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April 20, 2023
great experience

I recently purchased Marine insurance from Policybazaar for my shipping business and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with their service and coverage. From start to finish, the experience has been smooth and hassle-free.Thankyou.

April 03, 2023
Provides comprehensive protection

When it comes to coverage, Marine insurance that i bought from PolicyBazaar has exceeded my expectations. It provides comprehensive protection for my cargo and vessels during transit, ensuring I can focus on my business operations with peace of mind. Thankyou.

March 17, 2023
Excellent services

I highly recommend Marine insurance from PolicyBazaar website to anyone in the shipping or logistics industry. Their user-friendly website, comprehensive coverage, and excellent customer service make them stand out from the competition. With Policybazaar, I feel confident in navigating the high seas, knowing that my business is well-protected. Thank you, Policybazaar.

February 28, 2023
User friendly interface

The website's user-friendly interface made it easy to compare different plans and find the perfect fit for my business needs.Thanks

February 11, 2023
Prompt services

I appreciate the transparency and honesty with which Policybazaar handled my claims. They were prompt in processing my claim and their claim settlement process was hassle-free.Thanks PolicyBazaar.

February 10, 2023
Exceeds Expectations

I recently had the pleasure of purchsing marine insurance from Policy bazaar website and I must say it has been an outstnding experience from start to finish. I am thrilled to share my positive customer review, as this truly exceeded my expectations. Thanks PB.

January 31, 2023
Easy navigation

The ease of navigating the Policy bazaar website and finding the right marine insurance policy was impressive. The website's user-friendly interface and intuitive design made it incredibly simple to compare various options, understand the coverage details and make an informed decision. I appreciated the transparency provided throughout the process. Thanks.

January 21, 2023
Excellent support

The customer service provided by Policy bazaar was decent. Their team was responsive, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to assist me at every step. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction were truly commendable.Thankyou.

January 11, 2023
Efficient process

When it came to claims processing, Policy bazaar demonstrated remarkable eficiency and effectivenes. I had an unfortunate incident during the coverage period and filing a claim was a breeze. The entire process was streamlined and their team guided me throuugh every necssary step, making it hassle-free. The promptness with which my claim was setled reflected their commitment to their customers' well-being and peace of mind. Thankyou.

January 01, 2023
Comprehensive coverage

I must mention the comprehensive coverage provided by the marine insurance policy I purchasd through Policy bazaar. It offered me the necesary protection and peace of mind. Thankyou PolicyBazaar.

December 07, 2022
Covers Damage

I purchased Marine Insurance from PolicyBazaar website online. As I run a transportation business. I have to send our goods via ships and there is always a risk of damage. Marine Insurance provides financial aid to our damaged products and ensures that i get the smoothest service possible. Thanks to PolicyBazaar.

December 03, 2022

I wanted to buy insurance for my business without the involvement of any insurance agent. So I went on to the website of PolicyBazaar, as my friend recommended me. There I got a variety of plans which are well-suited for my business. Thanks to PolicyBazaar.

November 29, 2022
Hassle free policy

I've been a loyal PolicyBazaar customer for years, and their services have always been outstanding. They have a wide range of insurance providers to choose from also allowed me to tailor my policy to my specific needs. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and always ready to assist. I trust PolicyBazaar.

November 25, 2022
Wide range of coverage at affordable prices

I wanted to buy Marine Insurance from the PolicyBazaar website as I had heard that they offer different plans at one place. So I went on to their website and made the purchase there. And found that to be true. So thanks to PolicyBazaar for their amazing deals. It was a great experience.

November 21, 2022
Highy satisfied

PolicyBazaar made the purchase of marine insurance pretty easy. The application process was straightforward and I received my policy documents quickly. I appreciate their attention to detail and the claim settlement was efficient. The entire experience exceeded my expectations.

November 17, 2022
Great Customer Experience

PolicyBazaar website is user-friendly, and I was able to compare multiple options easily. The customer support team was responsive and answered all my queries promptly. Thanks to PolicyBazaar, I feel secure knowing that my shipments are well-insured.

