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International travel insurance policies cover a range of emergencies - from losing your baggage to severe medical expenses; these travel insurance plans are available for young and old, solo travelers, or families going for a vacation. know about different types of international travel insurance, the benefits offered, and everything else that you should know before buying one for yourself and your family.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    What is International Travel Insurance?

    International travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that offers coverage against expenses caused due to medical emergencies, trip cancellation, trip delay, and more. Many international travel insurance companies even provide cover for pre-existing diseases and don’t require medical checkups until a certain age as well, taking care of any mishaps during your foreign trip.

    These are offered through different plan variants to fit into policyholder’s requirements, depending on their budget and requirements. Foreign travel insurance has features such as loss of checked-in baggage, cashless hospitalization abroad, no medical test for individuals below 80 years of age, etc., and many optional add-ons that can be bought at an extra premium.

    What’s Great About International Travel Insurance?

    Categories Specification
    Types Available Based on geographical location, trip frequency, number/type of travelers
    Countries Covered Over 200 or more countries and islands by most international insurance companies
    Major Benefits Cover for: Medical Expenses, Accidental Death and Disability, Flight Delay/Cancellation, Baggage Loss/Delay, Dental Cover, Hijack Allowance, Repatriation of Mortal Remains, Emergency Cash Allowance
    Special Add-ons Adventure Sports Cover
    Cover for Pre-existing Diseases
    Home Burglary Insurance
    Cover for Mental/Nervous Disorders
    Claim Procedure Can be filed online or offline
    24x7 Worldwide Assistance Available through Emergency Helpline, Mobile Applications, EAM, etc.
    COVID Cover Provided by most international travel insurance companies
    Time Required To Buy Instant if being purchased Online
    Claim Settlement Period Varies with insurer

    Features of International Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance may be the last thing on your mind when you’re creating travel plans. But you can get several advantages when you buy international travel insurance online for your trip, particularly if you are traveling long haul. Let’s have a close look at the benefits of overseas travel insurance plans:

    • Emergency Medical Treatment and Assistance- It provides coverage for medical evacuation assistance to the nearest hospital or treatment required while traveling abroad. Moreover, it also covers pre and post-hospitalization expenses along with repatriation expenses. An international travel medical insurance is a variant of a travel insurance policy, which protects you against any medical contingencies.
    • Trip-Related Adversities- It provides benefits in case of trip delay, cancellation or curtailment by covering the losses incurred of your trip. It also provides coverage if your trip terminates due to any personal or professional reason.
    • Baggage-Related Issues- In case of delay of baggage, the insurance company will reimburse the additional cost incurred or compensate the complete amount to you in case of a complete or total loss of baggage.
    • Cashless Hospitalization-Foreign travel insurance ensures that you receive a cashless hospitalization facility abroad in case of sickness or accidental injury.
    • Protection against Legal Liability-It provides coverage for legal liability arising from causing damages to a third party. It covers legal costs in case of involvement in a legal suit.
    • Coverage for Loss of Important Travel Documents-If you buy the best overseas travel insurance online, the process of obtaining a duplicate copy of your important travel documents like passport, tickets, etc. becomes more convenient in case of loss. It covers the fees to reapply for your documents.

    Types of International Travel Insurance Plans

    International travel insurance companies offer different types of plans to fulfill the needs of different insurers. Take a look at the various kinds of international travel insurance plans available in the market:

    Based on Type Eligibility Main Features
    Geographic Locations Worldwide (Including USA & Canada)
    Worldwide (Excluding USA & Canada)
    Schengen Travel Insurance
    Asia Travel Insurance
    Available for travelers between 18-60 or as stated in the policy Medical expenses coverage
    Travel-related contingencies
    Third-party liability coverage
    Baggage loss/delay coverage
    Frequency of Travel Single Trip Travel InsuranceMulti-Trip Travel Insurance Must be a frequent flyer or as stated in the policy Flight interruption
    Flight delay
    Trip curtailment
    Missed connection
    Medical expenses
    Types of Travelers Individual Travel Insurance Plans
    Family Travel Plans
    Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans
    Student Travel Insurance Plans
    Group Travel Insurance Plans
    Corporate Travel Insurance Plans
    Medical Travel Insurance
    Available for travelers between 18-90 or as stated in the policy Flight Cancellation
    Accidental death and disability coverage
    Medical expenses including dental treatment
    Sponsor Protection
    Home Burglary Insurance
    Adventure Sports Coverage

