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As the saying goes – “It’s not about how much money you make, it how you save it,” acts as one of the principles for saving money. It’s not what you make, it’s what you save that matters. To secure your future, it is necessary for you to cut down on your unwanted expenses. The more you save and invest, the more you will become financially self-reliant.

Use our calculator to determine the amount you will finally be able to save for your future:

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We all know that savings are essential in order to make our future better. Yet, in most scenarios, we end up expending more than what is required. Considering the following tips can help you save funds out of your unnecessary expenses without having cut on your essential expenditure:

Stick to the budget

It is easy to set a budget, but the difficult bit is sticking to it. You need to limit the amount you spend on food, clothes, and travel every month. Prioritizing what is important will prevent you from spending on unnecessary things. Therefore, remember, leisure comes after necessities.

Start Investing

While it is important to save, learning to grow them is equally important. While constructing your financial portfolio, remember to include mutual funds as they come with numerous benefits. If you are planning to invest for 6 to 24 months, then fixed deposit is a good option. If you wish to save for long-term goals then investing in mutual funds is a good way to grow your savings.

Prepay Loans

Most of us leverage on loans to buy heavy assets like house, car, furniture etc. But, while buying these assets we forget to consider the share or our earnings that will go towards the EMIs. It is essential to ensure the total of all the EMIs that you are liable to pay does not exceed 35 % of your monthly net income. Also, repaying the loan before the due date can save heaps of your funds from going towards interest. You can also increase the amount of your EMIs of switch to another loan with cheaper interest rates (if available). Before you borrow a loan, check with your bank about the terms and conditions related to prepayment and reconstruction of loan.

It's not what you make, but what you save that matters. To have a better future, it is essential that you cut down on your unnecessary expenses. The more you save and invest, the more you will become financially self-reliant.

Also, you can use our calculator to determine the amount you will finally be able to save for your future.

Savings Calculator

Our Savings Calculator is a specially tool that helps you calculate the amount that you will eventually be able to save based on your existing savings, your saving habits, the duration you wish to save for and the rate at which you receive interest on your savings.

All you need to do is enter the following simple details:

  • Existing savings: In this field you need to enter the amount of your total savings till date. Also, you can include the savings that you have mobilized towards investment instruments like fixed deposits, recurring deposits, mutual funds, etc.
  • Regular savings account: Here you are required to key in the amount you regularly manage to save on a monthly or an annual basis.
  • For what duration: This field requires the total duration, in years and months that you wish to continue saving for.
  • Gross annual interest rate (%): Varying between 1 to 20 %, this is the rate at which you are presently receiving interest on your savings.