Compound Interest Calculator 

Compounding interest, as opposed to Simple Interest, is the condition where exponentially your wealth increases because you earn interest on your investments, the interest it incurs, and the aggregation of your principal amount. Mathematically, the compound interest possibilities are endless. Most of the recent business blooms on it. One always requires a reliable compound interest calculator India to ensure that they are receiving the ideal and the right Rate of Interest. 

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Power of Compounding Calculator


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1% 25%

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What is a Compound Interest Calculator? 

Albert Einstein once said that “Compound Interest is the World’s 8th wonder. One who comprehends it earns it and one who does not learn it pays for it.” The idea of compound interest is captivating.  

In simple terms, Compound interest is the interest on interest. In this, the principal includes the accrued interest from earlier periods and the following interest is calculated on the basis of this. Deposits., loans, and investments are all subject to compounding. The number of times the interest is computed in a year is called compounding frequency. The most common frequencies are annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. 

The Compound Interest Calculator determines how your money grows by compounding interest. One can also use Compound Interest Calculator to check how different rates of interest and lengths of loan affect the compound interest amount that you will pay on a loan. The online Compound Interest Calculator works on the CI formula. In Compound interest formula calculator, enter the principal amount, your investment term, expected return rate, and compounding frequency. The Compound Interest Calculator shows the results as the amount of maturity after the investment term. 

Benefits of Compound Interest Calculator Online 

The compound interest is extremely profitable for businesses. You can avail following benefits while using the compound interest calculator online: 

  • You can easily earn interest on the money you have invested or saved and the interest element of your investment earns interest. 

  • The longer time your money is invested in the account of compound interest, the larger the benefit. Even 1 percent of the difference in the rate of interest can increase your profits suggestively in the long run. 

  • Inflation lowers the buying power of money as the prices of goods and services rise over time. The inflation effect can be alleviated by putting sum into investment paths that pay CI. 

  • CI accounts can be a good source of funds for a long tenure cash management strategy. 

  • The more the interest on compounding frequency, the higher you will make from your investment. For instance, the return rate will be maximum if it is compounded quarterly instead of CI yearly. 

  • The calculator helps you determine the exact figure and % of returns over a fixed period of time. 

  • In order to keep the rates of deposit aligned with the industry, the Government of India decided to annualize the rates of interest on NSC. You should use a compound interest calculator online to know how much your savings plan now work. 

What is Daily, Early, and Monthly Compound Interest Calculator India? 

When it comes to a selection between compound and simple interest, CI will always be at the upper hand. There is a way where you can make CI work harder and harder for you. While choosing an investment segment that provides compound interest, you can also see how the interest is compounded. You are allowed to select plans where the interest is accumulated daily, monthly, 6 monthly, or yearly.  Compounding is always a good idea when the time interval of compounding is not very long. 

Compound Interest Formula Calculator:

Below is the formula for the monthly compound interest calculator: 

CI = P (1+[r/12]) ^ 12t – P

P is the principal

R is the decimal rate of interest 

T is time 

Let’s understand this with the help of an example, 

Ram invested 10000 for about three years at a 7 percent rate. If the interest is compounded yearly, he will leave with 12250 after 3 years. If the compounding was performed based on a half-yearly, he would end up with 12314, and monthly, he will leave with 12293. 

You can also go for daily interest accumulation, which simply means your interest will be compounded every single day. So, in other words, you will gain an amount on the basis of the interest added to your starting investment. To enjoy the benefits maximally from a CI investment, it is very important to start saving and investing as soon as possible. 

How to Calculate Compound Interest without Calculator? 

Let’s understand the computation of Compound Interest with the help of this example: 

If you have Rs 100000 and you are investing it for 3 years at 10 percent p.a. compounded yearly. For the 1st year, the interest will be 10000 i.e., 100000 X 10 %, on the principal amount of 100000. Then for the 2nd year, the principal amount will be 110000 i.e., 100000 + interest of 1st year 10000, and the interest will become 11000 i.e., 110000 X 10%. Repeat the same pattern in the 3rd year, the principal amount will be 121000 and interest will become 12100. Then, you will receive 133100 as the maturity amount at the time of maturity. 

Since the above instance was for 3 years, so it was quote easy to calculate. What if in case of longer tenure? In this, CI is computed for any provided term and interest using a formula. In order to compute interest and principal, the Compound Interest Calculator employs the Compound interest formula calculator: 

A = P (1 + r/n) ^ nt

In this formula, P indicates the principal amount 

A signifies the maturity amount 

r signifies the annual rate of interest 

n denotes the compounding frequency 

t denotes the years (no. of years)

Let’s again refer to an example to learn the computation in the better way possible. Let’s say if you invest 10000 for 5 years in an investment providing a CI of 10 percent pa. According to the Compound Interest formula, the maturity amount will become: 

A = 10000 (1+0.1/5) ^ 5 *1 = 16105.1

The part of the accrued bonus will be: 

CI = Amount of maturity – Principal amount = 16105.1 – 10000 = Rs. 6105.1 

Result gives you an idea to determine a specific investment is valuable and to plan how will you spend the money in the future. 

Wrapping It Up!

The compound interest calculator determines how your money can grow using interest compounding. This compound interest calculator uses the compound interest formula calculator to find the principal amount plus the interest. The above-mentioned formula is used to solve problems for rate, time, or principal given for the other known values. It is also possible to solve the compound interest problems without using a calculator.


  • Q1. Is it possible to compute my returns on National Savings Certificate? 

    Ans. Yes, it is. You can easily compute your returns on NSC using the compound interest calculator online.
  • Q2. How to calculate compound interest yearly?

    Ans. The formulation for computing the yearly compound interest is: 
    Compound Interest = P (1 + r/n) ^ nt
    P denotes principal amount 
    T is time 
    r is the rate of interest  
    n denotes compounding frequency 
  • Q3. What is the effective interest rate annually?

    Ans. The effective yearly rate is the interest rate that you get on your savings after the inclusion of compounding. At the time of compounding interest, the effective yearly rate becomes higher than the nominal yearly annual rate. The more the interest is compounded within a year, the more the effective annual interest rate will be.

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