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Bharti AXA Launches Claim Intimation via Whatsapp

Today’s world is one where social media has become a part of daily life. From adults to children and even to professionals in their respective fields, social media has incorporated itself in an indispensable fashion. One of the most influential social media platforms that have risen to global heights is WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become such a platform where people all across the world use it to perform an array of tasks. Connection, expression and even recruitment, WhatsApp is being used for a variety of purposes beyond that for which it was created.

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Bharti AXA Life Insurance, one of the leading types of Life insurance seems to be capitalising on this aspect of the messaging app to bring about better customer satisfaction and enrich the usage of life insurance in a much more interesting and user-friendly method. This initiation is a joint venture brought about 51 % stakes from Bharti and 49 % stake from the AXA. Having launched its national operations on December 2006, today Bharti AXA life insurance has created a national footprint of distributors who are all professionally trained and made ready to provide top class financial advice and insurance solutions to the ever growing and large Indian customer platform.

About Bharti AXA

Bharti AXA Life is a life insurance player that was first initiated in 2006 by Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd. This is one of India’s largest and biggest leading business groups showcasing an interest in telecom, agricultural business propositions, and financial services and also in retail businesses. Bharti AXA Life has an array of financial options of insurance and innovative products and services to cater to specific insurance needs and requirements and wealth management needs of customers of all kinds.
The company has also remained at the helm by focussing on improvement in all aspects including marketing and innovation. It has also stayed at the forefront when it came to adapting to technology and implementing the advantages of tech boom into their products and services like life insurance calculator. This is partly a reason for their success. The process of claims intimation through WhatsApp is among their numerous initiatives to provide better services.

Insurance claim intimation through WhatsApp

Bharti AXA life insurance is a private life insurer and has launched an new scheme that incorporates the use of the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp as a new and radical means of processing insurance claims in a much more seamless and efficient manner. Bharti AXA life insurance has become the first ever insurance company to adopt such a means of claim intimation between their insurance agents and their respective clients. This domestic life insurance agency is providing their customer the option to claim an intimation of insurance policies by simple sending text messages via the instant messaging service WhatsApp.           

Adopting such a method of claim intimation has brought about many advantages and simple benefits that can be enjoyed by the clients of Bharti AXA life insurance.

  • H3-Hassel free: being a messaging application, the nominee of the insured is exempted from having to go through the cumbersome task of physically heading down to the designated branch to submit a notice for insurance claim. Thanks to this initiative, the nominee of the insured no longer has to be physically present at the insurance branch and is spared from coming all the way to the branch to settle an insurance claim. By simply sending a message to the number of the agency or agent of the insured on WhatsApp, the nominee claim intimation on the life insurance of the insured.
  • H3-Quick and efficient: by simply sending a text to the agency to claim intimation on a life insurance by the nominee, a lot of time can be saved and the process for intimation can be begin almost immediately. Regardless of the place, a nominee can choose to claim intimation from any place by sending a simple text message.

Bharti AXA life insurance is the first life insurance company in the country to have begun using WhatsApp to further extend their reach to their customers and clients. The most fundamental aspect of any insurance agency is to honour and fulfil a valid claim when it is required. This is being efficiently being done by embracing the modernistic practices of social medial and thus Bharti AXA life insurance is being able to provide their clients with swift and prominent service. This adopting of WhatsApp as a means of claim intimation is helping in increasing the amount of benefits enjoyed by their clients and at the same time is improving the customer contractibility of the client and the life insurance agency.  This provides their customers with greater comfort and thus ultimately helps broaden their customer clientele.

Simply process

The process involved in opting for claim intimation via the use of WhatsApp is simple and easy and at the same time efficient. A nominee of the insured simple has to send a text message to the company on its official phone number which is available on WhatsApp. After doing so, a member of the team for claim intimation shall almost immediately respond to the text by accessing this number. There is barely any time delay between text messages and prompt replies can always be expected when going for claim intimation.
After conformation, the agent who is handling the requests of the nominee shall send a link in the same text stream where the nominee will have to upload the documents that are required for the claim. After these processes are complete, Bharti AXA life insurance will make a decision on the basis of the life insurance done by the insured and accordingly let the nominee know of the finalised decision via WhatsApp itself. If the claim is successful then the amount that is to be gained from the claim benefit will be directly credited to the bank account of the nominee.

