a balance between equity and debt investments, providing potential for capital appreciation through equity allocation while offering stability and income generation through debt allocation, suitable for investors seeking a moderate risk-reward profile.

How Does ULIP Work?

ULIPs provide the dual benefit of insurance coverage and investment growth. Here's how ULIPs work:

  • Best ULIP Plans combine life insurance coverage with investment opportunities.

  • A portion of the premium you pay goes towards providing life insurance, while the rest is invested in various funds based on your investment objective and risk appetite.

  • The investment component is linked to the performance of the funds like Mid Cap Fund, Large Cap Fund, Debt Fund and Balanced Fund you have selected. If the value of the underlying funds goes up, the value of your ULIP investment also increases, and vice versa.

  • ULIPs offer investors the flexibility to switch between different funds as per market conditions and performance.

  • At the end of the policy term, you can either choose a lump sum payout or receive regular annuity payments.

  • You also have the option to extend your ULIP plan or convert it into a pure investment product.

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In order to understand the working of ULIP plans, here’s an example:

Akash, a 30-year-old man, invests in a Unit Linked Insurance Plan for 20 years. He pays a yearly premium of Rs. 50,000 for 10 years. 

Policy Details:

Initial Sum Assured = Rs. 5,00,000 (yearly premium x 10)
Annual Administration and other charges = Rs. 2500
Total Annual Investment = Rs. 47,500
Initial NAV Value = Rs. 10
Units purchased = (47500/10) = 4750

Final ULIP Returns:

Death Benefits Maturity Benefits
Payment made to the nominee if Akash dies within the policy term = Rs. 5,00,000 (Sum Assured) or the Fund Value (whichever is higher). Payment made at the time of maturity if Akash is alive, which is the Fund Value.

Who Should Invest in ULIPs?

The following are the ULIPs for different classes of investors:

  • Long-Term Investors: If you're someone who believes in long-term investments and can stay committed for a period of at least 10-15 years, ULIPs could be a good fit. The longer duration helps in maximizing the potential returns from the equity market.

  • Risk Takers: Since a portion of the ULIP is invested in market-linked funds, there's an inherent risk involved. If you have an appetite for risk and understand market fluctuations, ULIPs might appeal to you.

  • Seeking Dual Benefits: Are you looking for both insurance and investment under a single plan? ULIPs offer this dual advantage, making them suitable for those wanting a combined package.

  • Tax Savers: ULIPs offer tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act for the premiums paid. If you're aiming to save on taxes, this could be an added incentive.

  • Flexible Investors: If you like the idea of being able to switch between funds based on market conditions, ULIPs offer this flexibility. You can move your investments from equity to debt funds and vice versa, depending on market performance and your risk appetite.

  • Goal-Oriented Individuals: If you have specific financial goals like buying a home, funding your child's education, or planning for retirement, ULIPs can be structured to help you achieve these milestones.

  • Not Looking for Immediate Liquidity: ULIPs usually come with a lock-in period, often of 5 years. If you're okay with not having immediate access to your funds and can wait out the lock-in period, ULIPs might be suitable.

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ULIPs vs Mutual Fund

Let’s look at the detailed comparison between ULIP vs Mutual Funds:

Aspect ULIP Plans Mutual Funds
Investment Objective Multiple Funds options in the same investment plan.
Asset classes available: equity, debt, Corporate debt & MMI
Investment in a single fund.
Asset classes available: equity, debt, gold, commodities & MMI
Fund Management  Investment strategies are available to automatically switch between funds according to the preference of the investor.

Free Fund switching & rebalancing in all plans
No Investment strategies
No free switching (exit charges ~ 1.5% applicable + Tax on profits earned)
Tax Benefits Tax Saving on Premium & Zero capital gain tax on Returns/maturity LTCG of 10% applicable on maturity amount
Yearly Returns  Average Return: 14% Average Return: 12.5%
Total Charges Cannot exceed 2.25% by IRDAI regulation Cannot exceed 2.5% by SEBI regulation
Death Benefits Insurance cover of 10X of the annual premium is claimable, more benefits can be availed through additional riders No insurance cover
  • Daily NAV tracking
  • Monthly fact sheet
  • Fund performance and portfolio info
  • Benchmark return info
  • Fund manager details
  • Daily NAV tracking
  • Monthly fact sheet
  • Fund performance and portfolio info
  • Benchmark return info
  • Fund manager details

How To Buy a ULIP Plan Through Policybazaar?

Let’s take a look at the steps to purchase the best ULIP plans online:

  • Step 1: Go to the official Policybazaar website.

  • Step 2: On the homepage, you'll find various insurance categories. Click on the 'ULIP Plans' option.

  • Step 3: You'll be prompted to enter some basic details like your name, mobile number, email, and other relevant information. This helps Policybazaar provide you with the most suitable ULIP plans based on your profile.

