Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund

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Morgan Stanley is a financial services organization, which provides its services across the globe. It is a market leader in investment, securities, and credit products. It operates via more than 600 offices in 27 different countries and provides the best services in assets to institutional and individual clients across the world.

The asset management company of Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund was set up in the year 1975. It started catering to the Indian market in the year 1989 with the establishment of India Magnum Fund. In the year 1994, Morgan Stanley introduced Morgan Stanley Growth Fund, which is one of the largest private sector schemes that offer equities fund.

In the year 2013 HDFC Asset Management associated with Morgan Stanley, which is valued at more than Rs. 3, 090 Cr. It has increased the number of investors and assets of the well-known Indian mutual funds company. HDFC Asset Management was seen with great benefits and good services in the highly-dispersed mutual fund market of India.

Fundamental Changes in Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund

  • HDFC Mid and Small Cap
  • HDFC Large Cap
  • HDFC Dynamic PE Ratio Fund of Funds
  • HDFC Inflation-Indexed Bonds

Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund Schemes that have been merged

  • HDFC Cash Management Fund (Treasury)
  • HDFC Liquid
  • HDFC Short-term Bond
  • HDFC High-interest Fund (Dynamic)