November 13, 2022
Excellent support

I had a fantastic experience with PolicyBazaar for my marine insurance needs. The entire process was smooth and hassle-free. The team was extremely helpful and guided me through every step. I felt confident that my cargo was protected and the policy offered great coverage at a competitive price. Highly recommended.

November 09, 2022
Easy Renewal

I purchased a Marine Insurance plan from PolicyBazaar website a year ago and Its expiry date was near, so I decided to renew it. I visited the Policybazaar website. The renewal process was so easy that it hardly took a few minutes to complete the process. Thanks, PB.

November 05, 2022
Great offers

I have a transportation company where we have to transport goods via Ships. So there is a high chance of the risk of goods getting damaged. So, I decided to purchase Marine Insurance from PolicyBazaar. I went on to their website and found affordable deals and a fast claim settlement process. I contacted the team and made the purchase there. Thanks a lot PolicyBazaar, for offering such deals at affordable rates.

November 01, 2022
Good to Buy

I recently had the pleasure of obtaining Marine Insurance through Policy Bazaar and I must say that my experience exceeded all expectations. From start to finish, PolicyBazaar demonstrated a remarkable level of professialism, expertise, and dedication, making them my go-to choice for insurance services.

October 28, 2022
User friendly website

The process of acquiring Marine Insurance was incredibly smooth and hassle-free. Policy Bazaar's website provided a user-friendly interface that allowed me to quickly compare various policies, enabling me to make an informed decision based on my specific requirements. The website's intuitive design made it easy to navigate and I was able to obtain a quote within minutes.

October 08, 2022

The website is really informative and resourceful. They have every type of information related to insurance which helped me in buying a really economical plan for my ship.

October 07, 2022
Affordable Premium

I bought marine insurance online and the process of buying it was so smooth and also did not require any paperwork. I have bought it for longer periods and the premiums are affordable.

October 06, 2022
Knowledgeable Team

I bought marine insurance as products can easily get damaged on the voyage. I had a query and the Policybazaar cleared my doubt very quickly. Their representative was also well-spoken and friendly.

October 05, 2022
Quick Renewal

I could quickly renew my marine insurance policy from Policybazaar and got a very great deal. Bought a quite expensive cover last time and this time got a very economic deal with Policybazaar. Very Happy!

October 04, 2022
Full coverage

I have a transportation company where we transport goods via ship. Wanted an insurance cover that offered me full coverage and timely claim settlement. Landed on Policybazaar and was surprised to see so many affordable plans. The purchase process was also very smooth.

October 03, 2022
User friendly website

The Policybazaar website is user friendly as it gives you all the info you need without much efforts. Moreover, you can get right premium estimations within a matter of second. Really amazing interface.

October 02, 2022
Pleased with them

Very much pleased with their customer support as they answer all your queries diligently. Had some questions before buying a marine insurance policy and the team answered them all.

October 01, 2022
Low cost plans

Got a very affordable and low cost plan from Policybazaar. Love how easy was their purchase process and how conveniently I could compare plans before buying

September 30, 2022
No agent

I purchased a marine insurance cover for my cargo from Policybazaar without the involvement of any agent. Got the plan in budget and there was no headache of an agent in between. Easy and quick!

September 29, 2022
Great plans

Wanted a marine insurance plan for my cargo transportation business. Visited Policybazaar and found some really great plans along with their distinct features. The add ons offered were also very useful.

September 28, 2022
Comparison is amazing

The fact that you can compare so many insurance plans before purchasing is what attracted me most to Policybazaar. I did not have to search here and there for a good marine policy. The company simply offered me a very vast comparison so that I could choose the right plan.

July 12, 2022
Good investment

So we had to transport heavy equipments via ships. And we needed a proper insurance for it as well. We found the perfect insurance to cover the shipment online from Policyabazaar s website and it was on minimal premiums.

July 12, 2022
Saved money on premiums

For the shipment of goods in my country, I acquired an open cargo policy. This was advantageous because I only supplied within India and I was able to save money on premiums.

July 09, 2022
Generous rate

Floating plan was best suited for me as the claim is decided beforhand here and also it was on very affordable premiums.

July 06, 2022
Online process

I have chosen time policy for my marine insurance. It is for a specific period of time as I dont need the insurance for a longer duration. It is very economical choice for me.

