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Max Bupa Insurance - For all your Insurance Needs

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company is a joint venture between Bupa, a leading healthcare company which is based in UK and Max India. Bupa’s vision is to use its vast and widespread expertise in becoming one of India’s most trusted insurance company. The areas of expertise of Max Bupa are health, health care, clinical research, hospitals, and life insurance.

Types of Health Insurance Plans by Max Bupa:

  • Heartbeat Individual
  • Heartbeat Family First
  • Heartbeat Family Floater
  • Health Companion Individual
  • Health Companion Family First
  • Health Companion Family Floater
  • Health Assurance Criticare
  • Health Assurance Accident Care

Heartbeat - Individual Plan


Heartbeat individual health insurance policy from Max Bupa provides comprehensive coverage options of Rs.15 lakh, Rs.50 lakh, Rs.20 lakh, and Rs.1 Cr.

Complete coverage of hospitalization and medical expenses and medical of insured is inclusive in this plan.

The following are the coverage features:

  • There is no limit or restriction in the category of the hospital room.
  • It covers the treatment outside India for certain illnesses such as types of cancers, lymphoma, tumors, major organ transplant, heart surgery, brain surgery and many more.
  • Expenses for out-patient diagnosis and consultation are covered.
  • If there is any unutilized policy amount within a year and on renewal of the policy, up to 80% of the unused amount can be carried forward to the next year.
  • Emergency hospitalization is covered.
  • Daycare treatment expenses are covered.
  • It is inclusive of an Emergency ambulance and domiciliary hospitalization expenses.

Policy Terms

Default term of the policy is one or two years, and there is a waiting period of 30 days after which the policy benefits kick in.

Pre-existing diseases are covered only until certain conditions.

Heartbeat - Family First Plan

Heartbeat family first insurance policy provides coverage for up to 19 relatives of the applicant with an individual and floating sum insured for each.


This policy prepares for any unforeseen medical expenses and provides comprehensive medical coverage.

The coverage options offered are:

  • In-patient hospitalization expenditure
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenditure is covered. There is coverage for 60 days before admission and 90 days after discharge.
  • Any expenses incurred for alternative treatment methods such as homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, and so on are inclusive.
  • There is coverage of all costs for daycare treatment under this plan.
  • It covers maternity benefits and vaccination expenses for a newborn for up to a year for an adult female under the scheme.
  • Physical health check-up is covered under the policy if there is a renewal without a break.
  • There is coverage of Expenses for organ donor treatment, domiciliary hospitalization, and ambulance charges.

Policy Terms

Default term of the policy is 1 or 2 years. The waiting period is 30 days after application and before the coverage begins. Pre-existing diseases are covered only under certain conditions.

Heartbeat - Family Floater Plan

Heartbeat Family floater Max Bupa insurance policy provides complete coverage for all the members of the family, which includes medical and hospitalization expenses of the covered members. Coverage of Rs.15 lakh, Rs.50 lakh, Rs.20 lakh, or Rs.1 cr. is provided.


The following are the coverage features of the plan:

  • Complete hospitalization expenses of the insured family members are covered.
  • No restriction on the chosen hospital room.
  • International treatment expenses for certain diseases like heart surgery, organ transplant, brain surgery, angioplasty and so on are inclusive.
  • Outpatient diagnostic and consultation expenses are inclusive in this policy. Emergency medical evacuation and transportation expenses are covered.
  • Pre-hospitalization costs of up to 60 days and post-hospitalization expenses of up to 90 days are dealt with this scheme.
  • Expenses for alternative treatment methods such as homeopathy, Ayurveda, and so on are covered.
  • Maternity and child expenses for 1 year are covered for the female insured in this policy.
  • Organ transplant expenditure, domiciliary hospitalization, and ambulance expenses are all covered in the Heartbeat Family floater plan.

Policy Terms

The default policy term is 1 year, but there is an option to choose 2 years as well. There is a 30 day delay period after approval. Pre-existing diseases coverage has some terms and conditions.

Claims Process for all Heartbeat Insurance Plans

  • Choose a hospital from the list of hospitals under Max Bupa network.
  • Carry necessary ID proof document
  • Once the network hospital submits the authorization form, Max Bupa gives its consent to the hospital.
  • Upon discharge, once the required documentation is completed, the insurance payment is made to the hospital as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

Health Companion- Individual Plan

Health Companion individual plan from Max Bupa Insurance provides optimal coverage at a minimal cost. There are coverage amounts of Rs.2 lakh, Rs.3 lakh, Rs.4 lakh, or Rs.1 crore in this policy. Listed below are the prime features of this plan.


  • This plan covers all hospitalization expenses of the insured, including room rent charges.
  • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses are reimbursed 30 days before and 90 days after hospitalization.
  • In the network of hospitals of Max Bupa, cashless hospitalization is available.
  • Daycare treatment expenses are covered.
  • There is coverage of cost for alternative treatment expenditures.
  • Emergency ambulance expenses are also covered.

Policy Terms

You can take the Health companion policy for 1 year or 2 years term. There is a 12.5% discount offered on the 2nd year premium.

