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Lost Your Two Wheeler Insurance Documents? Here Is What You Need To Do

A bike insurance policy is one of the important documents required for claim settlement. You won’t be able to make a claim unless you have your bike insurance policy document. In case you have lost your bike insurance papers, the only possible way to get it back is by applying for the duplicate document of your two wheeler insurance documents. Here, this article will tell you an easy and simple procedure to apply for duplicate bike insurance papers or documents.

I totally agree with the fact that a policyholder has to face several problems when the bike insurance papers are lost. The first step that you need to take is to inform the nearest police station about the same as soon as you realize it. Obtain a copy of FIR from the police station and make sure you share the details of your missing bike insurance documents with your insurance company.

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Note: Do mention the details of your policy carefully when informing the police and your insurer.

How to apply for the Duplicate Bike insurance Policy?

Here’s how you can apply for duplicate two-wheeler insurance policy:

Submit an application:

Write an application to your insurer. Make sure you mention all the details in the application. For example, the policyholder’s full name, policy number, the date of issuance and type of the cover. It is mandatory to mention the reason for applying the duplicate policy document. In case the insurance policy is held jointly, the application is required to be made jointly by all policyholders.

For the issuance of the duplicate policy document, the insurance company usually charges the nominal fee that needs to be paid at the time of applying for the duplicate bike insurance papers.

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Publish an Advertisement

This is one of the important ways that can help you to get your lost bike insurance papers back. Some insurers also advise you to publish an advertisement in the local newspaper, mentioning the policy papers have been lost. Don’t forget to share the copy of this ad with your insurance company, once it is published in the newspaper.

Indemnity Bond

It is mandatory to sign the indemnity bond. Generally, the indemnity bond is executed on non-judicial stamp paper of an appropriate value, which requests for the duplicate policy. The indemnity bond should include the policyholder’s full name and the policy number. To add credibility, this indemnity bond should be signed by two witnesses who are not the family members of the policyholder. Some insurance companies also ask you for a sound financial status to submit the surety bond for certain policies.

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Case Study

Here, we can take a real-time example of Mr. Ashish who lost his bike insurance papers. After a few days of purchasing bike insurance, Mr. Ashish lost his bike insurance papers somewhere on the road while riding. He called the insurance company seeking help regarding the loss of bike insurance papers, and the company suggested him to lodge an FIR and get a copy of Non–Congressional Report from the police station. After collecting these documents, he submitted them to his insurer. After a thorough verification with the police and the whole scenario, the insurance company provided the duplicate bike insurance papers to Mr. Ashish.

Over to you!

Hope this article is helpful to you to know what you should do if you lose your bike insurance papers. Now, call your insurer to know the details, as every insurance company demands a different set of documents to issue a duplicate bike insurance policy. Follow the procedure as soon as you come to know about the loss of your bike insurance papers.

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