    These have been briefly covered below to help you get a better idea of different types of overseas travel insurance plans:

    • Single Trip Travel Insurance

      Single trip travel insurance covers the insured travelers for a single journey abroad. The validity of such policies culminates as soon as your overseas trip comes to an end. It provides coverage for medical expenses, trip-related expenses as well as other kinds of unforeseen expenses incurred during your overseas trip.

    • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

      This type of insurance covers the insured travelers for multiple foreign trips spanning over a year. It is meant for people who have to travel abroad frequently and helps to save the cost and efforts and provides all crucial covers, including medical cover, baggage insurance, trip-related cover, etc.

    • Schengen Travel Insurance

      Schengen travel insurance is custom-made overseas travel insurance for people traveling to one or more than one Schengen state. Schengen states refer to a group of European countries which is the world’s largest free travel area. Schengen travel insurance is available for a sum insured of EUR 30,000 or above as it is compulsory to get travel insurance equivalent to this amount to obtain a Schengen visa.

    • Asia Travel Insurance

      Asia travel insurance is designed for people traveling to any of the Asian countries. However, many international travel insurance providers don’t extend this cover to Korea and Japan, so it’s important that you check the list of Asian countries your insurer covers. This type of international travel insurance is available for a lower sum insured amount due to these countries’ close proximity to India. It provides coverage for medical emergencies, baggage loss, passport loss, etc.

    • Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance Policy (Including USA & Canada)

      This can be purchased by people traveling to any part of the world including the United States of America and Canada. In most cases, this type of travel insurance does not cover the Schengen countries. It includes baggage insurance, medical cover as well as non-medical cover.

    • Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance Policy (Excluding USA & Canada)

      This refers to a type of travel insurance made for people traveling to any country in the world except for the USA & Canada. Most travel insurance companies do not cover Schengen countries under this type of overseas travel insurance. Worldwide travel insurance excluding the USA & Canada offers coverage for medical expenses, personal liability, passport loss, etc. depending on your insurer.

    • Family Travel Insurance

      Family travel insurance is a type of insurance policy meant for families traveling abroad together. All the insured members of the family can use the sum insured under this policy which is available on either individual or family floater basis. Most family travel insurance policies cover the policyholder, his/her spouse, and up to two dependent children.

    • Student Travel Insurance

      Student travel insurance is a type of insurance that has been specially designed for people traveling abroad to study in a foreign country. This type of overseas travel insurance offers student-specific coverage such as study interruption, compassionate visits, and sponsor protection. The validity of student travel insurance is generally for up to two years.

    • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

      Senior citizen travel insurance covers elderly people who are traveling overseas. Most travel insurance companies in India offer this type of policy to people above the age of 60 years. It provides coverage for medical expenses, passport loss, baggage insurance, medical repatriation, and dental expenses amongst others.

    • Group Travel Insurance

      Group travel insurance is a type of travel insurance plan meant for large groups of people traveling abroad together. Most international travel insurance companies offer this type of policy to a group of a minimum of 10 people. Such policies are usually opted by organizations and companies that organize tours, pilgrimage trips, industrial and educational training, etc.

    • Corporate Travel Insurance

      Corporate travel insurance is a type of travel insurance policy that has been custom-made for corporate travelers. It covers the needs of a business traveler and usually comes with an extended validity of a year. It commonly provides coverage for baggage loss, personal liability, loss of documents, medical expenses, etc.

    • Medical Travel Insurance

      Medical travel insurance covers the insured traveling abroad against all types of medical emergencies. Such policies cover medical expenses incurred in the treatment of an illness or an accident injury. Most international medical travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage that includes daycare expenses, hospitalization expenses, cost of medical evacuation, and repatriation of mortal remains.

