Cancer Insurance Articles

All You Need to Know About Cancer Insurance in India

What is Cancer? Cancer is a dreadful disease that can threaten the foundation of an individual’s life and family. It is heartbreaking that...Read More

Don’t Let Cancer Ruin You Physically or Financially!

Urban lifestyle and health-related complications go hand in hand. While high BP and Diabetes are common these days, another disease that poses...Read More

Buying Health Insurance? Do give a look at Heart and Cancer Insurance Plans

A health insurance policy is supposed to support you financially as well as morally in the event of a medical emergency. Despite offering reimbursement...Read More

Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan - Analysis

The probability of being faced with a cancer diagnosis has been steadily climbing over the years, with a projected 7 lakhs new patients and...Read More

5 Best Reasons to Buy a Cancer Insurance Policy

Cancer Insurance is rapidly growing as a new fad in the field of health insurance. This insurance plan has been introduced in response to the...Read More

Why Cancer Insurance Is Worth Its Weight In Gold?

Do you know how many people die of cancer, each year? reveals that there are around 1,685,210 new cases of cancer detected and 595,690...Read More

How to Choose the Best Cancer Insurance Policy in India

Modern medical miracles have ensured that average lifespan of human beings are on the rise. Ironically, with an extended lifespan come increased...Read More

Top 2 Cancer Insurance Providers in India

The treatment cost for cancer can be anywhere between 8 and 25 lakh rupees. It is no wonder that over 45% of families with one cancer patient...Read More