Want To Revamp Your Two-wheeler? Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Every bike enthusiast loves their two-wheelers. In case of a young biker, there are chances that they might have been dreaming to own the beauty since their childhood and have been inspired by watching different movies wherein two-wheeler was a delightful pleasure to watch.

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Do you remember the time when the movie Dhoom was released? More than the plot, or the star cast what grabbed everybody eyeballs were the two-wheelers. From using the Suzuki GSX-R 600, Suzuki Bandit, Suzuki Hayabusa to a BMW K1300R this movie surely gave a dose to the speed maniacs and started a new way to perceive and own such bikes.

Undoubtedly, two-wheelers are irresistible for anyone who loves speed and thrill. However, speed does thrill but you cannot overlook the fact that it does kill at times. Besides, there is a certain charm when it comes to sports bikes, they are surely alluring.

Like every individual is different from the other. Similarly, the taste of every biker is also different and because of this, we have different options and range available in the market, which sometimes makes it a difficult choice to lock down, which two-wheeler to buy.

No matter what the make and model of the bike are, gear the wheels when you have a correct comprehensive bike insurance policy.

We understand that you simply cannot buy every model available in the market. This is when bike modification comes into the picture, which gives you a sense of satisfaction.

Know Before You Go Ahead With the Modification of the Two-wheeler

When you intend to do modification, we duly understand that this is something personal and you showcase your thoughts, ideas, passion and your creativity when it comes to revamping your two-wheeler. However, that does not mean that you miss out on the do’s and do not’s when modifying your two-wheeler.

Let us take an understanding before you go ahead with the revamping process of your two-wheeler.

  • Your Two-wheeler Insurer Must Know: In India, buying a third-party bike insurance policy is a mandate. However, it is always advisable to buy comprehensive bike insurance. In case, you plan to revamp your bike you need to inform your two-wheeler insurance provider. There are chances that while revamping the bike certain modifications might increase your bike insurance premium. In case, you do not inform your two-wheeler insurance provider in regards to the same, there is a good chance that in future any claim raised will be denied and not disclosing the information will be considered as a fraudulent act by the two-wheeler insurance provider.
  • Abide By the Law: When you intend to modify your two-wheeler it should be noted that you cannot go against the law and need to follow the process and adhere by the laws efficiently. In case you are planning for a structural change then it should be noted that you need to inform certain authorities for doing anything like this. This implies that if you wish to change the engine of your bike then the same should reflect on the registration certificate (RC) of your bike for, which you have to visit the regional transport office (RTO) and accordingly get the changes done. However, that does not mean that for any aesthetic change you need to do the same. Likewise, if you change the colour scheme of your two-wheeler then it needs to reflect on the registration certificate of your bike. Understand that the laws are made for the betterment so it is our responsibility to follow them.
  • Prefer Function Over Aesthetics: Of course, there is no doubt that the aesthetic change appeal to the eyes but when it comes to functional changes it is more prudent and beneficial from a long-run perspective. For instance, you might wish to change the tyres of bikes by bulky ones. However, what needs to be understood is how the change in tyres will affect the performance of the bike? Besides, people also prefer to modify the fibre parts of the bike. It is better to understand that when a bike is designed at the initial stage of manufacture a lot of aspects are kept in consideration so when you intend to change the parts of the bike there is a possibility that it could affect the performance of your two-wheeler over some time.
  • Enhance the Security With Anti-theft Devices: The best thing to think when it comes to modifying your two-wheeler is to think about installing anti-theft devices in your two-wheeler and enhance the security. In case you do not know, installing anti-theft devices reduces the cost of insurance besides it is also a preventive measure. When you possess a certified anti-theft device certified by the Automotive Research Association of India, you would receive a certain discount on the bike insurance premium.
  • Go For a Reliable Professional: Just in case you are thinking to hand over you priced possession to a mechanic for the modifications. Do not do it. We duly understand that revamping the bike is an expensive task however that does not mean that you compromise on the quality of the bike just to save some bucks. Handover your bike to a trusted and reliable professional who has a thing about the quality of the bike and takes into account the requirements in terms of modification and not overlook your modification budget.

Points to Be Considered While Revamping Your To-wheeler

  • Do Not Take Decisions In Haste: It is prudent to not make any decisions in a rush or haste. An idea might suddenly come into your mind, which would excite you. However, that does not mean that you need to go with the idea in one go. It is better to give proper thought to the idea before starting the execution process. Besides, research in regards to the same and consider the aspect of how beneficial it would be in the long run. Ask as many questions as possible to get proper clarity.
  • Do Not Get Into Legal Trouble: In case you do not while you revamp your bike sometimes doing so can land you up in legal trouble when you do not have complete information in regards to the same. For instance, if you install fancy lights on your two-wheeler, which can distract other riders or is inconvenient for other riders or the drivers and in case you are not following the guidelines in regards to the number plate of the motor vehicle you may end up paying a hefty amount as fine.
  • Do Not Trust Unprofessional: When revamping the bike trust the professionals who have been in practise of doing so. Do not act over-smart and refrain yourself attempting to revamp the two-wheeler. If you do not know about the same do not perform any kind of experiments as you may be unaware of the possible intricacies involved in the making of the bike, which would otherwise affect the performance of the bike. Remember, to get in touch with the experts when it comes to revamping the bike as they are the master to do the task.

To Conclude

Remember, whether you revamp your bike or not, it is prudent to buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy to secure you against any fiscal cost under any unfortunate circumstances.

In case, you still have not bought the policy, you may buy bike insurance policy online as it is easy and convenient. And, if you already have the bike insured, do not forget to renew bike insurance policy from time to time.

At whatever point in time, you decide to revamp your bike, be careful and inform your insurer in regards to the same. Do not compromise on the performance of the bike. Before you execute the revamp process, keep a tab on the risks involved and work with experts only.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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