    Advantages of International Travel Insurance

    Other than a plethora of situations where overseas travel insurance can save you from burning a huge hole in your pocket, here are some advantages of buying foreign travel insurance:

    • Fulfills Mandatory Requirement- It helps to fulfill the compulsory requirement to travel to a few countries where carrying an overseas travel insurance policy is a must, for example, Schengen countries, the USA, and many other tourist hotspots.
    • Emergency Assistance- The insurer has emergency helpline numbers, mobile applications, and a dedicated team to assist you in case of any emergency during your trip abroad. Monetary assistance is provided if you lose all or a substantial part of your travel funds due to theft, robbery, or pilferage.
    • Coverage for People of All Ages- You can buy an international travel insurance policy for anyone between the mentioned age group, no matter which country you are traveling to.
    • Flight-Related Adversities -While most international travel medical insurance plans only provide coverage for medical expenses, many plans also cover you for any adversities resulting from your flight, including flight delays, missed connection flight, flight cancellation, flight hijack, etc.
    • Stress-Free Travel - By covering your trip with a foreign travel insurance policy, you can travel stress-free and enjoy every moment of your trip as any adversities will be taken care of by your insurer.

    Want to know more? Read All benefits of International Travel Insurance Here

    International Travel Insurance Inclusions

    International Travel Insurance

    With so many benefits readily offered by most International Travel Insurance companies, it is hard to remember all their advantages. Your insurer will cover the following unless specified otherwise:

    • Medical Expenses Cover - In case of an unexpected illness, accidental injuries, or death, your overseas travel insurance policy will cover your overseas medical expenses.
    • Loss of Baggage Cover - Full coverage will be provided in case your airline happens to lose or misplace your baggage after checking in.
    • Trip Cancellation and Disruption Cover - The major benefit is that all your financial losses will get covered in case your trip gets canceled or curtailed due to a personal or professional emergency.
    • Financial Emergency Benefit - It provides financial coverage for any unanticipated requirement of cash due to theft or robbery.
    • Flight Delays/Cancellation - If your flight is delayed for more than a certain number of hours or gets canceled, then you would get a reimbursement from your insurer.
    • Passport Loss Cover - In case of loss of passport or important travel documents, a reimbursement of the cost incurred on obtaining a fresh or duplicate passport is also covered.
    • Personal Liability - With this cover, your insurer will provide compensation to the third party in case your involuntary actions result in someone’s demise, injury or cause damages to their property.
    • Legal Cover - Coverage for any legal liabilities incurred during your travel is taken care of by your insurer.
    • Medical Evacuation - Medical expenses incurred due to emergency evacuation to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment are covered.  
    • Repatriation Cover - In case of a sudden demise, the expenses for cremation and transporting the mortal remains to the family members back in India are covered.
    • Dental Cover - Any emergency dental treatment taken due to an injury or acute pain during the trip is reimbursed.
    • Hijack Risk Cover - Hijack distress allowance is granted in case the flight in which you were traveling abroad or vice-versa is hijacked for more than a certain number of hours.
    • Compassionate Visit -In case of hospitalization for an extended period, the cost of transportation and boarding of one of your family members will be covered.
    • Trip Delay - Any delay in the commencement of the trip due to unavoidable emergency, such as hospitalization of a family member or occurrence of a natural calamity, etc. are covered.
    • Missed Connection Flight Cover - In case your connecting flight is missed due to the delayed arrival of your inward flight, your insurer will pay for the losses.
    • Delay in Baggage Arrival - Reimbursement of expenses incurred on essentials due to delayed delivery of your check-in baggage by the airline.
    • Home Burglary Insurance - Compensation for the loss of valuables is provided if your house is burgled during your international trip.

    Buying affordable international travel insurance does not mean that you need to compromise on the coverage. A travel insurance policy is of no use if it does not secure you at the time of need. Therefore, when buying international trip insurance, compare the quotes and coverage to make a wise choice.

