Examples of Wrongful Employment Claims Director Officer Liability

The D&O insurance policy covers wrongful employment practice claims directors officers liability. The employees of a company may make claims for wrongful employment. Generally, the claims are made due to the error or omission or negligence or breach of trust and duty caused by the directors of a company. Therefore, the directors and officers need indemnification under such a claim. Such claims can also be made during the recruitment process conducted by the directors and officers.

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Examples of Claims

Let us discuss some examples of wrongful employment practice claims directors and officers liability.


A director of a company may cease the employment of an individual or dismiss him from the company owing to several reasons. The employee unsatisfied with the decision of the director may sue him in a court of law. He may institute a legal suit and initiate the wrongful employment practice claim directors and officers liability. Therefore, the directors and officers need D&O insurance claims.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract is the violation of an agreement upon which both parties agreed owing to the terms and conditions binding to them. The breach could be anything stated in the contract.

While recruiting an employee, the directors and employees sign a contract of employment. However, upon the breach of contract by the director, the employee may file a claim in a court of law. As a result, the director may face legal proceedings due to the breach of oral or written communication specified under the contract.


An employee may sue the director if he bears any kind of discrimination based on caste, gender, color, etc. Discrimination on such a basis is unlawful and a director may face several consequences if it is found intentional. Nevertheless, in case of unintentional discrimination, a director is yet to face a legal proceeding that may defer several operations of the organisation.

The director still needs liability insurance if the discrimination is made on valid grounds. For example, a director may make someone employee of the week or month on the basis of his successful accomplishment of work. The ground of discrimination is valid; still, he must avoid legal actions by purchasing a liability insurance policy.


An employee may sue the director if he faces any harassment at the workplace. For example, an individual facing sexual harassment is likely to bring legal action against the director or officers of a company. It may bring wrongful employment practice claim directors and officer liability. Therefore, the company must purchase a liability policy for the indemnification of the director under such claims.


The non-adherence to working hours may also invite directors and officer claims. The directors may not adhere to the time and assign more work to the employees, which may bind them to exceed the office hour. Hence, they may institute a lawsuit against such directors.

Other Action

  • The directors might be sued to breach or invasion the privacy of the employee.
  • The negligence in the evaluation may also invite claims.
  • Legal action may be initiated for the defamation, libel, or slander of employment. Further, humiliation may also be the reason for such claims.
  • The action of a director may cause mental distress to an employee. Hence, the action may arise due to such reasons.


The wrongful employment practice claims director and officer’s liability. The top-level management of a company may face legal action for the error or omission made by them to an employee. Under such claims, the director's and officer's insurance is likely to pay the cost incurred by the company. It shall indemnify the directors and appoint an attorney in order to represent them in a court of law.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 03 April 2023

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