ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund

ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund is a mutual fund investment scheme that invests the unit holder's capital in twenty companies' equity and equity-related securities. The companies chosen by the investment fund house are companies with a significant market share in the Indian stock market. The remaining capital is wisely invested in debt securities and other money market schemes.

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The benchmark used in choosing the company is the top two hundred stocks listed in NSE India Ltd regarding market capitalization. The money manager decides the percentage of capital to be allocated in various assets. 

ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund invests more than 80% of its capital in equities of large companies; the rest of the capital is equally invested in small or medium cap companies and debt instruments. The ICICI Bluechip fund invests in various sectors such as banking and financial institutions, technology-based companies, manufacturing companies, automobile sectors, pharmaceutical companies, and telecom companies. 

The ICICI Bluechip Fund is known for its risk-adjusted returns and protects against the potential downside of the market.

The ICICI Bluechip Fund scheme has four different options are:

  • ICICI Prudential Bluechip fund-Dividend
  • ICICI Prudential Bluechip fund-Direct Plan-Dividend
  • ICICI Prudential Bluechip fund-Direct Plan-Growth
  • ICICI Prudential Bluechip fund-Growth 

The ICICI Prudential Bluechip fund-Dividend fund is renamed IDCW, which stands for Income distribution cum withdrawal.

Investment Facts

Parameter Details 
Fund Name ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund
Fund House ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd 
Launch Date 01/01/2013
Benchmark  Nifty 100 TRI
Type  Open-Ended
Minimum Investment  Rs.100
Lock-in Period  No 
Entry Load No
Exit load  1% if redeemed within 365 days
Return Performance  Average Returns
Fund Consistency            Average
Risk Level Very High

Investment Objective

ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund is a predominant Equity Scheme that enhances investors' capital by parking their funds in equities of large companies that operate in India. The main aim of the ICICI Pru Bluechip fund is long-term capital appreciation and wealth creation. 

The fund recommends an investment horizon of five years for all investors to achieve their financial goals. The fund house is best known to seize market opportunities and invests across all sectors without any bias. The ICICI Bluechip fund managers adopt a disciplined approach while picking stocks. The stocks with long-term growth potential are the only ones added to the portfolio.

The scheme is also flexible in the field of investments. The fund also generates returns from Global Depository Receipts, foreign bonds, and stock lending activities. The ICICI Pru Bluechip fund is also a diversified fund with asset allocation involving debt instruments to tackle inflation-related stagnation. The fund is best suited for conservative and risk-averse investors who want stable returns. 

The ICICI Pru Bluechip fund arrests the market's downside potential and insulates from market crashes by a diversified allocation of funds. The fund also uses derivatives such as Futures to hedge inflation and protects investor's capital.

The fund house operates under ICICI Prudential asset under management company ltd. The fund house has a team of dedicated researchers who study macroeconomic conditions and other influencing factors, which work in tandem with the fund managers.

Fund Summary

  1. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund-Dividend

    • Risk level- Very High
    • NAV- Rs.22.90 as of 20th May 2021 
    • Expense Ratio-1.75%
    • Fund Started-23 May 2008
  2. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund-Direct Plan-Dividend

    • Risk level-Very High
    • NAV-Rs.37.75 as of 20th May 2021 
    • Expense Ratio-1.16%
    • Fund Started-02 Jan 2013
  3. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund-Direct Plan-Growth 

    • Risk level-Very High
    • NAV-Rs.58.87 as of 20th May 2021 
    • Expense Ratio-1.16%
    • Fund Started-01 Jan 2013
  4. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund-Growth 

    • Risk level-Very High
    • NAV-Rs.54.94 as of 20th May 2021
    • Expense Ratio-1.16%
    • Fund Started-23 May 2008

Fund Returns Summary

    1. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund-Dividend Returns

      Time Period Returns Per Year(Annualized)
      6 Months 18.25%
      One year 61.87%
      Three years 10.19%
      Five years 13.05%
      10-years 13.20%
    2. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund-Direct Plan-Dividend Returns

      Time Period Returns Per Year(Annualized)
      6 Months 18.62%
      One year 62.94%
      Three years 11.71%
      Five years 14.74%
      10-years 14.17%
*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
  1. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund-Direct Plan-Growth Returns

    Time Period Returns Per Year(Annualized)
    6 Months 18.62%
    One year 62.94%
    Three years 12.56%
    Five years 15.47%
    10-years 14.76%
  2. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund-Growth Returns

    Time Period Returns Per Year(Annualized)
    6 Months 18.62%
    One year 62.94%
    Three years 11.77%
    Five years 14.53%
    10-years 14.00%

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Summative Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Lower Expense Ratio of 1.16 AUM is larger than Rs.15,000 crores
The fund produces higher returns for three years  The scheme does not produce higher one-year returns 
The fund produces higher returns for five years  It uses an overly conservative approach
The fund produces higher returns for ten years  The scheme’s performance is average during the bull market.
Less market volatility  The scheme does considerably well during a bear market as It utilizes futures as a hedge.
Diversified asset allocation  The bluechip fund misses out on the growth potential of small-cap companies.