July 03, 2022
Helped during pandemic

I have bought liability covrage for me. It prevents damages against any collision or related damages. It is a very useful cover as on the voyage things can go awry. It helps monetarily.

June 30, 2022
A number of coverages

I just finished customising my plan according to my needs. It was easier than I thought and add ons are very useful here. I like the site.

June 27, 2022
Amazing coverage

I have bought a really good Marine insurance from Policybazaar. It provides me a good comprehensive coverage. It will protect against tiniest of damage to the vessel. It was on very good rate.

June 24, 2022
Nicely communicated

I had a query which was quickly resolved by customer care executive. It was very nicely communicated and I liked the way they picked it up.

June 21, 2022
Compared perks and features

Policybazaar just helped me get marine insurance. I purchased the plan after reviewing and comparing all of the perks and features. I was certain that I would find the greatest plan at Policybazaar, so I didn t spend my time looking elsewhere.

June 18, 2022
Quickest claim payout

My organisation purchased the ship s marine insurance from Policybazaar. The ship was damaged as a result of the storm, and my firm filed a claim. My ship was the one who received the quickest claim payout. Thank you very much to Policybazaar for all of your help.

June 15, 2022
Responded quickly

For a long time, I ve been utilising marine insurance, which I obtained through policy bazaar s website. I recently called the policy bazaar for help with a claim, and they were able to help me quickly. There was no drudgery involved in the task. It was simple to file a claim, and insurance bazaar responded quickly.

June 12, 2022
Claimed payout swiftly

I m glad I invested in marine insurance. One of the best services is provided by the policybazaar team. I received the claim payout swiftly, and it covers every region on the planet. As a result, I consider this to be a good thing.

June 09, 2022
Extremely helpful

I m glad I went with Policy Bazaar for my insurance. My insurance policy is satisfactory to me. I bought a marine insurance policy on the internet. When it came to transactions, the process was really straightforward, and they supplied me with a number of payment options, which was extremely helpful.

June 06, 2022
Quick response to my query

I needed help, so I went to Policybazaar, where I had previously acquired marine insurance. I spoke with a senior executive and told him about the problem, and he listened carefully. He quickly responded to my query. After talking to him I was clear in the head to choosed just the deal that i wanted.

June 03, 2022
Shield from dangers

We added port risk to our present coverage. Due to some mix up, a mistake, our cargo was once lost. We used it this time to shield ourselves from dangers.

May 31, 2022
Laibility cover

Liability insurance saved us a lot of money. When our ship had an unfortunate colision with on the way, some damges occured which the insurance compensated for.

May 28, 2022
Voyage cover

We have voyage insurnace also. If any wrong would happen there, we will be compensated for that also.

May 25, 2022
I am happy with coverage

My previous insurer cheated me. This is why I am now wary of purchasing insurance plans. Before purchasing insurance, I compared everything on PolicyBazaar. I m happy to report that everything went smoothly.

May 22, 2022
Turned out well

We just renewed our policy with PolicyBAzaar for maritime insurance. We introduced a floating plan in which the claim is decided ahead of time. It turned out really well.

May 19, 2022
Protected from hazards

To our current plan, we added port risk. Our shipment was once misplaced owing to human error. This time, we incorporated it to be protected from hazards.

May 16, 2022
Save money on taxes

Employee policies are crucial, and they save money on taxes as well. The staff was also extremely good and helpful. Thank you, policy bazaar, for allowing me to be a client.

May 13, 2022
Extremely efficient

This policy bazaar company s concept absolutely surprised me. The policybazaar workforce is extremely efficient and works a well approach. When I booked a policy, I instantly received a soft copy of the paperwork.

May 10, 2022
Recived claim settlement

I m delighted I purchased marine insurance. Team policybazaar provides one of the greatest services. I received the claim settlement quickly and it covers all of the world s locations. As a result, I believe this is a positive thing.

May 07, 2022
assisted in submitting the claim

I am appreciative to the executive who assisted me in receiving claim payment. I was unaware of the claim procedure and was able to settle my claim with the aid of a PolicyBazaar executive. The Policybazaar crew assisted me in submitting a claim request.