    International Travel Insurance Exclusions

    Before zeroing in on the best international travel insurance policy, make sure to read carefully about the expenses that will not be reimbursed. Have a quick rundown of the things, which will not be included in your world trip insurance:

    • If your passport loss complaint goes unregistered with the police authorities, then the damages or loss incurred won’t be covered.
    • You won’t be given medical cover if the pre-existing diseases were not disclosed/ declared before the commencement of the policy. Especially for those who are above the age of 70 years.
    • Expenses or any loss incurring from mental incapability, under depression or influence of alcohol or drugs, or any suicidal attempt. Also, venereal diseases and patients with HIV/AIDS are not covered.
    • If your purpose of traveling abroad is for medical treatment abroad
    • Also, if you are traveling against the recommendation of your healthcare provider.
    • If you are diagnosed with any life-threatening diseases before your travel
    • Casualties or damages due to war or nuclear threats in the concerned country

    Note: This is not the complete list of exclusions. For an exhaustive list, refer to policy wordings.

    Compare & Buy Policies by Best International Travel Insurance Companies in India

    Take a look at the various plans offered by the best international travel insurance companies in India:

    International Travel Insurance Companies Eligibility Criteria Features
    Aditya Birla Travel Insurance NA
    • Trip delay/cancellation
    • Medical emergency assistance
    • Loss of passport
    Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years
    • Medical & dental expenses
    • Flight delays
    • Loss of baggage
    Bharti AXA Travel Insurance 03 months to 85 years
    • Legal expenses
    • Medical expenses
    • Daily hospital allowance
    Care Travel Insurance 1 day to 70 years
    • Medical evacuation
    • Trip delay
    • Loss of check-in baggage
    Chola MS Travel Insurance 03 months to 80 years
    • Personal Accident
    • Medical treatment
    • International driving license loss
    Digit Travel Insurance 03 months to 99 years
    • Trip cancellation
    • Emergency medical treatment
    • Passport team
    Future Generali Travel Insurance 06 months to 80 years
    • Loss of passport
    • Medical expenses
    • Personal accident
    IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance NA
    • Dental treatment
    • Hospital daily allowance
    • Hijack distress allowance
    National Insurance Travel Insurance NA
    • Personal accident
    • Medical expenses & repatriation
    • Loss of passport
    New India Assurance Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years
    • Personal liability
    • Delay of check-in baggage
    • Medical/ repatriation expenses
    Oriental Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years
    • Personal accident
    • Medical expenses & repatriation
    • Loss of checked baggage
    Reliance Travel Insurance 06 months to 60 years
    • Missed connection
    • Medical expenses
    • Home burglary insurance
    Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance 91 days to 70 years
    • Accidental death & dismemberment
    • Trip curtailment
    • Emergency hotel extension
    SBI Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years
    • Trip delays
    • Cash advance
    • Medical treatment expenses
    Shriram Travel Insurance 90 days to 65 years
    • Financial emergency assistance
    • Medical expenses cover
    • Bail bond insurance
    Star Travel Insurance 06 months to 75 years
    • Loss of passport
    • Emergency medical expenses
    • Trip cancellation
    Tata AIG Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years
    • Missed connection
    • Emergency medical evacuation
    • Bounced hotel
    United India Travel Insurance 5 years to 80 years
    • In-flight personal accident
    • Loss of passport
    • Medical expenses and repatriation
    Universal Sompo Travel Insurance 01 day to 70 years
    • Loss of passport
    • Medical expenses
    • Personal accident
    See More Plans

    Disclaimer: *Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

    You can get the best overseas international travel insurance from India as per your requirements. All you need to do is research, analyze and compare them on With a little effort and by investing time, you can find the best international travel insurance plans online.

    Why Should You Buy International Travel Insurance Policy?

    Take a look at some of the reasons why you must buy an overseas travel insurance policy for your foreign trip:

