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What is PPF?

PPF manages to sound like a very complicated term but is not, it’s rather simply known as Public Provident Fund. It remains to be a tax-savings cum saving scheme introduced by the National Saving Institute of the Ministry of Finance that is under the Central Government. There is very little that is known about this institute but it does operate rather efficiently, as introducing these schemes has helped the general public a lot.

How PPF Works?

The goal of PPF is, basically, to provide savings in small amounts for people, to help them cultivate the habit of investment. It is the most basic type of investment, and the amount can be a minimum of Rs.500/- to a maximum of Rs.1, 50,000/-.

There is no limit on how many times one can invest, but as mentioned above, the investment amount can vary substantially and as per your choice. You can provide standing instructions to your desired bank to have a certain amount deducted every month in order to make it effortless and easy.

What is PPF Interest Rate?

The PPF interest rate is a maximum of 8% per annum. The advantages begin with the fact that the amount is completely tax-free and that the money is compounded annually. So every year you shall gain an appreciation of your deposited amount by means of compound interest, which is simply brilliant.

PPF Lock-in Period 

Yes! PPF scheme does have a lock-in period of 15 years. However, you can go for partial withdrawal from the 7th year if you need to. For this, you can check PPF balance online as well as offline. If your PPF account is in a bank and you have access to the Internet banking facility, you can simply log into your e-portal and go to the right option. In contrast, if you have a post office PPF account, then you need to visit that particular post office branch to check PPF balance.

How the PPF Interest Rate Calculated?

PPF interest rate is calculated on the minimum balance on the account of an individual between the 5th to the last day of each month. Therefore, in case an individual wants to deposit a large amount at any point of time of the year, s/he has to ensure that s/he make an investment before or on the 5th of that month, allowing him/her to earn interest for the entire month.

How to Open PPF Account?

Well, it is as simple as opening any other account, you can approach any of the nationalized bank namely SBI, Bank of Baroda, etc. and ask them to open a PPF account in your name. They will ask you to open an account at their bank first, a post which you can proceed to open a PPF account with them.

You can look up these keywords on the internet SBI PPF, SBI PPF interest rate or PPF rules and you shall receive a list of search results that will provide you with what you are looking for. There are also other Privatized banks that are sanctioned to open a PPF account, such as HDFC, ICICI Bank, Axis, etc. The terms and conditions of PPF remain the same with them the only trade-off will be the higher minimum amount of balance that one will have to maintain in the account that has to open in these banks.

Let’s summarize all the facts mentioned above in order to give you a one-stop detailed list of all the discussed pointers.




PPF interest rate 2018


Scheme Duration

15 years premium

Minimum Deposit

Rs. 500

Maximum Deposit

Rs. 1,50,000

Number of Deposits Annually

A minimum of 1, maximum of 12

Number of Accounts per Person


Lock in period before withdrawal or displacement

15 years minimum

Extension of beyond the duration of the scheme

Five years post the scheme duration of 15 years

Contribution for tax savings under section 80C

Up to Rs. 1,50,000

Interest gained on the final amount

Completely tax-free


PPF Alternatives

ELSS basically taxes saving mutual funds are alternatives to PPF and are completely exempted from any kind of taxes. But the flip side of it is they are still very risky and depend on the current market conditions to get you the best rate of interest.

PPF Calculator

If you are investing your money in PPF (Public Provident Fund), then you must know how to calculate your PPF interest. All thanks to the finance scholars for introducing a calculator that solves all your PPF-related queries. Well known as PPF Calculator among the investors and financial experts, it is an online tool, using which you can estimate your PPF-related calculations, such as interest earned over the period of 15 years, how your investment grows or the maturity amount etc.

A Public Provident Fund Calculator is an online fiscal tool with the help of which you can perform several calculations pertaining to your PPF account. The PPF Calculator assists you in computing the PPF interest rate produced by your investment and the amount of maturity you will receive after 15 years.

PPF Calculator is usually user-friendly and very accurate financial tool. However, you will find several PPF calculators online. The changes in the PPF interest rate along with the month of change of the PPF interest rate during a fiscal are taken into account by the PPF calculator.

How to Calculate PPF?

The easiest way to calculate PPF is by simply discussing this matter with your banker when you are at the bank opening or contemplating on opening a PPF account. You can even consult us to get a better idea regarding the PPF.

