Commercial Vehicle Insurance Articles

Variables that Impact the Commercial Vehicle Insurance Premium

Your vehicle’s Insured Declared Value, Engine capacity, Geographical location and the purpose of driving influence the commercial vehicle...Read More

Zero Depreciation Cover: How Does It Benefit During Claims?

Commercial vehicle insurance comes in handy in protecting the insured vehicle, that is being used for the commercial purpose. The policy covers...Read More

Zero Depreciation Cover in Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Depreciation in general refers to the value loss of an asset with time because of factors like wear and tear, age, and obsolescence. So, in...Read More

Difference Between Commercial and Private Vehicle Insurance

Insurance is an effective tool to provide financial help in case your vehicle gets damaged. Whether it is your private vehicle or commercial...Read More

Why Are Add-On Covers in Commercial Vehicle Insurance Required?

The vehicles that are used for business purposes are known as commercial vehicles. If your vehicle is used for ferrying the passengers such...Read More

Tips to Save Your Commercial Vehicle Insurance Premium

It is mandatory to buy commercial vehicle insurance for every owner of a commercial vehicle plying on the roads. All the vehicles being used...Read More

What to Do If Your Commercial Vehicle Insurance Papers Have Lost?

Several businesses use commercial vehicles to operate or provide their services. They are either used as passenger-carrying vehicles, such...Read More

How IDV Affects at the Time of Commercial Vehicle Insurance Renewal?

Are you planning to renew your commercial vehicle insurance policy? If yes, then many insurance providers may be contacting you to provide...Read More

How to File Your Commercial Vehicle Insurance Claim Correctly?

If you find yourself stuck in an accident, you should know what needs to be done next. An accident or collision can be financially and emotionally...Read More

Should You Opt for Zero Depreciation Or Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Every vehicle in India needs to be covered under a motor insurance policy, be it a car, scooter, bike or a commercial vehicle. It helps to avoid...Read More