  • Step 4: Once you've entered your details, you'll be presented with a list of best ULIP plans from various insurance providers. You can compare these plans based on their features, benefits, premiums, fund options, and other relevant parameters.

  • Step 5: After comparing, select the ULIP plan that best suits your needs and click on the 'Buy Now' or 'Proceed' button.

  • Step 6: You'll be taken to a detailed form where you'll need to provide more specific information about yourself, your nominee, and other relevant details.

  • Step 7: ULIPs allow you to invest in various funds based on your risk appetite. You can choose between equity, debt, or hybrid funds. Make your selection based on your investment goals and risk tolerance.

  • Step 8: After filling in all the details and choosing your investment funds, you'll be directed to the payment page. You can make the payment using various methods like credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc.

  • Step 9: Once your payment is successful, you'll receive a confirmation, and the policy document will be sent to your registered email address. Some insurance providers might also send a physical copy to your registered address.

  • Step 10: Review the policy document to ensure all details are correct. Store the document safely, both the digital and physical copies.

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Investment Return Calculator (Power of Compounding)
  • One Time
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Invest For (in Years)

1 30

Stay invested for (in Years)

1 30

Expected rate of return (in %)

1 25
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What is a ULIP Calculator?

A ULIP calculator is an online tool that helps investors calculate their premium payments and expected returns based on their investment horizon, risk, and financial goals. The calculator takes into account various factors, such as

  • Amount you wish to invest (monthly/yearly/one-time)

  • Policy tenure (for which you wish to stay invested)

  • Periodic investment period (for which you wish to pay premiums)

  • Expected rate of return

By entering these specifics, the investors can analyze projected investment growth overall and choose a preferred plan.

What are the ULIP Charges? 

ULIPs have certain charges associated with them, which are sub-divided into the following different categories:

  • Premium allocation charge: The fee charged by the insurance company for allocating the principal to various investment funds.

  • Fund management charge: The fee charged by the fund manager for managing the investment portfolio of ULIP.

  • Mortality charge: The fee charged by the insurance company for providing the life cover under ULIP.

  • Policy administration charge: The fee charged by the insurance company to maintain policy records and provide services.

  • Switching charge: The fee charged for switching between different investment funds.

  • Partial withdrawal charge: The fee charged for making partial withdrawals from the investment corpus.

  • Discontinuance or Surrender Charges:  If the ULIP is terminated before 4 years, a discontinuance charge will be applied. However, no surrender charges are imposed after the 5th year. The amount of these charges can range from ₹1,000 to ₹4,000, depending on the premium, calculated as a percentage of the fund's value and premium. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) establishes the basis for these charges, ensuring they do not exceed the acquisition cost incurred by the insurer.

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What is ULIP NAV?

ULIP NAV stands for Net Asset Value of Unit Linked Insurance Plan. It is the value of a single unit of a ULIP fund. ULIP NAV is calculated by dividing the total value of the fund's assets by the number of outstanding units.

ULIP NAV is important because it determines the value of your investment. When you invest in a ULIP, you buy units at the current NAV. The value of your investment will increase or decrease depending on the performance of the fund and the changes in the NAV.

ULIP NAV is calculated and published daily by the insurance company. You can find the NAV of your ULIP fund on the insurance company's website or in the fund's fact sheet.

What are the Myths about ULIP Investment?

Many myths surround Unit Linked Insurance Plans. Let us debunk some of the common myths of a ULIP plan:

Myth 1: ULIPs are risky financial instruments 

Reality: ULIP plans are a combination of part investment and part insurance. Since investors can choose if they want to invest in debt, equity, or a combination of both, the investment risk varies for all. Equity-linked funds are the riskiest of all but offer the highest returns.

Myth 2: ULIPs are expensive due to high charges

Reality: ULIPs have very low charges. The new age ULIPs come with features like Zero Premium  Allocation & admin charges.

Myth 3: ULIPs mandate continuation

Reality: Investors can discontinue a ULIP plan after a 5-years lock-in period without any surrender charges. While not mandatory, it is in the best interest to continue investing in ULIPs after 5-years as it helps accumulate a higher corpus in the long run.

Myth 4: Market volatility reduces life cover 

Reality: The life cover remains unchanged despite market fluctuations. If the insured passes away during the policy term, ULIP plans pay either the complete life cover or the fund value, whichever is higher.

What are New Age ULIPs?

New-age ULIPs are a new generation of Unit Linked Insurance Plans that offer a number of advantages over traditional ULIPs. These plans are more flexible, transparent, and cost-effective, making them a more attractive option for investors.

Some of the key features of new-age ULIPs include:

  • Lower charges: New-age ULIPs have lower charges than traditional ULIPs, such as premium allocation charges, fund management charges, and policy administration charges. This can result in higher returns for investors over the long term.

  • Greater flexibility: New-age ULIPs offer greater flexibility in terms of investment options, fund switching, and partial withdrawals. This allows investors to tailor their investment strategy to their individual needs and risk appetite.

