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No Claim Bonus in Motor Insurance Policy

A No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a pat on the back given by an insurance company to the policyholder for safe driving - offered by the way of a discount...Read More

Transferring Car Insurance from One Person to Another

In the current economic climate that encourages consumers to “reduce, reuse and recycle”, it is becoming increasingly common for people to...Read More

What is IDV in Two-Wheeler Insurance?

What does IDV in insurance mean and how important is it? IDV stands for Insured Declared Value and the right IDV is crucial when purchasing two-wheeler...Read More

Are Add-On Covers Necessary For Your Motor Cycle Insurance?

Insurance - a term which is sometimes favored sometimes frowned upon and sometimes also sniggered at - different people have different perceptions....Read More

Tips To File Your Car Insurance Claim Correctly

Owning a car has shifted from becoming a luxury to a comfort and finally, in today’s age, to a necessity. To promote this growth, even car...Read More

Factors that Impact the Car Insurance Premium

If you own a car, having your car insured should be your immediate step. With adequate car insurance car owners can protect their vehicle against,...Read More

Car Insurance Claim Process - A Step By Step Guide For Claims

Motor insurance is compulsory in India. It is one of the most purchased insurance products. This is because a growing percentage of the Indian...Read More

Benefits of Long-Term Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

When it comes to long term two wheeler motor insurance policies, remembering to renew the policy year after year can prove to be extremely difficult....Read More

Why To Get ‘Self-Damage’ or Own Damage Car Insurance?

Investing in a car comes with its own share of additional expenses. Maintaining a car can be a costly affair owing to the ever-rising maintenance...Read More

What Does Car Insurance Not Cover?

Exclusions in a car insurance often proves to be a complex subject for car owners and the lack of knowledge about what their car insurance doesn’t...Read More