Benefits of ICICI Bluechip Funds

The ICICI Bluechip scheme is designed for a wide variety of investors. Some of the critical benefits of ICICI Bluechip funds are as follows:

  • Risk-Adjusted Investment- ICICI Bluechip Fund provides hedged returns against market volatility. The fund invests in companies with proven credibility and strong balance sheets, thereby providing a safety net to its investors. The fund keeps an eye on companies with high cash flows and low debt. The fund house also picks companies that dish out high dividends to support investors who rely on the IDCW plan for their income. The fund ensures that the liquidity crunch is kept under check.
  • Performance on Par With Indices- The ICICI PruBluechip Fund is structured to replicate the performances of benchmark indices such as NIFTY 50 TRI, NIFTY 100, SENSEX TRI which provides an approximate average annual return of 10%. The fund's diversification and global exposure ensure that it performs better than the indices mentioned earlier in the long run with lower downside risk.
  • Credibility- The average investor is confident in the fund's long-term performance due to its consistent performance in terms of returns and managing the risk without jeopardizing its capital. The fund has been in existence for over a decade, catering to the needs of the investors.
  • Asset Allocation Mantra- The ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund is an open-ended mutual fund with a significant percentage of its cash being allocated to equity and equity derivatives. The fund also utilizes futures that can hedge against inflationary and deflationary economic conditions providing stable and consistent returns irrespective of the economy's performance.
  • Ability to Achieve One’s Financial Goals- The investor can depend on these funds to achieve their financial success. The investors can use the gains to fund their children's milestones, such as their marriage, higher education, etc. The investor can also accumulate the corpus to attain financial freedom.
  • Investing Across Sectors- The fund invests in various sectors in an unbiased manner. The fund invests in banking and financial institutions, fintech, software service industry, two-wheeler manufacturers, public sector units such as power utilities, telecom companies, chemical industries such as paint companies, etc. The diversified holdings of equity ensure that risks related to sector slowdown are thoroughly addressed.
  • Investment Options- The ICICI Bluechip Fund provides different investment options to its investors. The fund provides a lump sum option where the investor can purchase several units in bulk. The fund provides another option called Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), where conservative investors can purchase units monthly or quarterly irrespective of the market conditions.

Fund House Details

The ICICI Bluechip Fund is managed by ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd, one of the most renowned mutual fund houses in the country. The company's primary aim is to encourage commoners to invest in equities for the creation of wealth. The company is co-owned by ICICI Bank Ltd, a well-known private bank in India, and Prudential Plc, a private player in the financial sector with its base in the United Kingdom. 

The AMC has under its belt a large chunk of AUM (Asset Under Management) in the mutual fund business. It also provides other services such as Portfolio Management Services and International Advisory Mandates for customers across global markets linked to debt, equity, and real estate.

The AMC has its presence in over 300 locations serving a customer base of over 6 million investors. The parent company and its sponsors are given below:

  1. ICICI Bank

    ICICI bank is one of the leading private banks in the country in the banking space. It is a publicly listed bank with total assets valued at Rs.13.77 trillion as of March 2020. The bank has its presence nationally with 5,324 branches and 15,688 ATMs. The bank is known for its customer-centric approach and provides utmost priority for the satisfaction of its customers.

  2. Prudential Plc

    The company is known for its financial services such as life and health insurance. It also provides services related to asset management and solutions related to retirement. The company serves around 20 million customers worldwide and is publicly listed in London, Hong Kong, New York, and Singapore.

    The Prudential plc Group consists of subsidiaries, including Prudential Corporation Asia, Jackson Holdings LLC, and Prudential Africa.

Who Should Invest In ICICI Bluechip Fund?

ICICI Bluechip fund provides great returns if invested for a more extended period. The fund is tailored for investors who are seeking:

  1. Wealth Creation

    The main advantage of the ICICI Bluechip Fund is its ability to adjust risk and provide returns without capital loss. The investor who is disciplined and remains calm in the face of market volatility over a long period can accumulate a significant corpus. 

    The fund house recommends a time horizon of five years to its investors to reap the scheme's benefits. The investors can also take advantage of dividend funds to generate regular income during retirement and pension years. The investor must understand the risk factors before purchasing units of the fund.

  2. Conservative Investment Approach

    Investors who constantly worry about market volatility can opt for the ICICI Bluechip Fund. The bluechip fund is well diversified across all asset classes ensuring steady returns irrespective of the market volatility. The bluechip fund invests a significant portion of its cash in large-cap companies which are matured, accomplished, and non-cyclical. 

    The large-cap companies become less volatile over a more extended time, reducing unwanted stress off the investors. The Bluechip fund also invests a small portion of its capital in debt instruments that come in handy during rising inflation. 

    The practice of spreading the capital across all asset classes and various industries can result in hedging during market crashes and protects the investor's capital from downside risks. Investors can choose the ICICI Bluechip fund to avoid sleepless nights during market corrections. It also ensures the growth of one's portfolio without exposing one to the risk of capital loss.

Let the Money Grow

The ICICI Bluechip is designed to meet the needs of investors with limited knowledge of the workings of the equities and equities market. The fund serves investors who opt for growth and those who opt to receive a fixed income. The scheme is structured in a well-planned manner, suiting the needs of the young and the old alike. One can also invest in this scheme monthly.


  • Q: What are the online methods of investing in the ICICI Bluechip fund?

    Ans: The investor can directly buy units from the fund house by investing a lump sum under the given scheme. The investor can buy units online by visiting the fund house's official website or using the company's mobile app.
  • Q: What is the meaning of asset allocation?

    Ans: Asset allocation is the segregation of the investor's capital across various assets such as equities, debts, bonds, real estate, gold, etc., to mitigate risk and optimize returns.
  • Q: What are the documents needed to invest in the Bluechip fund?

    Ans: The investor needs to provide basic details such as his identity proof, address proof, bank statements, and Permanent Account number for tax-related details. The investor must have a valid bank account verified by the mutual fund company, after which the investor can transact to buy the required number of units.
  • Q: What are the charges for redemption?

    Ans: The fund house charges 1% for redemption made within a year. The fund house does not charge any fees for redemptions made after one year.
  • Q: What are the advantages of SIP?

    Ans: The SIP averages out the market volatility. Investors buy units when the market is down and buy when the market is up. The averaging out the market fluctuations is the main advantage of the SIP.
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