Health Companion - Family First Plan

The Health Companion Family first plan from Max Bupa insurance is made to serve the insurance needs of a big family. This plan covers up to 19 relationships. The scheme covers individual sum insured plus the floater sum insured for each member.


The features of the Health Companion - Family First plan are:

  • Coverage provides for all hospitalization expenses, including room rent.
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses are covered. Coverage offer is for 30 days before admission and 90 days after discharge from the hospital.
  • Daycare treatment expenses are covered.
  • Alternative treatment expenditures are inclusive.
  • This scheme also includes Emergency ambulance expenses.

Policy Terms

The default policy term is one year. A two-year term policy can also be purchased. There is a 12.5% discount on the 2nd year premium.

Health Companion - Family Floater Plan

The Health Companion plan from Max Bupa insurance provides health insurance for all the members of the family of the applicant. It is an affordable and comprehensive plan suitable for a nuclear or joint family. Sum insured can be Rs.5 lakhs, Rs.7.5 lakhs, Rs.10 lakhs or Rs.12.5 lakhs.


The salient features of the Health Companion Family Floater policy are:

  • Complete expenses of hospitalization are covered, including accommodation.
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses are taken care for 30 days before admission and 90 days after discharge.
  • All daycare treatments are covered.
  • Costs are taken care of for alternative therapies such as homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, and so on.
  • Expenses for an organ transplant and emergency ambulance are covered.
  • Charges for domiciliary hospitalization are taken care of under this plan.

Policy Terms

You can purchase the policy for the one-year term or two-year term. There is a 12.5% discount for two-year term renewal. There is a 30 days grace period.  Some conditions must be satisfied to obtain coverage for the pre-existing disease(s).

Claims Process for Health Companion Plan

  • Select the hospital from the Max Bupa network of hospitals.
  • Use any valid document as proof of ID.
  • The hospital will submit an authorization Max Bupa claim form to Max Bupa
  • Within 4 hours, Max Bupa will provide its approval to the hospital.
  • Payment to the hospital is made after the treatment as per policy terms and conditions.

Health Assurance - Criticare Plan

Critical illness such as stroke, cancer, kidney failure may occur anytime and disrupt a healthy life. Max Bupa’s Criticare plan helps you prepare for such illnesses.  


  • The following are the features of the Health Assurance Criticare plan:
  • This policy has the direct claim settlement feature with Max Bupa without any third-party involvement.
  • The premium is calculated only on age and location basis and not on claims.
  • There is a 15 days trial period after which the policy can be set aside if one is not satisfied.
  • Over 20 major critical illnesses are taken care of under this plan.

There is a choice of 2 benefit options:

  • Sum insured can be paid as a lump sum.
  • Sum insured can be paid as a lump sum plus and added 10% could be paid each year for the next 5 years.

Policy Terms

You may opt for 2 or 3-year term for policy and even get discounts upon renewal.

Claims Process

The following steps are needed to obtain claims under the Criticare plan:

  • Signed Max Bupa claim form and KYC documents have to be ready.
  • Consolidated hospital bill, discharge summary in original or attested copies must be submitted.
  • Consultation notes and medical records must be submitted.
  • In case of an accident, you must submit a copy of FIR from the police station.  

Health Assurance - Accident Care Plan

Accidents may occur to anyone anytime and eat up one’s life savings for medical expenses. Max Bupa’s Accident Care plan provides coverage for death or disability due to accidents.  


The following are the features of the Health Assurance - Accident Care plan:

  • 100% coverage is offered for death due to an accident.
  • Permanent partial or total disability is covered up to 100% of the sum insured.
  • The policy has a clause for coverage of expenses for the child’s future in case of death of a parent.
  • Funeral expenses for death due to an accident are covered
  • 2% of sum assured coverage is provided in case of hospitalization due to an accident.
  • This plan can be taken either for an individual or the family of the insured.
  • Direct claim settlement with Max Bupa is possible without any middlemen.
  • Premium is calculated based on age and location and not claim history.

Policy Terms

Policy coverage is provided from the start date to the end date without any waiting period.

Claims Process

The following documents are needed to file a claim in case of accidental death or disability:

  •   A completed Max Bupa claim form and KYC documents.
  •   Death Certificate copy.
  •   FIR copy duly attested by the police station
  •   Copy of an attested medical certificate by the concerned hospital.
  •   Post mortem report copy if available.
  •   In case of disability,
  • Hospital bills and discharge summary must be submitted along with the form and KYC.
  • Certificate of disability issued by an authorized medical board must be submitted as well.

Why Choose Max Bupa?

Max Bupa is an ideal choice for medical insurance for individuals and families for the following reasons:

  • Cashless settlement facility is available for all health insurance policies of Max Bupa.
  • No age limit for policy application for Heartbeat and Health Companion plans of Max Bupa.
  • Direct and hassle-free claim settlement is possible for all the plans of Max Bupa.
  • Premiums of all health insurance policies from Max Bupa are eligible for tax deduction under section 80D of the income tax act.

*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws 

Summing It Up!

Sign up for Max Bupa health insurance today and protect yourself and loved ones from the uncertainties of the future. Secure them financially and help them get back with their life with Max Bupa health insurance, accident cover and critical illness policies.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.