Ten DIYs to Tune-Up Your Two-Wheeler

Only bike lovers know the passion they have for their bikes. The moment they get the keys of their first bike, they become the happiest soul and the feeling that they have at that time is unparalleled. Their two-wheeler or bike becomes their center of the universe and they do not leave any stone in taking care of their bike. However, with time, their two-wheeler starts losing its glamour and shine. Its paint becomes dull and it also loses its efficiency. With age, another factor that decreases the glamour and efficiency of your bike is its cases of accident. If your bike has met with an accident and damaged then despite getting it repaired in an authorized garage that is associated with your bike insurance policy like network garages of Bike Insurance, it never comes to its original shape.

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But if you follow certain guidelines or follow a few DIYs for tuning up your vehicle, then you can expect better performance and long life for your bike. Here are these DIY tips:

Wash Your Bike in Regular Intervals

This may sound weird to you but washing keeps your bike clean and neat by removing debris and dust from its corners. You may have noticed that after washing your bike it starts looking almost new.

Change the Oil of Your Bike
Ensure the oil level of your bike is adequate. Changing the engine oil at regular intervals and is recommended for maintaining the internal pressure of the engine. With replacement filter and engine oil of good quality, this tip is an easy one to follow.

Check the Pressure of the Tyres

Maintain adequate pressure on the tyres of your bike. Since the tyres lose pressure regularly, therefore checking pressure once in a week is needed. It is suggested to use the manual provided by your manufacturer for knowing the pressure on tyres and adjust them accordingly.

Maintain Battery

Checking the battery regularly should always be the first in your priority list especially when you have not used your bike for a long time. Charge the battery of your bike or replace it if needed. At the time of removing and accessing the battery make sure not to let the acid of the bike come in contact with your skin.

Replace the Lights

Never ignore the taillights, headlights, and indicators of your bike in to maintain safety while driving. After wiping the surface of these lights make sure that lights are throwing sufficient brightness. If the lights are still dim, then replacing them is recommended. Once you purchase the required bulbs, changing them is easiest then,

Check the Spark Plug

The spark plugs of your bike do not require constant attention. However, if your two-wheeler is not performing at its highest capacity, then this is the part where you must look. Replacing the spark plugs is not difficult instead it is very easy, but keep in mind to remove one plug at one time and keep an eye on the gap between the side electrode and side insulator.

Clean the Filter for Air

There is no point in denying the fact that India is a country that has one of the highest levels of pollution. Cleaning the air filter at regular intervals for debris and dust ensures the good health of your two-wheeler.

Lubricate Your Bike Laboriously

Lubricating various parts of your bike keep it running smoothly. In the market, there are many types of lubricants for different parts of your bike available. For the places of bikes that are hard to reach using sprayable grease is recommended. However, it is suggested to keep the grease far away from brake discs.

Keep Fixing the Loose Wiring

For avoiding a mid-ride breakdown, it is recommended to check the fuse box regularly. See for any loose or blown fuse. Tight all the loose and blown wiring that you find

Check for Unusual Sounds

There can be accumulated debris or stuck pebble that is producing unusual sounds in your bike. Put the engine of your bike in idle mode and then listen to the unusual sound. Try to find out the place from where the sound is coming. Most of the time it is easy to diagnose from where the sound is coming from. If you think that the noise is creating some big issue, then take your bike to some mechanic and get it inspected. An unusual sound can be because of some broken part of your bike, which can be detected by a mechanic. Get that part replaced or repaired. If that part is costing you much, you can use your bike insurance policy for making the claim. There are many cheap bike insurance plans available online.

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Summing It Up!

Buy following these DIYs you can easily tune your bike. However, if in case you have to get your bike repaired due to damage, then you can get it done by using your bike insurance policy. There are many two-wheeler insurance plans available online and you can select one as per your requirements. Moreover, there are many bike insurance calculators available and you can use one to calculate the premium of your policy. Since third-party insurance is mandatory in India for all the vehicles before plying them on roads, but for getting coverage for own bike damage, it is recommended to have a comprehensive or own damage insurance policy. A good bike insurance calculator can give you an approximate estimate of the premium that you have to pay.

With all the aforementioned DIYs, it is necessary to clean your bike with a dry cloth at least on every alternate day. This removes the dust that gets accumulated on it every day and keeps the paint and polish of your bike intact. However, ensure to use a clean cloth for cleaning because sometimes the particles on cloth can remove the paint of your two-wheeler. In this way, follow these DIYs and opt for a good bike insurance policy.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 20 July 2021
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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