Can I Raise Bike Insurance Claim Without Driving License or RC?

There are some necessary documents associated with a bike insurance policy. As a bike owner, you must have these required documents to buy, renew, or raise a claim. Some of the important documents on the list are the driving license and registration certificate of the bike. What if you lose them? How will you raise the claim? Let’s find out.

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Process of Raising Bike Insurance Claim Without Driving License & RC

Can you raise a bike insurance claim without a driving license? Well, the answer is yes. But can you raise without having an RC of your bike? The answer to this question is quite complex because of the terms and conditions that are associated with it.

However, it is not necessary to have a driving license when you purchase a bike. But in order to legally ride that bike, you need to hold a valid driving license. Also, there can be a time gap between the purchase of a bike and getting it registered to obtain RC. During that substantial time frame, what if something happens to your bike?

When you raise a claim under bike insurance, you need to submit a copy of your DL and RC along with the claim form. If you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy, then it will cover all these extraordinary situations. In case you lost your DL or RC then you can purchase an add-on provided by your insurance company that is loss of license or RC.

How to Buy Loss of License or RC Add-on Cover with Your Bike Insurance Policy?

Buying bike insurance add-on cover means enhancing the scope and coverage of your bike insurance policy by paying a nominal additional amount. This add-on cover gives you better security, enhanced service, and peace of mind.

For instance, you lose your DL card while riding your bike. If you have the loss of license/RC add-on then you can easily raise a claim even if you do not have your DL or RC.

To buy this bike insurance add-on cover, you can directly connect with your existing insurer or purchase it online. In case it is not available on the insurer's website, you can contact them through call or email and ask them about the price for the same.

Merits of Having Loss of License/RC Add-on Cover with Your Bike Insurance Policy

Here are a few listed benefits associated with this bike insurance add-on cover.

1. The add-on cover is offered at a minimal price.

2. With this, you can receive monetary compensation for the losses incurred.

3. This makes your claim process settlement smooth even if you don't have any of these crucial documents.

4. You can buy this bike insurance add-on cover with your comprehensive policy online or offline.

Options to Buy Loss of License/RC Add-on Cover

This add-on cover can be purchased with a comprehensive or standalone own-damage bike insurance policy by paying an additional premium. The amount paid for the compensation of loss or theft of driving license or registration certificate will be decided as per the agreed terms and conditions between you and your insurer.

Moreover, you do not need to submit any additional documents to buy this add-on cover. While raising a claim, you will only have to submit an FIR copy to your insurer. Also, do not forget to have a valid insurance policy as an unexpired or lapsed policy will not be accepted by your insurer.

What to do Next When You Lost Your Driving License or RC?

Both the DL and RC are some of the mandatory documents if you want to ride a bike legally. Also, these papers are checked by traffic police while conducting their routine check-ups. So, you should keep them handy while riding your bike.

If you lose or misplace them, the next thing to do is apply for duplicate documents immediately. Below are the steps you need to follow if you lose any of these mandated documents-

  • Go to the nearby police station and file an FIR (First Information Report).
  • Then go to your local RTO for raising a request for issuing a duplicate driving license/RC.
  • You can also do it online by visiting the official website of ‘Parivahan’ and submitting the required documents along with the fees.
  • After submitting all the required documents and fees, you will receive the duplicate DL/RC via post at your registered residential address.

Points to Keep in Mind While Raising Bike Insurance Claim

In case when you lose your bike's registration certificate or driving license, keep in mind the below points while raising claims-

  • Duly fill in all the information correctly in both cases of offline or online submission.
  • Make sure you have the required documents along with an FIR regarding the loss of your DL/RC.
  • Apply for the claims within the given time frame by your insurer.
  • Do make sure that you have a valid insurance policy before commencing the claim process.
  • Read all your policy documents carefully and all the terms & conditions before applying for the claim.


Having a bike insurance policy means shielding yourself from any unforeseen circumstances. You can raise bike insurance claims for the losses even if you have lost your driving license or registration certificate by buying the loss of license/RC add-on cover along with your comprehensive or standalone own-damage bike insurance policy.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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