    • Coverage against Overseas Financial Losses - An overseas insurance policy covers unforeseen financial losses that you may incur during your trip abroad. It helps you to stick to your budget while handling the emergency in the best way possible.
    • Takes Care of Expensive Medical Bills -Medical expenses abroad are more expensive than in India. With foreign travel insurance, you don’t have to worry about it as your overseas medical bills are covered by your insurance company.
    • Flight Delay Coverage - Flight delays are extremely common while traveling abroad and can lead to monetary losses. However, the international travel insurance companies compensate you for the losses incurred due to a delay in your flight.
    • Coverage against Loss of Passport/Money - Losing your passport or wallet while traveling abroad can put you in a difficult situation. But if your trip is covered under foreign travel insurance, your insurer will help arrange money and help you to obtain a duplicate copy of your passport.
    • Compensation for Baggage Delay - A delay in the arrival of your check-in baggage can be annoying and lead to unnecessary expenses. In such a situation, your insurer will reimburse the expenses incurred on buying essentials, such as medicines, toiletries, etc.
    • Stress-Free Road Trips -If you plan to take a road trip during your overseas trip, an international travel insurance policy can come in handy. They not only cover accidental injuries that you may sustain but also the damages caused to the rented vehicle.

    How to Buy International Travel Insurance Online & Offline?

    Most overseas travel insurance plans can be applied through multiple channels through the insurers or through other options available online or in person. Take a look at the procedure to buy the best international travel insurance policy:

    Online Process:

    Most policies can be purchased online by visiting the website of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited. Customers can also buy the best overseas travel insurance online from the website of the insurance company. You can buy the overseas travel insurance policy online by following these steps:

    • Visit the official website of
    • Go to the icon of ‘Travel Insurance’    
    • Enter the details of the trip, including trip destination, travel dates, etc.
    • Provide other requested details, such as the age of the travelers
    • Choose the best travel insurance plan for you
    • Pay the travel insurance policy premium online
    • Your travel insurance policy will be issued very soon

    Make sure to compare different travel insurance plans at before buying a plan.

    Offline Process:

    You can also buy international insurance policy offline using these methods:

    • Anyone can simply call the helpline number of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited at 1800-208-8787 and discuss with the customer service representative
    • They can also visit the international travel insurance company’s nearest branch to buy the policy
    • In addition, they can also get in touch with an insurance agent to buy the plan.

    In case of any confusion, customers can write to Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited at

    International Travel Insurance (COVID-19 Covered*)

    With no end to the damages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every international travel insurance company now offers protection in case of COVID-19 contingencies. With numerous network hospitals in the world, in case of any unfortunate medical emergency, you can rest easy knowing that your international travel medical insurance will take care of you. Here are some benefits with respect to COVID-19 offered to travelers when they're abroad:

    • Cover for Accident and Sickness-related Expenses:In case the insured is diagnosed with COVID-19 outside India, the policy will provide compensation for relevant medical expenses as per the limit.
    • Trip Curtailment Cover: If you or your travel companion or an immediate family member is diagnosed with COVID-19 then your trip interruption expenses will be reimbursed.
    • Trip Cancellation:If the insured or their immediate family member or a co-traveler is diagnosed with corona virus before beginning their overseas trip then any unused and non-refundable amount will be reimbursed. This includes unused portions of your accommodation and travel expenses.
    • Automatic Extension Benefit:In case of a curfew or lockdown in your destination country, many policies offer automatic extensions if there are no alternative modes of transport available.
    • Medical Evacuation/Repatriation:Unfortunately if the insured person is severely ill or dies due to COVID-19, then many insurers cover expenses involved in evacuation or repatriation back to their home country.
    • Additional Benefits:Depending on the international travel insurance company, you may have the benefit of cashless treatment, daily cash allowance, reimbursement for extended hotel accommodation in case of COVID-19 covered overseas travel insurance plans.

    Depending on your international travel insurance company, the benefits under COVID-19 coverage will vary. It is best to carefully read the terms and conditions before you decide to buy an international travel insurance policy.

    Things to Consider While Planning an International Trip

    Traveling abroad for the first time? Even if you aren't, it won't hurt to keep these tips in mind before you start planning your trip abroad!

    • Research Thoroughly: Online or offline, make sure you spend enough time on research. Find out about the weather, best time to visit, top attractions, hidden gems, entree fees, transportation cost, safety regulations, culture essentials, and more!
    • Prepare all Travel Documents: Make sure you carry all the essential documents when planning a trip abroad. This includes your passport, visa, international driving license, any travel vouchers, medical prescriptions, hotel confirmation receipts, and a relevant overseas travel insurance policy.
    • Register with Indian Embassy: While overseas travel insurance protects you from any undesirable expenses, in case of an emergency it is best to contact the Indian embassy so that it's easy to track you and keep you protected.
    • Carry Enough Cash: While the world is turning cashless, there might be some extra transaction charges on your credit cards while traveling abroad. It is also important that you exchange cash when the value is higher for your currency. Make sure to call your bank and inform them about the future transactions that you will be making abroad!