If you still find visiting a bank a task and you are simply doing some window shopping, you can utilize a PPF calculator. There are many PPF calculators available online and at your disposal completely free of charge. You can search for PPF Calculator for from ICICI or SBI by looking up PPF Calculator ICICI, PPF Calculator for 25 years or PPF Calculator Excel sheet.

Going ahead you can also end up searching ELSS Calculator, Sukanya Samriddhi Calculator or PPF rules so that you get a better idea as to how and when one can manage their investments and make some provisions for depositing money in their PPF account.

Depending on your choice of duration you can easily calculate your PPF for the tenure of 15.

We suggest you discuss your PPF related investment decisions with someone who is well versed in these matters. To add it to all we also suggest you examine the returns and rate of return correctly and keep a tab of all the investments you end up making over a period of time so that you are sure regarding the returns that you may receive.

There is also the part that explains the terms and conditions of withdrawal in detail; it is very important for one to have a look and remember the lock-in period and the period from when you can partially withdraw some amount of the money. It is in the terms and conditions and differs from bank to bank; one can partially withdraw a small sum of money after a lock-in period of 6-7 years.

Most importantly when you are opening the account, it is the account holders’ responsibility to ensure the details given are legitimate and not fraudulent in any way. As any misconducts will hold the account holder responsible and in contempt. The same might also reflect in the account holder's credit history which will hamper future financial-related decisions.

 Types of PPF Calculators

There are seven types of calculators which assist individuals to compute 6 various types of calculations pertaining to PPF. They are as follows:

  • PPF fixed monthly investment calculator
  • PPF fixed yearly investment calculator
  • PPF variable yearly investment calculator
  • PPF benefits calculator
  • PPF available loan calculator
  • PPF available withdrawal calculator
  • PPF maturity calculator

PPF Fixed Monthly Investment Calculator

The PPF Fixed Monthly Investment Calculator is a tool which assists the individuals to compute the amount to be paid by them for contributing towards PPF monthly. The individuals are required to enter the prerequisite details like the month of opening PF account, fiscal year to open the account, fixed monthly deposit or investment and submit these details.

PPF Fixed Yearly Investment Calculator

The individuals can compute the amount to be paid by them for contributing towards PPF on yearly basis with the help of PPF fixed yearly investment calculator, as the PPF interest rate keeps on changing over time. The individual is required to enter the necessary details such as the fiscal year to open the PPF account and the fixed annual deposit or investment.

PPF Variable Yearly Investment Calculator

The individual is required to enter the prerequisite details including the fiscal year and the sum deposited for every year. Moreover, the financial year to open the PPF account is to be entered.

Benefits OF PPF Calculator

The PPF benefits calculator comprises of several components including PPF interest rate in that particular year, fixed annual contribution, and the age group along with the total income of the individual. The main benefits include:

  • Income tax liability before investing
  • Annual tax savings
  • Tax-free income
  • Income tax liability after investing
  • Total saved tax in 15 years

PPF Loan Calculator

The PPF loan calculator assists in computing the permissible amount of loan, approximately. In order to compute this, the individual is required to enter the balance in the account.

PPF Withdrawal Calculator

PPF contributors are allowed the withdrawals, once in one year from their PPF account after the completion of five years from the end of the fiscal year in which the early deposits were made expire. In other words, this is available for withdrawal from the PPF account in the seventh year. The individual can compute both the amounts of withdrawal, before and after the extension, on this tool.

PPF Maturity Calculator

PPF maturity calculator assists the individuals in computing the time of maturity of their PPF amount for withdrawals.

PPF is an excellent type of investment, and every individual must consider this and take it up.

Public Provident Fund (PPF ) Calculator - FAQs

Q. What do we understand by PPF Calculator? 

A PPF calculator is an online financial tool that helps you make calculations regarding your PPF account. This calculator will not only help you calculate the PPF account interest rate you have earned on your PPF investment but also the maturity amount you will receive after completing 15 years. 

Q. What is the use of PPF calculator? 

PPF calculator helps the investors to calculate the interest earned by them every year on the basis of initial details shared by them. All investors are required to do is to choose the deposit type (variable or fixed amount) and the amount deposited by them every year.

By assuming that the investors are making the deposit on 1st of April every financial year, their interest earned is calculated for the current financial year based on the interest rate prevailing in the market.

One can also use PPF interest calculator to get an estimate about the total investment amount made by one for a certain financial year. 

