Motorbike Insurance with Breakdown Cover

Imagine you are heading on a road trip and something goes wrong with your bike and you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere, what will you do next? If your bike breaks down during journey, an add-on breakdown cover in your bike insurance will surely help you.Read this article to know more about the motorbike breakdown cover under your bike insurance plan.

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Understanding Motorbike Breakdown Cover

Motorbike breakdown cover or road assistance cover is an add-on cover that one can purchase willingly, along with a comprehensive insurance plan by paying an extra premium for it.

It is a kind of emergency assistance cover offered by your insurer to financially assist you in any breakdown during a road journey. This cover is also known as a two-wheeler breakdown cover.

It is a service assistance add-on cover designed to minimize the different kinds of inconvenience like tyre issues, battery problems, mechanical breakdown, key-related concerns, emergency fuel assistance, etc.  

Benefits of Motorbike Breakdown Cover 

Imagine you are on the way for the long-awaited road trip with your friends, and you are stuck in a situation with a flat tyre, or even worse scenario, your motorbike breaks down on an unknown road. In such cases, standard insurance protection will not be enough for you.

With a motorbike breakdown cover, you get professional service to fix your bike so that you are stranded alone in the middle of nowhere. 

Therefore, a motorbike breakdown cover is especially beneficial for frequent bike riders. Moreover, it has been made easy with the various insurance policies available for bike insurance online.

Below we have mentioned a few benefits of this add-on cover along with bike insurance so that you do not set back because of minor snags during the journey.

1. Emergency Assistance 

The moment you need any assistance, you inform your insurer about this and your breakdown location. They send a mechanic immediately to the breakdown spot and analyze the situation.

In case your bike cannot be repaired by the mechanic, it is hauled to the nearby garage. Hence, a motorbike breakdown cover will be an instant help for you, and you do not have to struggle for the essential resources in such instances.

2. Peace of Mind 

Since this add-on cover for a bike provides instant help in case of any breakdown, it can be a comforting thought for you. You do not need to hassle for any kind of assistance in between your journey as your insurer takes care of it. 

3. Cost-Effective Solution

This add-on cover for bike insurance is not at all costly. Adding this coverage to your standard policy increases only a minimal payable premium and helps you greatly during your tough times. This is one of the best coverage you can opt for during a long trip and can enjoy your trip without any worries.

List of Coverage Under Motorbike Breakdown Cover

The motorbike breakdown coverage offered can vary from insurer to insurer. That's why you must check various bike insurance online to know more about them. Below we have discussed a couple of coverage under motorbike breakdown cover-

1. Tyre Issues

Do not worry if your journey gets hauled because of a tyre puncture. In bikes, tyre issue is a big problem because of poor road infrastructure. In case of a flat tyre the insurer gets you in touch with a mechanic to resolve your problem.

2. Battery Issues

A rundown battery is a common issue faced during a long journey in the winters. With the help of this add-on cover, you can get assistance from your insurer to revive your battery so that you can continue your journey.

3. Mechanical Breakdown

A mechanical or technical breakdown can happen to your bike anywhere or anytime. For such situations, the on-the-spot repair is offered by your insurer. Usually, the cost of spare parts and other materials is not included under it. However, the labour cost and travelling expenses are covered.

4. Emergency Fuel Assistance

 If you forget to refill the fuel tank before going anywhere, in such cases, your motorbike breakdown cover can help you by arranging fuel up to 5 litres to the location you are stuck in. In case you need extra fuel than the set threshold, additional charges may apply.

5. Emergency Transport Assistance 

In certain circumstances where you are unable to cover the distance to your home due to the breakdown, your insurer arranges a cab so that you can ride back home. The payment for the same shall be borne by your insurer as per the terms and conditions. Here also, additional charges may apply when you exceed the set distance limit.

6. Accommodation Benefits

Similar to transport assistance, the insurer also makes accommodation assistance in the nearby hotel for the bike rider, if your bike needs more than one day for the repairs.

7. Key Replacement  

In case you lose your key during your travel, your insurer will arrange a replacement key for you at your location. 

8. Towing Assistance 

In case your mechanical or technical issues are not being solved by the mechanic at the breakdown site, the bike will be towed to a nearby garage. 

9. Medical Coordination

In the unfortunate event where both you and your bike need assistance, this cover is the solution for you. If you end up getting injured midway due to an accident and need medical help, this add-on cover for bike insurance will assist you in coordinating the nearest medical centre.

Who Should Buy Motorbike Breakdown Cover? 

The motorbike breakdown cover is designed to help bike rider who needs emergency roadside assistance. It is ideally suited for the bike rider who travels frequently outside the city, bike owners having old bikes, bikes that are brand new so the rider can maintain them well, and riders who usually go on long-route bike trips.

You can claim under this cover by contacting your insurer and asking them for assistance. Your insurer will send a mechanic to your breakdown location or tow the bike to the nearest garage if needed.

How to Buy a Motorbike Breakdown Cover?

A motorbike breakdown cover can be purchased only with your comprehensive insurance plan. Check all the benefits associated with it before you buy bike insurance online. Though you have the option to purchase bike insurance offline as well. But purchasing bike insurance online is one of the most convenient ways. To buy motorbike insurance with breakdown cover, you should check various plans available on the internet.

We also recommend you read all the terms & conditions, inclusions, and exclusions associated with your insurance policy before buying it.

Summing It Up

Motorbike insurance with breakdown cover is the assurance given by the insurer to the policyholder. In case your bike experiences a problem, this add-on cover comes to the rescue and provides you the necessary assistance. You must buy this add-on cover with your bike insurance, so you can make it through the hardship during your journey.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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