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How To Claim Car Insurance: Car Insurance Claim Procedure

We often assume that having car insurance is an assurance of everything being taken care of in the event of a car accident.However, just buying...Read More

Expired Car Insurance - Things to Do Right Away

Expired Car Insurance - Things to Do Right Away Car insurance has been mandated by law, where it is illegal to drive around without a valid...Read More

Hit and Run Car Accident Insurance Claim & Compensation

The term hit-and-run is used to describe a road accident where the driver responsible for the accident flees from the accident scene, and despite...Read More

Undecided about Which Car Insurance Riders to Pick? We’ll help you decide

Comprehensive car insurance covers losses/damages caused by a third party, personal accident, and losses/ damages caused to a car naturally....Read More

Increase in Motor TP premium and its Impact

Fall in global fuel prices over last year has brought cheer to the car users as the cost of maintaining four wheelers has gone down. However,...Read More

Never Miss to Renew Your Car Insurance

Never Miss to Renew Your Car Insurance It’s quite common these days to miss a credit card or utility bills payment due to numerous reasons...Read More

Why you should buy car insurance online?

With the proliferation of digital channels being used to sell all kinds of goods, it was only a matter of time that this wave hit the insurance...Read More

Insured Declared Value (IDV) in Car Insurance

What is Insured Declared Value (IDV) in Car Insurance? Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the maximum sum assured that is fixed by an insurer and...Read More

How to Reduce Car Insurance Premium

10 tips to reduce your car insurance premium Car insurance premiums are getting increasingly expensive, especially after the Indian government...Read More

All about Car Insurance Rates & Factors Affecting it!

The overall car insurance rates we pay are affected by varied factors. While some factors that affect car insurance rates are within our control,...Read More