     Precautions to Remember Before Traveling Abroad

    When going for an overseas trip, you must carry all the essentials as per the destination country. Make sure that you follow the necessary precautions to avoid troubles abroad, no matter which country you are traveling to. Make sure to:

    • Carry a copy of your passport when traveling
    • Buy the best international travel insurance policy as soon as you book your flight tickets
    • Carry basic medications, including pain killers, paracetamol, anti-allergens, etc.
    • Keep international adapters that can fit into any power socket and charge your phone
    • Pack moisturizers if you are traveling in winters and sunscreen if traveling in summers
    • Pack a raincoat or umbrella if you are traveling during monsoon or to a place where the weather is unexpected
    • Keep a comfortable jacket to take care of sudden changes in weather
    • Carry a good camera to capture your moments abroad

    Fly safe and enjoy your vacations with the best overseas travel insurance from India.

    How to File a Claim for International Travel Insurance?

    Claiming under most international travel insurance plans is easy and non-complicated. You should inform your overseas travel insurance provider at the time of an emergency or taking medical assistance while traveling. Claims not intimated to providers can be rejected. Insurance providers will also ask you to submit claim forms with your personal and journey details.

    In case of a cashless claim:

    • Intimate the EAP (emergency assistance provider) about the eventuality
    • Request pre-authorization letter from the insurer
    • The insurer will send the pre-authorization after verifying the claim
    • Receive treatment for your injury/ illness
    • Get discharged from the hospital
    • The hospital bills will be settled directly by the insurance company


    In case of reimbursement claim:

    • Inform the EAP regarding the contingency at the earliest
    • Arrange all the supporting documents required
    • Submit the supporting documents
    • The reimbursement amount will be credited into your bank account or you will be issued a cheque if your claim is approved

    Depending on the policy of your international travel insurance company, you can also file for claims online via mobile apps, helpline numbers, and other means.

    What Does Policybazaar Do For You?

    By helping business and leisure travelers alike in solving travel-related glitches, Policybazaar’s global reach and proven operational abilities allow travelers to get complete peace of mind. We will help you to compare and select the best travel insurance plan with affordable premiums so that you get the right protection while traveling abroad. Read on to know more about Policybazaar’s services:

    • Check Premium Rate Instantly - By using Policybazaar, you can instantly get premium rates from a wide range of international travel insurance companies in India. You don’t have to visit the official websites of different international travel insurance companies individually to check the premium rates offered by each one of them. This helps you to save a lot of time and effort.
    • Compare Different Travel Insurance Plans - Policybazaar allows you to compare various travel insurance plans offered by different insurance companies in one place. You can easily check the degree of coverage offered by various travel insurance plans and compare their premium rates. This helps you to find a suitable plan that offers maximum coverage at a minimum premium cost.
    • Get Unbiased Comparison - We strive to provide all prospective travelers with a fair comparison of different travel insurance plans. We give you a clear picture of actual coverage and the premium rates so that you can make an informed decision when buying an international travel insurance plan.  
    • Get Information for Free - Another benefit of using Policybazaar is that you get all information related to different travel insurance policies free of cost. You don’t have to pay a penny to access any information and can obtain it from within the comforts of your house.  
    • Buy Travel Insurance Policy Instantly - Policybazaar not only allows you to check and compare the intricacies of various travel insurance plans but also lets you buy the policy, which suits your travel requirements. You don’t have to visit the website of the insurance providers separately but can instead fill up the proposal form and pay your insurance premium.

    International Travel Insurance - FAQs

    Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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    Thane, August 25, 2021
    High coverage
    I took travel insurance from Policy Bazaar which was so reasonable on cost. They are giving me medical expenses coverage under my plan and along with this it has a coverage of covid-19 too. With the help of my travel insurance, I can enjoy my travel to the fullest.