Ways to Maximize Cyber Flexibility to Support Hybrid Work

If you are an employee then you must be aware of the hybrid work. As per research done by Accenture, around 60% of employees work in the hybrid model. However, when an employee works from home, the chances of cyber-attacks increase because in order to connect to the internet they have to connect to a network that might not be as secure as their office’s network is. So let us tell you how you can keep cyber resilience even while working in hybrid work culture.

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Secure Data with Built-in Protection

Cyber attackers have become very creative and it is important for organizations to protect their company’s data with built-in protection. Since BIOS-specific attacks are increasing, organizations require sophisticated ways to protect their computer systems and check if they have not been compromised.

Blockchain Technology Concept

Another advantage of built-in protection is that it simplifies the management and deployment of the IT teams. Since many organizations have sent their IT professionals to work from home, hence the portfolios that simplify the maintenance, remote management and security are important parts of the hybrid work culture.

Utilize Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual desktop infrastructure can empower as well as secure the hybrid workforce. If you look at it from a security standpoint, VDI enables the company to control critical information inside the firewall and secure it from all endpoints. With VDI, multiple users can share the same hardware which will make it simpler, more secure and less costly to support the flexible and seamless experience from wherever the user is working.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

The performance of the network and security is important to keep the employees of the company productive and prevent the company from losing customers due to downtime. Every day comes with a new challenge during the hybrid work era, especially because of cloud computing. Hence it is time for the organizations to converge network and security functionality to better support the modern environment.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Implement Automation

The companies with the hybrid model in place are advised to implement the automation, consumption-based models and hybrid cloud to support the hybrid work culture. With cyber-resilient solutions, companies can deliver end-to-end security from the data center to support the hybrid workplace. By following these things, companies can create flexible management experiences across all the clouds.


Purchase Cyber Insurance As Per Your Requirement

Purchasing cybersecurity insurance is necessary for the companies that have their data stored online and with the implementation of the hybrid workforce, it has become even more important for the companies to purchase an insurance policy exactly as per their requirement as they are pretty expensive. Hence to save yourself from any unforeseen breach as well as secure your company with a budget insurance plan, you must research the policy thoroughly and then make the purchase.

Cyber Security


In order to maximize the cyber resiliency and keep the hybrid workforce intact, follow the above mentioned points. You can also purchase a cyber insurance policy according to your budget by using the online premium calculator tool.

Hybrid Working

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 21 June 2022
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