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8 New Year Resolutions For Homeowners

A new year comes with a lot of expectations and opportunities. At the end of the previous year people plan out a lot of things. What they usually plan about is the resolution they are going to take and then follow it thoroughly. But after a few days or a month, it turns out that they are not carried forward. After observing the constant failures in accomplishing these new year resolutions let us talk about some of the new year resolutions a homeowner can carry forward easily. Since the home is one of the biggest assets of a person, it is necessary to keep it in a good condition as well as provide protection with homeowner insurance.

So, let us discuss some of those resolutions that a homeowner should have in the coming new year.


If the pocket allows you to make some changes in your home then you should take that step and give your home a better look than ever. You can minimize many risks that might be invisible to you but when you start the renovation they can become visible to you and you can get them repaired along with the renovation.

Clean-up Unreachable Areas

Cleaning is a day-to-day job and homeowners hire maids to clean their house. Even then some unreachable places are left or neglected while cleaning the house or you can call it a lack of responsibility. Although this thorough cleaning of the houses in India is done during holiday periods like Diwali and Holi but there is also a traditional belief in our Indian society that keeping a house clean brings good health and good wealth. So why not clean it up thoroughly on a regular basis.

Safety Check

Although the houses in India are build of concrete and they are not easily damaged. Even though if you do not pay attention to your house’s condition and do not keep a regular check then in a few years, the concrete would turn into ashes. There are standard homeowners insurance policies that provide cover for the building so if you do not keep your house in good condition then you might not be provided enough cover for the damages appearing after years.

Take Good Care Of Family

The whole world is going through a pandemic and since the day WHO has declared that the coronavirus is airborne has freaked people out. After this news many companies have launched air purifiers that can keep the in-house air clean and germ-free and would really help you keep your family healthy. Also, covering them with a healthcare plan would be very beneficial for you.

Distribution Of Daily Chores

A house has multiple tasks to be taken care of on a daily basis. Since it is not affordable for every homeowner to have a housemaid for the whole day, the daily chores can only be completed when they are distributed properly among every family member. New year beginning can be the right time to distribute the daily chores of the house properly so that nobody feels overburden.

New Learnings

Well, the idea of learning something new can bring a lot of changes in a person in a long run. Following this practice can be beneficial for everyone in the house. Like kids can teach their parents about technology, mom can teach their kids how to cook, dad can teach their kids how to manage a house telling them little things that would help them in the coming years.

Insurance To Cover Home

This is one of the most important and beneficial steps a homeowner can take. Purchasing homeowner insurance can provide protection to the homeowner in case of any damage or loss that occurs during the policy tenure. Also, if you take security measures like CCTV camera and Sprinklers then it will help you get good coverage and you’ll get the insurance at lesser premium rates.

Be Self-sufficient

Being self-sufficient is the best quality of a human being. If you are able to manage a house of 6 people that includes your parents, wife and kids then it is highly unlikely that you would ever get tangled in a serious scenario. Also, in order to protect your house and your family you can show this self-sufficiency and purchase homeowner insurance as well as a healthcare plan.


A new year resolution to keep your house in a better condition can be very beneficial for you. If you plan to purchase a homeowner insurance policy then it would be a better decision that you purchase it online so that you could avail of several discounts and offers as well as save on the insurance agent’s fee. Many insurance experts suggest the same thing and in the end, it will be beneficial for you only.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 02 August 2021