May 04, 2022
No paperwork

My firm just decided to switch to PolicyBazaar for marine insurance. I had previously purchased maritime insurance from another company. I updated my plan with Policybazaar to obtain additional benefits and a better deal, and what I loved best about it was that I didn t have to do any paperwork.

May 01, 2022
Fanatstic offer

I looked for marine plans in a variety of locations before making a selection, but I couldn t obtain the particular plan I needed. I finally discovered marine insurance on PolicyBazaar after browsing numerous places. I found all of the features I was looking for here. Thanks to Policybazaar for providing me with a fantastic offer.

April 28, 2022
Additional benefits

I went to Policybazaar to insure my ship, and the crew maintained a high degree of professionalism that was pretty amazing. I purchased marine insurance from them and paid an additional fee to receive additional benefits.

April 25, 2022
Excellent customer support

I bought marine insurance with Policybazaar and personalised it with add-ons. It has aided in increasing coverage. Policybazaar offers a simple process and excellent customer support, which is why I picked them for my plan.

April 22, 2022
Answer the queries

I was having an issue, so I went to Policybazaar, where I had purchased marine insurance. I spoke with an executive and described the situation to him, and he listened attentively. He swiftly answered my question.

April 19, 2022
Saved by insurance

Once the ship was caught in a storm and another ship collided with ours. It could have been worse. But all it was some minor injuries and not so heavy losess. Inusrance covered up it all.

April 16, 2022
Insurance covered damages

We had washing overborad situation once due to a harsh weather. There were some minor damages that the insurance took care of.

April 13, 2022
Worked out well

We recenlty renewed our marine insurance that we had bought from PolicyBAzaar. We added floating plan where claim is decided beforehand. Worked out well for us.

April 10, 2022
Port risk cover

We added port risk to our existing plan. Once our consignment was lost due to some negligence. We added it this time to be safe to risks.

April 07, 2022
Cost effective option

We use the wager plan to insure certain of our consignments. It considers the damages first to see if they are worth the compensating value, and then provides compensation appropriately. For us, this was a cost-effective option.

April 04, 2022
Best options

For our shipping, we purchased a mixed plan. It covers both time and possessions. We work on a tight schedule, therefore this was the best option for us.

April 01, 2022
Open cargo policy

For a year we were to be busy with consignments. So we opted for open policy tat covers the time period and covers all the shipment within the time period. It is a good policy.

March 29, 2022
Wager plan

For some of our consignments we insure it under the wager plan. under it the damages are considered first if they are worth the compensatory value and the compensation is provided accordingly. This was budget friendly for us.

March 26, 2022
Suited perfectly

We bought mixed plan for our shipment. Both time and goods are covered under it. we work on a tight schedule and this was the plan that suited us perfectly.

March 23, 2022
Flexible plans

So for our cargo we bought the float insurance. Under this the compensatory amount is pre-decided. we found this plan felexible and so we claimed it.

March 20, 2022
Expertly handle the situation

During the renewal of my marine coverage, the guy I interacted with was really diligent. I was having trouble renewing my plan and contacted Policybazaar s customer service. The executive handled the situation expertly. The service has left a lasting impression on me.

March 17, 2022
Several advantages

My intention was to change my plan. The firm where I work had previously purchased marine insurance from another provider, and now they wish to switch to policybazaar. I received the finest offer with several advantages. Policy Bazaar has given me with all of the necessary resources.

March 14, 2022
Well organised

This policy bazaar company s concept absolutely blew me away. The policybazaar crew is extremely efficient and works in a well-organized manner. When I booked a policy, I instantly received a soft copy of the paperwork.

March 11, 2022
Pleasant experience

Purchasing marine insurance was a pleasant experience for me. I had a question about marine, so I phoned customer service, and they swiftly answered my question. I was pleased with their prompt response and efficient service.

March 08, 2022
Greatest services

I m delighted I purchased marine insurance. Team policybazaar provides one of the greatest services. I received the claim settlement quickly and it covers all of the world s locations. As a result, I believe this is a positive thing.

March 05, 2022
Finest plans

I recently purchased marine cargo insurance, and the crew was quite helpful. Marine insurance also covers third-party obligations resulting from any loss or damage. I discovered the finest plan for me.

