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As per the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, having a bike insurance policy is mandatory in India, and as a bike owner, you must have it all the time when riding a vehicle. With the digitalization in the insurance industry, you can download bike insurance and keep its copy while riding a two-wheeler. Learn all about downloading your bike insurance policy through different modes on the below page.

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    Save up to 85%# by comparing plans
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    20+ Insurers to choose from
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    1.2 Crore+ Bike Insured
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What is the Need for Downloading a Bike Insurance Policy?


Here is a list of pointers explaining the need or importance of downloading a bike insurance policy:

  1. Instant Access to Policy Documents: A downloaded version of the bike insurance means you can access it anytime, anywhere, especially during emergencies.
  2. Act as a Proof of Insurance: A downloaded policy serves as proof of insurance, particularly required during traffic police checks or while filing bike insurance claims.
  3. Paperless Facility: A digital copy of your bike insurance policy helps reduce the use of paper and further helps in conversing with the environment.
  4. Sense of Security: A digital bike insurance copy is usually downloaded inPDF format on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Hence, they are less likely to be misplaced or damaged than physical ones. Additionally, you can download it anywhere, anytime, as per your requirement.
  5. Convenient: Downloading a bike insurance policy is a simplified process for sharing the details of your policies with traffic authorities or when reselling the vehicle.

How to Download Bike Insurance Copy?

Below are the three types of modes through which you can download your bike insurance policy:

  1. From

    Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited allows you to compare and buy bike insurance online. You can download the policy within a few minutes if you are an existing customer. Here are steps explaining how to download your bike insurance copy online from

    • Step 1: Visit the Website: Go to and click on the 'Sign In' button at the top of the page.
    • Step 2:Login/Register: For existing customers, enter the registered mobile number or email to log in. If you don't have an account, create one using your details.
    • Step 3: Access Your Insurance Policies: Once logged into your account, click on the 'Policies' button, and you will find a list of all your purchased policies with your registered email.
    • Step 4: Download the Policy: Find your bike insurance policy and download it to your device in PDF format.
  2. From the Insurer's Official Website

    Generally, bike insurance companies give an option to download your policy directly from their official website by following the below steps:

    • Step 1: Visit the Insurer's Website: Visit the insurance company's official website from which you bought the policy.
    • Step 2: Login/Register: Log in to your account using your registered mobile number or email ID. If you don't have an account, create one.
    • Step 3: Find Your Policy: Find your bike insurance policy in your account.
    • Step 4: Download the Policy: Click on the 'Download' button to save the PDF file on your device.
  3. From the Insurer's Office (Offline Mode)

    If you face any difficulty downloading the digital copy or do not have internet access, visit the insurer's office physically to obtain it. Follow the below procedure to get a bike policy offline:

    • Step 1: Visit the Nearest Branch Office: Find your insurance provider's nearest branch office.
    • Step 2: Fill in the Pre-printed Form: Fill in the pre-printed form proposal form, which includes details like policy no, ID proof, etc., and submit it to the customer service representative.
    • Step 3: Receive the Policy Documents: Get the printout of your policy download and keep it safe for your record.

Do You Need a Hard Copy of Your Bike Insurance Policy?

In India, having at least a third-party bike insurance policy for your two-wheeler is mandatory as per the Indian Motor Law. While digital copies for your policy are self-sufficient and convenient, there are certain circumstances where having a hard copy can be beneficial. Here are some popular situations when you need it:

  1. Legal Requirements: While in some cases, you can save a digital copy of your policy in an IRDAI-approved app to keep it safe, there are some cases when a hard copy might still be mandatory.
  2. For Verification Purposes: Certain authorities or service centres might request a physical copy for verification purposes.
  3. For Backup: A hard copy of your bike insurance policy is a backup in case your electronic device fails to save them.

However, with digitalization and the increasing acceptance of downloaded copies, the need for hard copies of your third-party or comprehensive bike insurance policy is diminishing.

What if You Lost Your Bike Insurance Papers?

The most common question customers ask is, 'What if I lost my bike insurance papers?' In such a case, you can easily download a bike insurance policy online using the above-mentioned steps. Moreover, you have the option to get a copy of the bike insurance papers offline.

FAQs about Bike Insurance Policy Download

  • Q1. How can I download my bike insurance policy online?

    Ans: You can download your bike insurance policy online either directly through your insurer's official website or by logging into your account and accessing your policy details at
  • Q2. What if I forget my login credentials?

    Ans: Most insurance providers, like, offer an option to recover login credentials through your registered email ID or mobile number. All you have to do is follow the instructions on your device's screen to reset your password
  • Q3. Is a digital copy of my bike insurance policy valid?

    Ans: Yes, a downloaded or digital copy is legally valid and can be used as proof of insurance during traffic police checks and when filing bike insurance claims.
  • Q4. Can I request a hard copy after downloading the digital policy?

    Ans: Yes, you can easily take the printout of your digital bike insurance policy or physically visit your insurer's nearest branch office to get a hard copy.
  • Q5. What details do I need to download my policy?

    Ans: Usually, you need to provide a registered mobile, policy number, or email address to download the policy copy.
  • Q6. What should I do if there is an error in my downloaded policy?

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