Cyber Insurance Trends 2022

One out of four attacks have been faced by India in 2021. India was in the top three nations that have experienced a lot of ransomware attacks. Since cyber-attacks are inevitable, it has become necessary to get yourself covered under a cyber insurance policy. With the increase in the number of cyber-attacks, here are some trends predictions for the future.

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Increase In Demand For Cyber Insurance

With the increased number of cyber-attacks, many companies and firms have realized that they are not much safe from cyber-bullying. This has directly led them to cyber insurance. There was data released by The National Association of Insurance Commissioners that showed the increment in the number of purchases. The data showed that over 2.111 million policies were sold in 2016 which increased to 4.019 million by the year 2020.

Also, the estimated cost of a cyber breach in 2021 was around $4.23 million and these high costs are making these companies purchase a cyber insurance policy to protect them from cyber breaches. It has been predicted that there is going to be a surge in the number of purchases in 2022 and the insurance companies will have to make sure to provide better insurance policies witnessing the increment in the cyber attacks.

Updated Terms & Coverage

With the increase in the demand for cyber policy, the insurance companies will be updating the terms along with the inclusions and exclusions. The companies that do not have cyber insurance are recommended to read the terms of the policy and also look for the things you are getting coverage for and especially the excluded things from the coverage.

Since the insurance companies do not sell the cyber insurance policy to the companies that do not take the security measures to protect their company. However, to increase the awareness regarding cyber insurance purchase, the insurance companies have taken an initiative to establish Multi Factor Authentication in the companies opting for cyber insurance policies.

Apart from this, the insurance compaies are looking over the history of the companies with ransomware and cyber breaches to learn about the kind of cyber threat companies are facing. Also, learning to work with cyber security professionals to understand the cyber security measures better. This helps them in designing the cyber insurance policy.

However, the companies that do not fall under the minimum criteria to get the coverage or fail to provide the required documents. The insurance companies do not sell the cyber insurance plan to them. Otherwise, the companies can pay more amount but won’t get enough coverage.

Increases Premium Amount

The improper demand and supply of the cyber insurance policy have become one of the major reasons for the increased premium rates. The lack of awareness leads to a lower purchasing rate, the lower purchasing rate leads to increased cost, and the inflation that increased cost leads to an even higher premium amount every year.

Specifically, for the companies that are at high risk of cyber-attacks, it is highly unlikely for the insurers to offer them high coverage.

This leads the company to a point where they have to design an insurance plan with less coverage at a lesser price so that the companies can protect their online data according to their affordability.

Analyzing The Trends

As per the insurance experts, companies without cyber insurance protection plans are advised to purchase an insurance policy as soon as possible. In order to purchase the companies need to start analyzing the insurance plans that would fit their need.

When it comes down to selecting the kind of coverage they should obtain, it is recommended to they work closely with insurers to analyze the risk factors better.


It has become vital for all the companies to protect their company’s data from cyber attacks. We live in the digital era where data related to people is stored online. It is equally important for the insurance companies to offer cyber insurance plans that are affordable and provide sufficient coverage to the insured company’s data.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 17 March 2022

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