Your Home Insurance Policy Does Not Cover These Six Things

Having home insurance is not legally required, but if you have it you can safeguard the structure of your house and its contents from damages and loss. A home insurance policy protects against unexpected issues like theft, fire, burglary, etc. It also provides protection against liability and legal action taken due to property damage or bodily injury to a third-party.

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Protect your house from calamities & valuable contents from thefts starting @ ₹125/month*

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However, a home insurance plan does not provide coverage against all the possible mishaps that can befall your house and its contents. Here we are discussing six things that most of the home insurance policies do not cover:

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Six Things a Home Insurance Policy Does Not Cover:

  1. Damage Due to Lack of Maintenance: The issues that can arise because of lack of maintenance to your home, like pest infestation, is not covered by most of the standard home insurance policies. If the growth of mold is because of covered peril like water leaking from the unit of air conditioner pr through a burst pipe. In such cases, it is required to limit the moisture amount in your house so that you can control the growth of mold. For the same, you can use air conditioners and dehumidifiers. If mold is the result of moisture from bathrooms, then clean your bathrooms with an effective mold-killer bleach. Avoid water accumulation under plants avoid installation of carpet in damp places of your house such as bathrooms and basement. Try to clear the debris and gutter regularly.
  2. Floods: If your home comes across damages because of a flood, your standard home insurance policy does not cover the damage. So, you may require to take a separate home insurance policy for covering the damage.
  3. Movements of Earth: In most of the home insurance policies landslides, earthquakes, and sinkholes are not covered. However, the good news is there are separate policies or add-on covers available to cover such losses. However, before purchasing such cover, you must understand whether the area you are living in is prone to such losses or damages
  4. Canine Attacks: If you own a dog of the aggressive breed, like Pit Bull or German Shepherd, some insurers may not provide coverage for this. However, some breeds of dogs are covered wherein if your dog bites your guest, then your policy provides coverage for dog bite claim up to a certain limit of your liability coverage. In case the claim exceeds the limit of your liability, you will have to pay the remaining amount from your pocket.
  5. Sewer Backups: The damages that are caused because of sewer backup generally are not covered in a regular home insurance policy. As per the home insurance sewer backup can occur due to many reasons such as:
    1. Combined raw sewage pipeline and stormwater
    2. Outdated system of sewer
    3. Growing roots of the nearby trees.
    4. Sanitary main blockage

The insurance coverage for sewer backups can easily be purchased as an add-on or as a separate policy.

  1. Your Pricey Jewelry: While most of the home insurance policies provide coverage for jewelry items, but it may not provide coverage for very pricey possessions like pricey jewelry. This is because jewelry is at higher risk of being stolen and hence insurance providers, most of the time, make a limit on its coverage. However, for protecting your pricey jewelry, you may need to purchase a rider, however, your items need to be apprised at the first hand. One more option to get coverage for the same is to raise the limit of liability on your home insurance plan.
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The Bottom Line!

Before purchasing any home insurance policy, you must check its coverage first. Do not make any assumptions that your policy will cover this. See the fine print from your eyes and read it thoroughly before making any claim as it may be rejected because of not being covered.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 01 October 2021