Get Your Vehicle Fitness Certificate from RTO

A vehicle fitness certificate refers to the kind of certificate that is issued to commercial vehicles by the Regional Transport Office. It is not issued to private vehicles instead they are issued with a roadworthiness certificate. Before digitization, the commercial vehicle owner can only get it issued by visiting the nearby RTO and submitting the hard copy of the application.

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However, now it is possible to complete the partial process of applying for the Vehicle fitness certificate online just like purchasing commercial vehicle insurance. Later on, the vehicle owner can visit the RTO to get it inspected.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

It is as important for the commercial vehicle to have a vehicle fitness certificate as following the traffic rules. It is an additional safety measure for a commercial vehicle. Since commercial vehicles move from one place to another all the time and their engine do not get to rest much, they require a fitness certificate that is issued by the RTO after inspecting the vehicles working condition. The RTO inspector does a thorough inspection before issuing the fitness certificate. Let us tell you about its importance.

Importance of Vehicle Fitness Certificate

Just like it is mandatory for a driver to have a license and third-party liability insurance policy, it is mandatory for the commercial vehicle owner to have a fitness certificate. The vehicle goes for screening and it is checked for any kind of technical fault, condition of its body, emission issue, etc. It saves the environment from unwanted pollution. If it is fit to be driven then it will not just save the environment but also the people around it. Also, it will not break down on the way frequently.

For example, commercial vehicles like trucks and cabs run 24 hours a day. Since the engine of the vehicle has a life that is not more than 15-20 years. Let’s take an example of a truck here. Trucks carry tons of load and transport things from one city to another and they have to travel for more than 2-3 days. After a few years, the condition of the vehicle starts getting bad and the mechanism starts failing and ends up breaking down on the highways as many of you would have seen while traveling. This is one of the reasons why a commercial vehicle is required a fitness certificate.

Apply for Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online

Since everything is done online now, you can apply for your commercial vehicle fitness certificate online, to begin with, the process. After completing the online process, you will have to visit the RTO with the vehicle to get it inspected. Then your vehicle will be issued with a fitness certificate. Let us tell you how can you begin the process of applying for the fitness certificate.

1. Visit the website Parivahan Sewa on your laptop or smartphone.

2. Click on “Online services”

3. Then select the state you live in.

4. Create your account if you do not have one already.

5. Enter your vehicle registration number.

6. Click on the application for fitness.

7. Enter Chassis number, Mobile number.

8. You’ll get an OTP

9. Enter the OTP and it will show you the details.

10. Check and verify if the details entered are correct.

11. Then confirm the payment.

12. Note down the application number.

13. Later visit the RTO to get a date and time for inspection.

14. Then visit the RTO again on the given date and time.

15. If the inspector spot any technical issue or fault on the vehicle then he/she will suggest you get them repaired. Until and unless you get it repaired, you will not get the fitness certificate.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate Cost

There are different fees for different vehicle types. You can pay while applying for a fitness certificate online. The fee is spent on processing and issuing the certificate. Let us tell you the fee structure of different vehicle types.

1. For Manual medium or heavy vehicles, the fee is Rs. 600. For Automated the fee is Rs. 1000.

2. For Manal three-wheeler or quadricycle or light vehicle, the fee is Rs. 400 and for automated the fee is Rs. 600.

3. For manual bikes, the fee is Rs. 200, and for automated the fee is Rs 400.

4. For granting or renewal of authority, the fee is Rs. 15000.

5. For granting or renewal of a certificate of fitness for a vehicle, there is an additional fee of Rs. 200.

6. In case you want to make an appeal under rule 70, the fee is Rs. 3000.

7. In case you lost the original certificate want to get a copy of it, the fee is Rs. 7500.

How to Renew Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online?

The fitness certificate comes with an expiry date. You should start the process of renewing the policy a few days before the expiry date. Otherwise, you might have to hassle at the last minute as the process takes time.

The owner can either download the form online or go to the RTO. Filling the form, make the payment online then visit the RTO. You will have to take these documents with you when visiting the RTO.

  • RC of vehicle
  • Insurance policy of Vehicle
  • Pollution under control
  • Tax Token
  • Permit of vehicle

The payment you made online after filling up the form will be received by the RTO officer. The RTO officer will forward the details along with other related documents and details to the motor vehicle department.

Then the commercial vehicle owner will have to go to the RTO on the given date and get the inspection done. After inspection, a detailed report will be submitted to the authorities and then it will be uploaded on the VAHAN website. Once the process is completed properly, the authority will sign up for the fitness certificate. They will attach a form 38 in case of renewal that will give authorization for issuing the fitness certificate.

Documents Required

To apply for the fitness certificate or to renew it, the commercial vehicle owner have to submit some of the documents and duly filled forms. They are as follows:

  • CFA for a new certificate, CFRA for a renewal certificate
  • RC of vehicle
  • Ongoing Insurance policy
  • Emission certificate
  • Tex details
  • Fare meter calibration for auto riskshaw

Download Fitness Vehicle Certificate

The commercial vehicle owner can download the duplicate copy of the fitness certificate from VAHAN website. Let us tell you how can you do it.

1. Visit the VAHAN website.

2. Enter Registration number & proceed

3. Click on “Online Services

4. Select the “Duplicate fitness certificate”

5. Enter the Chassis number & Registration number

6. Enter your mobile number & You’ll get an OTP

7. Click on the show details option

8. Fill in the required details.

9. Click on payment then confirm

10. Then on the next page, enter payment details.

11. Then check the & I accept terms & conditions after you read them once.

12. Then continue and generate an application letter

13. The applicant will receive the duplicate fitness certificate through a post on his address.

Validity of Fitness Vehicle

Anything you purchase comes with an expiry date, whether it is a commercial vehicle insurance policy or car insurance. The fitness certificate for commercial vehicles comes with a validity period. If the vehicle is less than 8 years old then the validity of the certificate will be 2 years and if the vehicle is more than 8 years old then the validity of the certificate will be 1 year. You can get your fitness certificate renewed 30 days before the expiry date.


To have a safe and easy drive, a commercial vehicle owner should get a fitness certificate issued from the RTO. It is as compulsory as a third-party two-wheeler liability insurance policy. You can apply for the fitness certificate online just like you can purchase an insurance policy online as it is a hassle-free process.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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