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It is mandatory to have motor insurance, not just because it is a government law but even for our safety. This section is designed to help you with a better understanding of motor insurance and how to select the best policy that would safeguard you and your vehicle. The latest news and articles available here will keep you updated with the reforms occurring in this sector.

What is motor insurance?
No Claim Bonus in Motor Insurance Policy

A No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a pat on the b ...

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Transferring Car Insurance from One Person to Another

In the current economic climate that enc ...

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What is IDV in two-wheeler insurance?

What does IDV in insurance mean and how ...

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Are Add-On Covers Necessary For Your Motor Cycle Insurance?

Insurance – a term which is sometimes ...

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Tips To File Your Car Insurance Claim Correctly

Owning a car has shifted from becoming a ...

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