Some Interesting Facts about Silver

Silver has been considered an investment avenue of high value since ancient times. These days, it is being used to make industrial equipment, coins, as well as jewelry. Silver is also a high-valued exchange product in the stock markets. Having said that, the value of silver is priceless, and so is the silver rate in Bangalore. Many investors want to invest in this precious metal, simply because the silver prices in Bangalore are often stable. But before that, here are some interesting facts about silver.

A Good Stock Market Investment Option

The prices of silver in the stock markets are often subject to change depending on the demand and supply chains. And yet, silver is still one of the most traded precious metals. It's a commodity of great value and helps you overcome the downsides of inflation and other economic and financial crises, including recessions. All said gold is still the king of all metals traded in the stock markets. But that doesn't stop industries from using silver. Moreover, silver isn't affected by slowdowns in the stock markets, indicating the stability of silver prices in Bangalore.

Silver Coins or Bars are also Good Investment Options

Most investors think of buying silver coins or bars as old-school. But this trend is still alive and in vogue, and offers several benefits. For example, silver coins or bars are not only easy to buy, but they are easy to store as well. You can also buy silver coins or bars online just like you buy any other product. Silver coins can also be stored safe and sound without having to worry about theft or technical meltdowns. Also, it can be a matter of prestige to own silver coins or silver bars. It's also something people find worthwhile discussing.

Silver ETFs are Attracting More Investors

Today, ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds have grown in numbers as well as in value. Potential investors are looking forward to investing in them by looking at the silver rate in Bangalore. Various silver ETF contracts are available as bullion coins. An investor can also own stocks of silver through iShares Silver Trust. Many experts also believe that owning silver stocks is much better than owning silver bars or coins.

Silver is an Affordable Investment Option for Almost Every Investor

By investing small amounts of his or her money into silver, almost every investor can reap considerable amounts of profits. All an investor must do is start small, stay steady, and follow the way. Silver also has intrinsic value, just like gold. The silver prices in Bangalore are usually a step higher than other commodities of the trade, including currencies. So, investing in silver gives investors a sense of relief and security. By investing in this precious metal, an investor will know that his or her investments are in a safe place.

But the Silver Rate in Bangalore haven't Risen Significantly Over the Years

Data has shown the average five-year, correlational GDP of silver stands at 0.09 since the year 1968. While for gold, it stood at 0.14. The five-year correlational GDP for US Stocks stood at 0.69, and that for crude oil stood at 0.2 in the same year. As shocking as this data seems, you notice the silver prices in Bangalore or the world haven't significantly risen over the last couple of years. The data also shows various industrialists have bought more than half of the entire world's silver during the last 50 years. However, this co-relational data doesn't say it all. A more serious investor would compare different sets of data and check the co-movement of silver with other key industrial metals like copper.

Current Silver Prices in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the largest markets for trade of precious metals in the southern part of India, next only to Chennai. Silver is increasingly becoming a popular mode of investment with the people of the city and usually offers good resale value and returns. Not only that, but it also safeguards your investments during times of inflation, making it a stable and secure commodity. In general, the silver rate in Bangalore is driven by the prevailing international rates of silver. Although silver is an expensive commodity, it is still less expensive than gold, which makes it one of the best commodities to invest in, especially for lower-income groups.

Silver as an Investment Option in Bangalore

The share of silver in the local commodities markets of Bangalore has increased tremendously over the years. It usually offers generous returns and can be readily sold at any given time. The residents of Bangalore usually purchase silver as:

Physical Silver

Silver bullion coins, silver bars and ingots, jewelry and ornaments, and silverware and utensils are among the most popular physical forms of the commodity bought by the residents of Bangalore. Besides these, various silver articles are also given as gifts or presents; one of the reasons silver prices in Bangalore tend to soar during festivities. Also, most jewelry shops in the city sell silver at premium prices, generally above the prevailing market prices, due to the making charges and various other charges involved. The cheapest form of silver you can get in Bangalore is the bullion form. This is because bullion dealers offer precious metal for the cheapest of prices. Silver coins can also be bought from various banks and dealers at an existing silver rate in Bangalore.


There are several national exchanges for commodities present across the city, which offer silver contracts or bonds. Among these national exchanges, the MCX is a global silver trader and is the most popular exchange, both inside and outside the country. These contracts are often available at base quantities of silver, which stand at 1 kg, as well as for purities of 999 and 995 parts per thousand.

Predicting the Silver Rate in Bangalore

Predicting the silver rate in Bangalore is an art form and is in close ties with the art of predicting gold rates. Silver is such a precious metal that even if paper money were to decline in value, silver prices in Bangalore would remain high and stable. Various factors influence the prices of silver in Bangalore. These include the changes in demand for silver in the industries, unexpected geopolitical scenarios, rise in crude oil prices, fall in the US dollar rate, major government policies on export and import, gold prices, prices of other commodities and sales by various central banks.

The Final Words

So, the silver price in Bangalore fluctuates depending on these factors. However, besides these, there are also several other factors to keep in mind after having decided to buy silver and after having gone through the silver price in Bangalore. It is generally recommended, not just for silver, but for any other precious commodity, to buy them when their rates are at the lowest. Additionally, when buying silver jewelry, it's important to consider the craftsmanship, the intricacy of the design, the weight of the items as well as any flaws, marks, or tarnishes. One should also look for the hallmark 925 marking, which indicates the artifact is made of pure sterling silver. Also, check for any nickel plating on the jewelry as these can be harmful to the skin.


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