Cashless Network Hospital

A Network Hospital is a hospital that enters into an agreement with a health insurance company to offer cashless medical treatment to the insured. When an insured gets admitted to a network hospital, the insurance company will directly settle the treatment bill.

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      Claim Process of Health Insurance

      Health insurance claims can be filed by cashless or reimbursement process. Take a look at the steps below:

      Cashless Process

      Step 1: Find network hospital
      • Find a nearby network hospital of the insurance company
      • Get admitted to the hospital
      Step 2: Notify the Insurance Company
      • Inform the insurance company about the hospitalization
      • In case of planned hospitalization, inform before getting hospitalized.
      Step 3: Get Pre-authorization
      • Fill up the pre-authorization form and submit it at the hospital
      • The hospital will send the pre-authorization form to the insurance company for approval.
      • Once approved, receive the treatment.
      Step 4: Hospital Discharge
      • During discharge, sign all the medical documents and bills.
      • Pay for the services/items excluded in the policy
      Step 5: Claim settlement
      • The network hospital will send the treatment bill and other documents to the insurance company.
      • The health insurance company will pay the bill amount directly to the hospital.

      Re-imbursement Process:

      Step 1: Get Hospitalized
      Get admitted to a non-network hospital of the insurance provider
      Step 2: Intimate the Insurance Company
      • Inform the insurance company about the hospitalization
      • In case of planned hospitalization, notify the insurer before hospital admission.
      • Receive medical treatment
      Step 3: Hospital Discharge
      • At the time of discharge, pay the entire hospital bill in full.
      • Collect all the medical documents, bills and payment receipts
      Step 4: Submit Documents
      Send all the required documents to the insurance company
      Step 5: Settlement of Claim
      The insurance company will review the documents and pay the claim amount.

      Network Hospital FAQs

      • Q1. What is the difference between a network and a non-network hospital?

        Ans: A hospital is considered as a network hospital if it has a tie-up with an insurance company to provide cashless hospitalization facilities to its customers. On the other hand, a non-network hospital does not provide cashless treatment and thus, the customers need to pay the full hospital bill at the time of discharge. However, medical expenses incurred at a non-network hospital can be reimbursed by the insurance provider if a reimbursement claim is raised.

      • Q2. Why do health insurance companies have network hospitals?

        Ans: Health insurance providers in India have a wide network of empanelled hospitals to offer cashless hospitalization services to their customers. It not only eases the process of receiving treatment at a hospital for the insured but also increases customer loyalty.

      • Q3. What is cashless healthcare?

        Ans: Cashless healthcare refers to the medical treatment and hospitalization facilities offered by a network hospital. When you get admitted to a network hospital of your health insurance provider, you are not required to pay for the treatment availed during discharge. After you have been discharged, your insurance company will pay the hospital bill amount directly to the network hospital on your behalf.

      • Q4. How do I get a cashless treatment?

        Ans: You can get cashless treatment by getting admitted to a network hospital of your health insurance provider. After getting hospitalized, you will be required to fill up a pre-authorization form. Once your insurance company authorizes your treatment, you can avail cashless treatment at that network hospital.

      • Q5. Which health insurance covers maximum network hospital?

        Ans: At present, Care Health Insurance Limited comes with more than 16,500 network hospitals across India, which is the maximum number of network hospitals offered by any health insurance provider in India.

      • Q6. What is a network hospital discount?

        Ans: Network hospitals do not offer any discount to the policyholders for availing medical treatment. Instead, they offer cashless treatment facilities to the customers of the affiliated insurance company. As a result, the insured does not have to pay anything at the time of discharge and the hospital bill is paid directly by their insurance company to the network hospital.

      • Q7. Do network hospitals reduce your treatment bill?

        Ans: No. Network hospitals do not reduce your treatment bill. They only allow you to get hospitalized and avail treatment on a cashless basis as the bill amount can be settled by your insurance company after your hospital discharge.

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