March 02, 2022
Delightful purchase

I m delighted I purchased marine insurance. Team policybazaar provides one of the greatest services. I received the claim settlement quickly and it covers all of the world s locations. As a result, I believe this is a positive thing.

February 28, 2022
Hull insurance

Hull insurance suited us the best when we were sending our vessle across the ocean for sending an importamt shipment. It protects againsta any unforseen mishaps and we would be able to get compensation for the same.

February 27, 2022
Compensation for lost goods

We were able to get compensation for the goods lost during a freight insurance that we had bought for our shipment. During the delivery some goods went missing and we filed a report and got our claims for it.

February 26, 2022
Likeable plans

I bought my speedy marine insurance claim online from Policybazaar. It protects against the loss and damage to the goods while the shipment and also has liability cover along with it. I really like this plan.

February 25, 2022
Compensation for loss

Some of the packages we had sent in the cargo were lost. We tried and were not able to recover them I filed a claim settlement for the same and recieved compensation for the same from the insurance.

February 24, 2022
Wager cover

I have bought the wager plan for my cargo ships. It will provide me reimbursement in caase any damage occurs on the way to the shipment. I bought it online fro PolicyBazaars website.

February 23, 2022
Claim settlement

I was able to get claim settlemet when my cargo had suffered damages while out deliveing consignments. I had bought the policy from PolicyBazaar online.

February 22, 2022
Quickest sitee

PolicyBazaar provided me with marine insurance. I run a cargo ship business and was in desperate need of the strategy. I went with the online option because it was the quickest.

February 21, 2022
Protection against damages

I recently began my shipment bussiness. For that I needed marine insurance that I easily got from PolicyBazaar. I also added hull insurance to it so that it remains protected against any kind of damages.

February 20, 2022
Affordable premiums

I bought two more ships for my cargo business. it was easy for me get them covered under marine insurance. i had always bought my insurance from PolicyBazaar and this time as well. I logged on theri website and was easily able to get the ships insuraed with affordabel premiums.

February 19, 2022
No broker needed

When I started my cargo ships I had to get the insurance first to get it running. I hadnt claimed without a broker before. But now on PolicyBazaars website this is even possible without any fuss. Got the insurance without broker that too on minimum premiums.

February 18, 2022
Quick online process

I have bought marine insurance from PolicyBazaar. I have bussiness of cargo ships and absolutely needed the plan. I chose the online process which was very quick.

February 18, 2022
Great many coverages

The marine insurance we have bought from PolicyBazaar coveres against a number of mishaps inlcuding explosion, sinking, lightening, collision, loss and many more. This is the best package we could have hoped for.

February 18, 2022
Personalisation is easy

I just found that the marine insurance policy I purchased may not properly protect my ship. As a result, I required additional covers to provide total protection. I went to Policybazaars website and personalized my policy with add-ons.

February 18, 2022
Premium calculator on the site

I utilized the premium calculator given by Policybazaar on the internet after adding the additional features that I desired in my marine insurance. The premium calculator provided me with an accurate premium estimate. The most useful feature of the website.

February 17, 2022
Renewal without paperwork

This was my first experience of renewal and I would like to share it with those who are interested in taking insurance from Policybazaar. When I was renewing my plan, at first I thought it would require some paperwork but I didnt need to do anything at the time of renewal. I renewed marine insurance so easily.

February 17, 2022
Liability coverage

We have Marine Cargo insurance which protects against collision liability if any. It provides us a good coverage with some additional benefits like loss and adamage as well.

February 16, 2022
Helpful team

Initially, after seeing many plans, I got confused which plan i choose. then I decided to take marine insurance offline so that I could get help of the team. I went to Policybazaar and told them what I want in my plan after that the team showed me the plans as per my requirements.

February 15, 2022
Helpful staff

The way the team handled everything while taking marine insurance was fantastic. After asking me what kind of features I am looking for, the team showed me the plans according to my requirements. they even helped me choose the right one out of several plans.

February 14, 2022
Satisfactory response

If I give stars to Policybazaar, I would like to give five stars for the service. The response I got from Policybazaar was satisfactory. All my doubts regarding marine insurance were cleared by the team. They are excellent in delivering the best customer service.

