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The Changing Framework: Drones in the Insurance Industry

There was once a time when people did not hear much about Drone. However, the scenario today has changed for the better. Besides, drones are used extensively by the military.

The use of drones came into the notice of the people back in the year 2014, during the Fifa World Cup.

However, in the insurance sector drones were used in the year 2017, when Hurricane Harvey disturbed the lives of the people residing in the USA. The insurance providers then used drones to settle the claim that arrived after the hurricane to measure the damage caused.

It was after this that when the world has realized that the use of drones is not simply bound to military or sports.

Understanding the Drones

Commercial drones are operated remotely and are mostly lightweight units. They essentially work upon the propulsion system wherein it can easily be manoeuvre on all the directions. Besides, commercial drones can record high record visuals round-the-clock.

Today, drones have undoubtedly changed the scenario and have taken the surveillance on to the next level.  

In simplest words, a drone is essentially an unmanned aerial vehicle, which is controlled either by a human or by a built-in remote computer. It is essentially controlled either through a smart device such as a Smartphone or via the remote operating system. A drone usually has a built-in camera, which permits the operator to keep an eye to the surroundings.

Today, there is a plethora of drones available in the market. Right from fulfilling recreation purpose to a professional one, weighing in few grams to several hundred kilograms. The control system also varies depending upon the type; some may have a sensor system, or GPS and camera. Having this system makes it easier for the operator to control the system and know about the whereabouts regarding the subject.

Know Before You Use Drone

There are some important factors, which need to be considered before one start using the drones in India, which are:

  • The drones, which do not belong in the nano category, should be registered and issued with a Unique Identification Number.
  • To operate commercial drone permission is required until if the drone belongs in the Nano category flown, which is below 50 feet and for the micro category should be flown between 200 feet.
  • While the drone is flying, a drone pilot should maintain a direct visual line of sight throughout.
  • A drone cannot fly more than 400 feet if vertical.
  • There are certain specified areas wherein a drone cannot fly such as nearby the airports, borders, military areas and so on.

Understanding the Advantages of Using the Drones in Indian Insurance

Using a drone involves the least involvement of a human, besides; it can easily record high-quality videos along with high-resolution images.

The major advantage of using a drone is that it reaches and is easily accessible in areas where normally it is difficult to get into. Moreover, it is also an easy process to transfer the data.

Let us have a look at the advantages of using the drones in the Indian insurance specifically in regards to settling the claims.

  • Penetrability: The destruction caused by any natural calamity, such as an earthquake, floods, and so on is unmatchable. Besides, it takes time for the surveyor to reach such destructive and affected geographical locations. Under such perilous circumstances, drones are a boon. From a hilly region to a flooded locality, the drones can conveniently reach such locations and assist with surveillance.
    To reach such areas is more like keeping one’s life at stake. With the help of drones, surveyors need not risk their lives to reach such affected locations. For instance, to measure the destruction caused by cyclone drones maybe use to survey the rooftop of a house. Envision that if not using a drone, they would need to climb the rooftop and then accordingly take the pictures, which are not a MACHO activity but putting the life at risk.
  • Pace: The use of drones helps in better customer assistance as it gives speed to the claim process as it can be reached easily in some time. Besides, there are chances that the surveyor need not reach the affected location to operate the drones. Drones as devices are easy to operate besides the visual scan is recorded easily even by those who are an expert in risk assessment. Later, the visuals and data are sent to the surveyor respectively.
  • Coherence: Using a drone also involves a smaller number of people to cover a wider area. A single person can easily manage a drone and there is no need to surveying the area manually. In a streamlined manner, the recording and analysis of the equivalent are done, which gives efficient reports.
  • Verification: Drones encourage verification and result in misrepresentation relief. The locations are appropriately overviewed odds of distorting realities and making deceitful claims are refuted. For instance, drones fitted with high-exactness cameras catch the genuine wellbeing of the farming field and guarantee valid valuation to decide the harvest protection premium.

Just in case if you do not know

In the year 2016, when a district called Bheed in Maharashtra was affected due to floods, then instead of sending to access the damage caused one of the private insurance companies took the help of drones to access the value of the damage incurred.

The usage of drone technology was continued in the year 2017 under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna which is essentially a crop insurance scheme subsidized by the government.

Besides insurance providers uses the drone technology under crop insurance scheme and many general insurance providers used the drone to capture the data for crop yield.

Note: It is illegal to fly drones without prior permission and license.

Wrapping It Up

In the world of actualities, eventualities do not come knocking. Any unfortunate mishap/accident or any calamity can affect the region as well as the residents of those lives. For the insurance providers and the people affected, timing is of utmost importance. The insurance providers need to act instantly on the loss/damage incurred and help the affected community/business.

Living in the era of technological advancement, the approach towards these unfortunate events have also changed ad based on that the insurance providers are continuously happening.

Privacy is a worry concerning drones flying around in the area. In this way, controller standards should be investigated.

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and incorporated media are as of now gelling admirably with drones in a single manner or the other.

Insurance providers will recognize manners by, which drone, alongside the previously mentioned fields, can be utilized in a client well-disposed way for upgraded activities and better help.

Drones are just one of the many new tools with, which life, business, and the global economy are being transformed.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 04 September 2020

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