Popular Scooters for Women

Men and women have different tastes in many things, and when we talk about scooters, the same thing applies. While men prefer style and performance, women prefer safety and comfort when they select a two-wheeler for them. So, this is the reason, manufacturers of two-wheelers have created a different category of scooters for women in India. Moreover, the two-wheeler companies are time to time launching new scooters for women that match their comfort level.

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According to a report published in the year 2016, approximately 11% of Indian women ride a bike or drive a car. However, things are changing quickly, and this percentage is increasing every year as more and more women are becoming independent in all sense.

So, if you are also the one who wants to purchase a two-wheeler for a woman in your family or yourself, then you can select any of the below-mentioned scooters. However, do not forget to safeguard your scooter with a suitable two-wheeler insurance policy. There are two types of bike insurance plans available in the market. One is third-party insurance for bike wherein any loss or damage to a third-party is covered. The other is comprehensive insurance in which with third-party insurance, the loss or damage to own scooter and rider is also provided.

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While you need to have at least third-party insurance for your scooter before plying it on the Indian roads, comprehensive insurance purchase is optional. Now let us see some of the popular scooters for women:

  • Yamaha Fascino: When we talk about the best scooter for women in India, this one tops the list. This scooter comes in vibrant colors and has a very comfortable design. The features of this two-wheeler are impressive and it has an air-cooled engine that can deliver 7bph power.
    • Engine Capacity – 113cc
    • Mileage – 66kmpl
    • In Delhi ex-showroom price: The price varies with the model of the scooter and is in between Rs.56023 and Rs.57524
  • TVS Scooty Zest: One of the best scooters for women, TVS Zest is not only good at performance but is trendy as well. Do not let the small stature of this bike fool you. This vehicle is capable of producing 9Nm torque and 8bph of power. With this bike, TVS has as well ensured that it is the lightest scooters available in India.
    • Engine Capacity – 110cc
    • Mileage – 62kmpl
    • In Delhi ex-showroom price: Rs.54025
  • Honda Activa 5G: The popularity of Honda Activa can be judged by the fact that it is the highest selling bikes in India and a large number of existing buyers are ladies. The reason for the same is its lightweight and nimble nature. This scooter can produce 8bhp power and 9Nm of torque. The maximum speed that you can achieve from this bike is 83kmph.
    • Engine Capacity – 119.19cc
    • Mileage – 60kmpl
    • In Delhi ex-showroom price: The starting price of this bike is Rs.55943 and goes up to Rs.58199.
  • Hero Pleasure+: The Pleasure range of two-wheelers is redesigned and refreshed by Hero and they release Pleasure+. It is again one of the most preferred choices of women in the scooter category. This bike has a slot for USB charging and it produces 8.11bhp of power and 8.7Nm of torque.
    • Engine Capacity – 110cc
    • Mileage – 63kmpl
    • In Delhi ex-showroom price: Ranges from Rs.48000 to Rs.56800
  • TVS Jupiter: It is another popular scooter of TVS. When it comes to the number of sold units, it comes after Activa. This scooter is the most comfortable and dependable and comes in many eye-catching colors. This engine of this bike can generate 7.8bhp of power and 8Nm of torque. In addition to this, the highest speed of this bike is 85 KMPH.
    • Engine Capacity – 109.7cc
    • Mileage – 56kmpl
    • In Delhi ex-showroom price: Ranges between Rs.55349 and Rs.67911
  • TVS Wego: It is another best choice for women who commute daily. This bike has advanced body balance technology, a sufficient place to store foods, and a range of vibrant colors. This scooter can produce 8Nm of torque and 8bhp power.
    • Engine Capacity – 110cc
    • Mileage – 70kmpl
    • In Delhi ex-showroom price: Rs.53469
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  • TVS Scooty Pep Plus: Another scooter by TVS that has the smallest displacement scooter in the market of India. This bike promises to provide convenience, performance, and comfort. The weight of this scooter is 96Kgs and hence it is easy to manage. The engine of this bike can generate a torque of 6Nm and 5bhp power.
    • Engine Capacity – 88cc
    • Mileage – 68kmpl
    • In Delhi ex-showroom price: The starting price of this bike is Rs.45054 and it goes up to 46554.
  • Honda Dio: You can as well consider Honda Dio when you want to purchase a scooter for ladies. Though this bike, Honda is targeting young ladies of India, and with this intention it has also become one of the most popular bikes in the country. The engine of this scooter can produce a torque of 8Nm and 6bhp of power.
    • Engine Capacity – 109cc
    • Mileage – 66kmpl
    • In Delhi ex-showroom price: The price of bike ranges between Rs.54241 and Rs.63340
  • Vespa UC: Vespa is a worldwide brand that you can trust blindly. It is one of the top scooters for women. The curved contours and vibrant colors make it one of the most pleasing bikes of India. The powerful engine of Vespa UC produces 10Nm torque and 9.5bhp power.
    • Engine Capacity – 125cc
    • Mileage – 40kmpl
    • In Delhi ex-showroom price: Rs.73896
  • Suzuki Access: Daily women commuters can check this option also. This scooter is rich in features and is appropriate for riding in traffic. The ease of control and comfort makes it worth buying a bike for ladies. This scooter can generate 10.2Nm torque and 8.7bhp power.
    • Engine Capacity – 124cc
    • Mileage – 64kmpl
    • In Delhi ex-showroom price: The price ranges between Rs.59014 to Rs.63581

Wrapping It Up!

Riding a scooter is always fun whether you are riding in a metro city or a small town. This is because they give a comfortable ride when the traffic is heavy or the roads are narrow. So, scooters are not only a good option for girls but they can be preferred by boys as well. The two-wheeler manufacturers are launching innovative and new scooters for women at a rapid pace. If you are planning to purchase one, then you can consider the aforementioned list. However, do not forget to get your scooter insured with a bike insurance policy.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 06 August 2021

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