Corporate Insurance is a type of insurance extended to cover certain operational risks associated with organizations, including accidents, theft, employees’ health benefit, financial risks, etc. One or more types of corporate insurance policies may even cover individuals who are indirectly connected with the organization. In the Corporate Insurance articles section, we aim at providing corporations with sufficient knowledge of various insurance policies they can avail and make the most of the coverage offered.

Employer Employee Insurance Scheme
What is Employer Employee Insurance Scheme?

Employer-employee insurance provides a unique opportunity to the employer to give rewards to its employees and in return get benefits at the... read more

How Does Reinstatement Value Clause Work Under Fire Insurance?
How Does Reinstatement Value Clause Work Under Fire Insurance?

Every property that you own is valuable. Whether it is your house or your office, it takes a lot of money to buy and furnish it with the items... read more

How is Workers Compensation Injury Settlement Calculated?

Under the Workmen’s Compensation Act, compensation is offered to the workers and their dependents in case of any eventuality like injury or... read more

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

Professional indemnity insurance is a specifically designed insurance policy, which provides coverage to the target group which includes doctors,... read more

Do I Need Fire Insurance?

Fire as soon as this word strikes your mind the first word or image you can perceive is dangerous. Undoubtedly, fire is important as it is used... read more

10 Reasons to Personalize Group Insurance Policy
10 Reasons to Personalize Group Insurance Policy

Today, we are living in such a time where most of us are in stress at some point in time. Now, this stress could be because of any personal or... read more

Principles of Marine Insurance
6 Not to Forget Principles of Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is not of recent times and is one of the oldest forms of insurance. Besides, with time, it has developed with the expansion... read more

9 Essential Things to Know about Marine Insurance

Technology is growing evermore, but transport business still remains as risky as it was earlier. However, the risk is manageable through a trustworthy... read more

5 Things you Must know about your Business Insurance

Businesses are under constant risk of losses. An unforeseen incident can cause a huge financial burden on your business that you might not have... read more

Cargo Insurance: Facts to be Considered!

Cargo insurance, also referred to as Freight Insurance, is an absolute necessity when it comes to protecting a shipment while transit. Cargos... read more