Corporate Insurance is a type of insurance extended to cover certain operational risks associated with organizations, including accidents, theft, employees’ health benefit, financial risks, etc. One or more types of corporate insurance policies may even cover individuals who are indirectly connected with the organization. In the Corporate Insurance articles section, we aim at providing corporations with sufficient knowledge of various insurance policies they can avail and make the most of the coverage offered.

Pros and Cons of Corporate Health Insurance

Corporate health insurance policy refers to the type of insurance policy that provides coverage for the expenses in case of a health emergency,... read more

Factors to Consider before Buying Group Health Insurance

The main asset of a company is its employees. The employer's responsibility is to take care of the employees, who contribute to the growth of... read more

How much Health Insurance do you need for Start-ups

When you start a company, it becomes prone to certain kind of risks. One little mistake can cost you a lot. When the entrepreneurs begin their... read more

Budget 2021: What’s in it for SME

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Budget FY 2021. This year Finance Minister has made a provision of Rs. 15,700 crore for the... read more

Corporate Health Insurance: Advantages and Disadvantages!

Corporate Health Insurance policy refers to the type of insurance policy that is designed for the employees of an organization. The policy provides... read more

Basic Facts of Group Personal Accident Insurance Claim Process!

Group Personal Accident Insurance refers to the group insurance policy designed for the employees under corporate group insurance. It is available... read more

Various Aspects of Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance refers to the kind of insurance that provides coverage against any loss or damage caused to the ships, cargo vessels,... read more

Important Aspects Related to Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Important Aspects Related to Workers’ Compensation Insurance Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy, also known as Employee Compensation... read more

What Does Employers’ Liability Insurance Cover?

An employers' liability insurance policy provides coverage to employers from financial loss if a worker encounters job-related illness or injury.... read more

What Documents Are Needed at the Time of Making a Claim for a Group Mediclaim Policy?

A group health insurance policy is also known as a corporate health insurance policy to provide coverage for people of a specific group like... read more