Lumpsum Calculator

One of the famous American investors once said, "The principal role of Mutual Fund is to serve its investors." Mutual Funds are an investment vehicle in which the money of investors is pooled in and the return over that capital is earned over a long-term period. Lumpsum and SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) are the 2 sub-categories of Mutual Funds. While investing in a SIP requires a fixed amount at regular intervals, lumpsum investment on the other hand is when an investor invests a weighty amount on 1 Mutual Fund.

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Lumpsum Calculator

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Both lumpsum and SIP investments have their benefits and drawbacks, but here let us understand in-depth about the lumpsum investment, lumpsum calculator, and how the investment process work.

What Is Lumpsum Investment?

Unlike SIP, in a lumpsum investment the whole amount is invested in one single payment. In simple terms, if an investor invests his/her entire investment amount on 1 mutual fund in a go, then it is known as lumpsum investment in MFs.

The lumpsum investment method is commonly used by HNIs (High Net Worth Individuals) or big-shot investors who have the large sum for investment purposes or investors who have long-term investment goals. Investment by the lumpsum method in MFs requires deep analysis of the current market and careful investing.

What Is Lumpsum Calculator?

A tool that helps in the calculation of the amount earned or lost over a certain period when invested in a lumpsum method in a mutual fund is known as a lumpsum calculator. By putting in some important details like the number of investment years, the amount invested, etc. in the lumpsum calculator, it will depict the expected gain or loss with just a few clicks.

Lumpsum Calculator Formula

To calculate the lumpsum amount in a mutual fund, an investor has to follow this simple compound interest formula.

A = P (1 + r/n) ^ nt

The formula, if elaborated is:

A = The estimation of return

P = Invested value (present)

r = The estimated rate of return

t = Term of investment

n = Number of compound interests in a year

It is important to use the calculator for the computation of the estimated lumpsum return amount as it is a complicated equation that is difficult to understand by major investors.

Benefits of Using Lumpsum Calculator

This problem-solving lumpsum calculator has a lot of benefits that make the life of an investor easy and complication-free.

  1. Closest Possible Estimate

    Calculation of lumpsum returns on mutual funds is quite a task manually and the accuracy cannot be defined as they are subjected to market risk. The lumpsum calculator helps you to get the closest possible figure of returns.

  2. Helps in Planning the Future

    As the returns can never be calculated accurately, the lumpsum calculator helps you know the closest estimated return which helps the investor plan their future accordingly.

  3. Hassle-Free Usage

    The biggest benefit of the lumpsum calculator is that it is an online tool. It is easily accessible and can be used at any time of the day without any limitations.

  4. Reduces Manual Work

    It is difficult to calculate the lumpsum returns manually by most investors as the formula for return calculation is very complex. By using the lumpsum calculator, the manual work and the inaccuracy of the return amount are reduced, giving the investor a better result.

In Conclusion!

Lumpsum investments are widely popular investment vehicles in MFs and are considered to be offering high returns if invested for the long term. Lumpsum investments are beneficial if the investor invests wisely keeping all the market risks in mind.

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