Cyber Insurance War Exclusions

Recently we have seen the Russia-Ukraine conflict and many employers and CEOs, especially from Russia and Ukraine have cyber warfare in their minds and how can they save themselves from such the upcoming cyber attacks. USA officials have warned private business owners to be aware of Russian hackers.

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War Exclusions for Cyber Insurance

Insurance companies rarely provide coverage for the loss or damages caused during a war. It is decided between the insurer and the buyer while purchasing the cyber insurance policy. When an event that happened online and affected so many people that it would bankrupt the insurer.

A cyber insurance policy does not provide coverage for the loss or damage caused directly or indirectly from the following event, whether insured under the policy or not.

Warlike actions in any time of war or peace caused by any:

  • Sovereign Power or Government
  • Military, naval or air force
  • Authority or agent of any of the above-mentioned parties.

Protect Business From Cyber Attacks

Whether cyber insurance provides coverage for the loss caused during an act of war or not, it depends upon the language used in the policy. It is suggested to look at the language that separates cyber ward and cyber terrorism.

Cyber terrorism is the preplanned utilization of disruptive acts toward computer systems to be able to damage or intimidate someone. Cyber terrorism can be an end result of looking to attain social, ideological, religious, or political objectives. However, cyber terrorism no longer consists of acts that are associated with or in a guide of navy movement or different war-like operations.

On the alternative hand, cyber wars are cyber assaults that get up from or are associated with warfare, invasion, hostilities, acts of overseas enemies, or different warlike operations. Such acts of cyber wars may consist of a strike, lock-out, riot, civil warfare, revolution, rebellion, or insurrection.

The difference between cyber terrorism and cyber war is important, due to the fact many rules will cowl acts that fall below cyber terrorism except those that fall below cyber attack. However, there are nevertheless grey regions in cyber coverage exclusions for cyber war.

For example, if an act towards some other country in a cyber battle leaks out to different nations and companies, the damages that it reasons to the one's companies may also or might not be blanketed below conventional cyber coverage rules.

There isn't any clear-cut solution as to what happens in that scenario, which means that litigation can be the handiest alternative in such extraneous circumstances. Businesses that have already got cyber coverage however need to defend themselves even during the act of a cyber attack and should purchase a separate coverage policy.

What Does Act of War Exclusion Mean?

As a dealer, your clients expect you to tell about the cyber risks accurately. If you do an analysis and advise your customer concerning a cyber coverage make sure that the evaluation of the conflict and terrorist act exclusions alongside your customers so that they apprehend however this will follow to a cyber occasion.

In the event of a cyber assault that falls below a conflict or terrorism exclusion, your customers are often left without the assistance of the cyber coverage they thought they had. If such cyber assault causes severe loss to the business, a business owner ought to sue their dealer for not advising them correctly.

Therefore, insurance providers need to be more cautious than ever while advising a client regarding cyber coverage. Insured want to be told about the effect before the cyber attack takes place and they want to know whether the insurance coverage will or will not be provided after a cyber attack caused during an act of war or terrorism. If coverage will not cover those cyberattacks, the company can be left without help when they need it the most.

Additionally, for your well-known vetting procedure for a cyber insurance policy, transfer a step reviewing the conflict and/or terrorist act exclusions. Most of the standalone cyber insurance plans will not provide coverage for the act of war or terrorism however most good standalone insurance policies will have a carve back during these events. Specifically “Cyber Terrorism”, as the insurance company will provide coverage if the act was not directly performed by the government or by directed by the government when they are involved in an active war.

This drawback is even further robust to control as often it's hard to indicate if a government is behind the attack and they will obviously deny taking the responsibility of the attack. For agents, revealing cyber conflict and terrorist act exclusions for your client is an important step in advising your consumer additionally to defend your personal E&O.


It is advised to business owners learn about a policy in detail before purchasing it. Also, as mentioned above, learn about the difference between an act of war and an act of terrorism and purchase the cyber insurance policy that provides coverage that suits your requirement.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 08 June 2022

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