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October 30, 2022
Assess the risk and more secured

I purchased D&O Insurance at policy bazaar and found it easliy accesible. I will surely recommend this as it safeguards the officials of the companies from personal losses resulting from legal action against them. Thanks for this amazing policy which helped me the lot

October 03, 2022
Extensive Coverage

We thoroughly checked all the benefits and features and decided to buy a contractual liability policy from Policybazaar. It provides all the necessary features to safeguard our business against any loss.

October 02, 2022
Easy to Buy

It was easy to buy insurance from Policybazaar and customer support was also amazing to clear all the doubts. Contractual liability insurance is essential for my business and I could not get a better deal than this.

October 01, 2022
Easy plan comparision

An ideal Contractual Liability Insurance policy purchased to protect our business that we ecounter in our everyday operations. Policybazaar offers a platform to compare multiple plans.

Himachal Pradesh
September 30, 2022
No broker and paper work

Great experience at Policybazaar. We did not know that buying Contractual Liability Insurance could be that easy. Also there is no broker and paperwork.

New Delhi
September 29, 2022
Perfect Insurance Coverage

I purchased Contractual Liability Insurance from Policybazaar and the coverage they provided is perfect to keep my hardware business safe various unforeseen instances.

April 10, 2022
Legal cover

I was looking for a directors and officers liability insurance online. I wanted to cover the working officials with a legal coverage in case any of the customer sues them after getting affected by any of their decisions. So it went on to the Policybazaar website where i could get a plan that provides me with legal coverage. Thanks Policybazaar.

April 07, 2022
Legal cost covered

I got the directors and offiers of my organization covered under the directors and officers liability insurance policy. It covers the legal cost in case anyone sues the diector or officer for any decision made.

April 04, 2022
Easily renewed

I purchased DandO insurance plan an year ago and it was about to expire so i went on the Policybazaar and filled my policy number and accessed my account and easily renewed the insurance plan.

April 01, 2022
Easily renewed

I purchased a DandO insurance policy online an year ago. It was about to expire so i had to look for a website where i can easily renew it. I went on the Policybazaar website and easily renewed the policy in a matter of seconds. Thank PB

March 29, 2022
Compared and Bought

Was looking for a Directors and officers insurance policy online. I landed on the Policybazaar's website and trust me it is the best website as it lets you compare different plan on one page and then purchase the one that suits your requirements.

March 27, 2022
Needed coverage

Coverage for your employees is a must. Under the Directors and officers liability there is employment liability cover which serves for us both. It is a needed coverage for the firms.

March 22, 2022
Perfect for us

Under Directors and officers liability coverage for subsidiareies and for the retired directors is there as well. It is a perfect one for the firm. I spred no time in purchasing one for mine from PolicyBazaar.

March 17, 2022
Wide range

This Directors and officers liability insurance that we have bought from PolicyBazaar provides us coverage for employment liability as well as for the retired directors as well. It has a really wide range of coverage that suits us well. I am happy with the purchase.

March 12, 2022
Helpful coverage

Our Directors and officers liability provides us coverage for the subsidiries as well. That was really helpful. We got what we needed from PolicyBazaar.

March 07, 2022
many benefits

We have secured our corporation against various irregularies and liabilities using the D&O Liabilities. Thanks to policybazaar that we got it on such a good premium. We also got some other benefits with it.

March 02, 2022
Really amazing executives

For our firm we urgently needed D&O Liability insurance as one never knows what can get wrong in the accounting department or about any other irreguarities. So we bought it from Policybazaar. Their executives guided us through and helped us get the best deal suited for us. They werereally amazing.

February 25, 2022
Nice coverages

I bought Director s and Officer s Liability cover for the coverage of defense cost. I also was able to get it for advancement of defense expenses. Not expensive at all. Very nice coverage.

February 20, 2022
Very good package

So I purchased my D&O liability cover. It protects agaisnt a lot of things including damage to reputation, emergency responses, severability cover. It is a very good package. I got it on a reasonable rate from PolicyBazaar.

February 15, 2022
Really low premiums

I was looking for D&O cover when I landed on PolicyBazaar. It has the coverage for liability and liberty costs which I was looking for and that too on really low premiums. I quickly claimed my insurance.

February 10, 2022
Affordable rates

I was looking all over the web for a reasonable range for the coverage of Director s and Officers Liability coverage. Then came across PolicyBazaar and read the full deal before investing in it. And loved it. This is the best coverage and most affordable rate I have found on any website. Would really recommend it.

February 05, 2022
Compensation for loss

We recieved compensation thanks to our insurance from PolicyBazaar. there were some activities that icurred us loss. thankfully the loss wasnt heavy and we were compensated for it.

January 31, 2022
Wholesome coverage

I recently bought this Director s and officer s liability from PolicyBazaar. This is a necessary when you are running an organisation. It has a pretty wholesome coverage that we needed. I really like this coverage.

January 30, 2022
Hassel free

We bought directors and officers liability insurance for our organisation. We chose PolicyBazaar for it. We opted for the online hassel free process and got our claim instantly.