Q. Who all are eligible to apply for PPF scheme? 

Individuals who are above 18 years of age and are Indian residents are eligible to open PPF account. Individuals from minor age group can also get PPF account opened in their names with the help of their parents. 

Q. Who all are not eligible to open a PPF Account? 

Individuals who are non- residents of India cannot open a PPF account under their names. However, those NRIs who have already got a PPF account opened under their names before moving out of the country can continue with their accounts until the 15 years’ lock in period.

Similarly, individuals from Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) group are not eligible to open PPF account. However, those HUF members who have got their PPF account activated before 13-May-2005 can continue their accounts with no further extensions in maturity period. 

Q. What is the Subscription Limit for a PPF account?

The subscription limit for a PPF account needs to be in integral multiples of 5. The minimum amount limit is of Rs 500; whereas, the maximum limit is of Rs 1.5 lakhs in a financial year. 

Q. How many subscription/deposits are allowed in a PPF account for a financial year? 

The investors can either make the deposits as a single lump sum amount or in instalments wherein the number of instalments shouldn’t be more than 12. 

Q. When is a PPF account considered as Discontinued?

If the subscribers fail to maintain the minimum subscription balance in their PPF accounts, their accounts will be considered as discontinued.

In such cases, the subscribers can make a partial withdrawal or avail of a loan only when their account is revived.

In addition to that, the subscriber can also not open another PPF account if s/he already has a discontinued account.

Q. How to revive a discontinued PPF account? 

The subscribers need to approach the office/branch where they have got their PPF account opened to get their account revived. There, they need to make a payment of Rs 50/- for every year they have missed the payment along with an arrear payment of Rs 500/- per year. 

Q. What is the Interest Rate for PPF? 

Interest rate for PPF is decided and notified by the Central Government of India in its official gazette periodically. The current interest rate is 8.1% per annum.

Q. Does the PPF scheme allow the subscribers to appoint a nominee for their PPF accounts? 

The subscribers have an option to appoint one or more than one nominee(s) on their PPF accounts who will be eligible to receive the standing amount to the subscribers’ credit in case of their death. However, there is no nomination option available in minor accounts.

Q. Is there an option to change nominations later on? 

Yes, the subscribers can always change their nominations by submitting Form F to declare the new nominations. 

Q. Is there any option to transfer a PPF account to another office/branch? 

Yes, the subscribers can always transfer their PPF account from one office to another. 

Q. What is the tenure of PPF account? 

A PPF account attains maturity after 15 years, after which the subscribers are allowed to pull out the entire balance existing to their names. 

Q. Does the PPF account facilitate partial withdrawal?

The PPF account allows partial withdrawal facility once the subscribers have completed 5 years into the scheme, from the end of the financial year in which they have made their initial subscription. However, they cannot withdraw more than 50% from their credit balance; less the loan amount (in case there is any loan availed on the PPF account). Here, it’s also important to understand that only one withdrawal is permitted each financial year.

For instance, if Mr. A has opened a PPF account in January 2015, he will be eligible for partial withdrawal from April 1, 2020.

Q. Can a subscriber use the partial withdrawal facility to withdraw money from a minor's account? 

Yes, a subscriber can withdraw money from a minor’s account if he is the parent/guardian of the minor by furnishing a certificate which states the following: 
"Certified that the amount sought to be withdrawn is required for the use of who is alive and is still a minor." 

Q. Can a subscriber make deposits to a PPF account even if it has attained maturity?

PPF allows its subscribers to further subscribe for next block of 5 years even if the account has attained its maturity. However, the subscribers need to exercise this option before the first financial year after the account’s maturity gets completed.

Please note that partial withdrawals within this block of 5 years are limited to one per financial year. Also, one can only withdraw up to 60% of her/his credit balance. 

Q. Can a subscriber continue his PPF account without making any deposit after the account has completed its tenure? 

Yes, the PPF subscribers have this option to retain their PPF accounts without making further deposits even after it has completed its tenure. The standing amount in the PPF account will continue accruing interest.

Q. What happens to a PPF account in case of untimely demise of the subscriber? 

In case of untimely demise of the subscriber, the outstanding balance in her/his PPF account will continue to accrue interest on it. The subscriber’s nominee can later on claim this PPF amount by filling in the required form.

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Q.  Can a subscriber transfer his PPF account under another person’s name?

No, there is no such option in PPF scheme which allows a subscriber to transfer his PPF account to another individual.