  • Enhanced transparency: New-age ULIPs offer enhanced transparency in terms of fund performance and investment costs. This helps investors make informed decisions about their investments.

Overall, new-age ULIPs offer a number of advantages over traditional ULIPs. Investors looking for a flexible, transparent, and cost-effective investment option should consider investing in a new-age ULIP.


ULIPs, blending insurance and investment, offer a unique financial solution for those seeking dual benefits. While they provide the security of life coverage, their investment component allows for potential wealth accumulation. In the ever-evolving financial landscape, ULIPs remain a noteworthy option for informed investors.

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  • What is the difference between a ULIP & SIP?

    Here is the difference between the two investment options: SIP stands for a systematic investment plan that enables an investor to invest a stipulated amount of money in his/her preferred mutual funds at a pre-stipulated interval of time. The investment periodicity can vary from monthly to quarterly or annual basis. In simple words, a systematic investment plan is a planned approach that helps an investor to accrue a large corpus over a period of time. ULIP It is a unique insurance plan, as it comes with double benefits. It is a perfect blend of investment and insurance in a single plan. A ULIP offers the investor to enjoy insurance benefits along with the opportunity to invest in a wide range of investment options of his choice such as bonds and stocks. By this means, the investor enjoys market-linked returns and his/ her insurance needs are also taken care of at the same time.
  • What is assured sum in a unit-linked insurance plan?

    The amount an insurer agrees to pay to the insured’s nominee in case he/she passes away is known as the assured sum.
  • What is the fund value?

    In a unit-linked insurance plan, the value of the insured’s outstanding investment after deducting all the fees/ charges is known as fund value. The insurance premium for ULIPs is bound to attract additional charges. As a part of the premium that you pay towards your ULIP is deducted to meet charges. While some charges like premium allocation charge are deducted upfront as a percentage of the premium, other charges like fund management charge, mortality charge and administration charge are deducted after your money has been invested and from the invested corpus. These charges are deducted by cancelling units at the prevailing net asset value.
  • Is a ULIP taxable at maturity?

    The money received as the maturity benefit of a unit-linked insurance plan is tax-exempted as per section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Is surrender value of ULIP taxable?

    The insurance premium for ULIPs is bound to attract additional charges. Some charges like premium allocation charges are deducted upfront at the rate of predefined percentage. Additionally, there are some charges, such as mortality charges, fund management charges, administration charges etc. deducted after the amount is invested. The charges are deducted by cancelling units at the current net asset value.
  • Is any tax levied on the surrender value of ULIPs?

    Surrendering the plan mid-way has its own drawbacks. Considering the drawbacks, the latest ULIP guidelines were issued in the year 2010. Apart from other changes, the lock-in period was enhanced from 3 years to 5 years. Exiting a unit-linked insurance plan early when the lock-in period of 5 years is in effect means the policyholder has to face losses in the form of additional charges/taxes.
  • Is interest on ULIP taxable?

    No, the interest earned on ULIPs is tax-free.
  • What happens if I can’t continue ULIPs after 5 years?

    If a policyholder stops paying premium after 5 years, then the policy will be terminated on an immediate basis and accumulated policy fund amount till the discontinuation date shall be paid to the policyholder. No surrender charges are for policies that are more than 5 years old.
  • What is a low cost ULIP? Why should I invest?

    In the recent years, IRDAI had capped charges (excluding mortality) at 3% for ULIP policies with tenure of up to 10 years and 2.25% for those policies with term of over 10 years. As a result, commission rate and surcharge values have come down. Due to this, insurance companies have launched ULIPs at a low cost. These investment-cum-insurance plans have become a low cost investment option. Indeed, it is a right time to break the historical aversion to ULIPs and start investing in them. Unlike mutual funds, maturity proceedings in unit-linked insurance plans are tax free under the Section 10(10d).
  • What are the common features of ULIPs?

    Unit-linked insurance plan is loaded with following features- Allows for switching between funds Additional riders and benefits Flexibility to choose premium and life cover Tax benefits Top-ups Loyalty additions at the maturity
  • How to make money through ULIPs?

    The secret lies in the art of asset allocation that is choosing and switching between funds. All you have to learn is manage and shift funds strategically. Patience is the virtue you need to have, to be able to make money through ULIPs. Letting the policy live for longer period of time maximize your chances of earning high returns from the investments
  • What are the different types of ULIPs?

    ULIPs can be broadly classified under two heads- Type I ULIP - In case the insured dies, the nominees are paid either the sum assured or the fund value, whichever is higher. Type II ULIP - In case the insured dies, the nominees are paid a total of sum assured and the fund value.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan.
*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. Standard T&C Apply
^Tax benefit are for Investments made up to Rs.2.5 L/ yr.
~Source - Google Review Rating available on:- http://bit.ly/3J20bXZ

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