As it can been seen, there is absolutely no requirement for the nominee to be physically present during the entire process of claim intimation. The nominee of the insured can do this and opt to claim on a life insurance from anywhere and will still be able to get the benefits without any sort of hassle or difficulties. All the while he or she may continue to text and message the agent with whom he or she is collaborating with to settle the claim if any doubt or uncertainty may arise.

The Progress of the Method

Ever since the first initiation of this particular method of claim resolution, Bharti AXA life insurance has successfully received numerous claims through WhatsApp and have settled these claims without any difficulties.
One of the bigger issues faced by insurance companies is the company accessibility and customer contractibility. Bharti AXA life insurance has successfully cashed in and capitalised on using WhatsApp as an effective means to settle claim intimation and have been able to do so in a user friendly and in a way which it is convenient and more attractive by their clients and customers.
The managing director and chief executive officer of Bharti AXA life insurance, Vikas Seth said that these services of claim settlement through instant messaging application are introduced so as to have their entire customer base take this opportunity and capitalise on this prospect and in turn insurance companies will be able to enrich and bring about growth in their experience of customer contractibility and help customers and clients take the most advantage of this initiative of digital transformation.
Bharti AXA life insurance urges their customers and clients alike to use this initiative and capitalise on this initiative as much as possible. This progressive and radical outlook of using modern social media platforms to facilitate insurance transactions will help the company improve on its customer engagement as a whole.
Using WhatsApp will allow customers and client to be more open and comfortable in sharing their doubts and over all going about the process of claim settlement. Not only the customer, but also the office regulators and agents who are in charge of addressing the nominees of the life insurances, they too will be able to go about settlement of life insurance in a more organised and efficient manner thus boosting the total productivity of the employees of the company.
By launching claim intimations via WhatsApp, Bharti AXA life insurance has brought efficiency and more transparency in the industry which allows better facilitation of claim settlements in intimation.

The Advantages

Social media has been integrated into your daily lives to the point where one cannot find comfort in connecting with peers without them. by taking advantage of the wide spread coverage achieve by WhatsApp messenger, Bharti AXA life insurance has optimally been able to reach out to its customers in a quick and instant way. This initiation of messenger based claim intimation has proved to reduce the physical exertion of both the customers and the office regulators dramatically. By removing the physical barrier, the connectivity and transparency between the nominee of the life insurance and the office regulator of the company increases exponentially. The formal aspect of conversing with an official is reduced and it makes it easier to connect and clear point through discussion via texting.
Being the first insurance company to adopt this mode of claim intimation, Bharti AXA life insurance has been able to get ahead of its competitors in the life insurance market. In this field, clear and quick connectivity with the client is crucial and Bharti AXA life insurance has managed to increase these prospects of its business functionality by embracing the modern trends and adapting to the customs and mentality of its customer base to boost their productivity.

As WhatsApp is one of the most influential and most popular instant messaging applications, more people are inclined to opt for Bharti AXA life insurance and thus the company can widen their customer base and have a wider range for target clients.
Having taking up this initiative, this shows that Bharti AXA life insurance has a keen sense of the environment in which it carries out its business and carefully takes into consideration the mentality and trends of its customers. By doing this they are modifying their strategies in order to achieve the highest amount of customer satisfaction which is the prime goal of a life insurance company.  By catering to the changing whims of its client, Bharti AXA life insurance is being considerate to the difficulties faced by the nominees and by offering simple, fast and user friendly solutions are being able to raise their appeal as a life insurance agency and increasing the likelihood of having more potential clients and customers.

The use of WhatsApp as a means of settling claim intimation is a step toward smooth and functional resolution of life insurance claims via online and social platforms. Making the entire process of claim intimation user friendly and mobile allows people to opt for life insurance as it is convenient to go about. People are not required to make a scheduled appointment for a day and disrupt their daily work routine just to settle an insurance claim. The physical exertion of manually going to the insurance branch and taking a majority of your day’s time is spared and one can go about other important work thanks to this new initiative taken up by Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company. It can be soon expected that other insurance agency will adopt the same if not similar methodology to help their customers settles their insurance claims via online social platforms and thus help the community as a whole.

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