February 13, 2022
Premium calculation

After adding the additional features that I wanted in my marine insurance, I used the premium calculator which is provided by Policybazaar on the website. The premium calculator gave me an accurate estimate of the premium. Most convenient thing on the website.

February 12, 2022
Add ons

Recently I realized that the coverage I got under marine insurance may not fully protect my ship. So I needed more covers to give complete protection. I came to the website of Policybazaar and customized my policy with add ons.

February 11, 2022
Fantastic experience

My previous experiences with Policybazaar were fantastic and completely hassle free, so without wasting my time, I landed on the website of policybazaar and compared marine plans as per the benefits. This time also I got the same service.

February 10, 2022
Renewed my plan without inspection

When the time for renewal came, I came across the website of Policybazaar, from where my company had taken marine insurance. I renewed the plan online without any oversight and got a slight discount on the premium rate. My experience with Policybazaar has been great.

February 09, 2022
Hassle free process

Everything was easy whether it was buying process or customization. The whole process was so simple and hassle free. The team of Policybazaar made everything easy for me while buying marine insurance.

February 09, 2022
Wholesome package

We recently bought marine insurance which was much needed for our new business as we will sending consignments via ships as well. This policy protects against earthquake, lightening strikes, washing over board, compensation for losses and all. All in all it is wholesome package that we have claime from PolicyBazaar.

February 08, 2022
Financial assistance

With the help of my marine insurance, I have received financial assitance when my ship got damaged while transferring the parcel. Thankfully I had marine insurance otherwise, if I had not already insured my ship I would have had to bear the heavy burden of repair expenses.

February 07, 2022
Easy to compare

After checking quotes and comparing plans I bought marine insurance from Policybazaar. If I would rate the service of Policybazaar then I would like to give five stars. The entire team is superb and always give their best to provide best customer service.

February 06, 2022
Less paperwork

Recently my company was looking to switch marine insurance with PolicyBazaar. I had previously taken marine insurance from somewhere else. To get more features and amazing deal, I switched my plan with Policybazaar and what I liked the most is that I did not have to do much paperwork to switch my plan.

February 05, 2022
Impressive service

The person I spoke with, during the renewal of my marine policy was very hard working. I was facing some difficulty in renewing my plan and contacted customer care of Policybazaar. the executive addressed the issue so skillfully. I am completely impressed with the service.

February 04, 2022
Hassle free renewal

At the time of renewal, I have received calls and messages as a reminder of the renewal. I always get reminder messages even if I forgot about the renewal. I renewed my marine insurance without any hassle and the best part is that no paperwork is required for renewal.

February 03, 2022
Easy to switch

I wanted to switch my plan. the company in which I am working, had earlier taken marine insurance from somewhere else, now they want to switch the same plan with policybazaar. i got the best deal with lots of benefits. Policy Bazaar has provided me all the facilities.

February 01, 2022
Great deal

Before taking any decision, I had seen marine plans in many places but i did not find the exact plan I was looking for. after searching on many places i finally found the marine insurance in PolicyBazaar. i have got all the features from here i was in search of. thanks to Policybazaar for giving me great deal.

January 31, 2022
Well trained staff

The entire team of Policybazaar is well trained. I wanted to insure the ship for which i went to Policybazaar and the team maintained a high level of professionalism which was quite impressive. I took marine insurance from here and got additional facilities by paying extra amount.

January 30, 2022
Problem solver

I was facing a problem in the renewal process of my marine policy so I connected with Policybazaar. I did not have to wait so long. I got such quick response from Policybazaar. An executive solved my problem in just one phone call. genuinely Policybazaar is a very good problem solver.

January 30, 2022
Wonderful experience

I have bought another ship for transportation purpose and without thinking much I went to Policybazaar for marine insurance. I have had wonderful and hassle free experience with them so I chose Policybazaar. This time too Policybazaar amazed me with its service.

January 30, 2022
Easy to compare

After comparing the various plans of marine insurance on different platforms i landed on the website of Policybazaar and here i compared the plans provided by the various insurers. According to my budget i chose my plan. thanks to Policybazaar for giving me assistance till the end of the process.