Importance and Ways of Investing in Silver

In India, there is no doubt about the fact that people are somewhat always inclined towards precious metals like gold and silver. Moreover, silver is a preferred choice as it is more affordable in terms of when compared to gold. Besides, it is a favoured alternative of the masses for ornaments and bullion investment.

Moreover, when it comes to investment it becomes a thoughtful task as each metal has its market along with investment characteristics. However, investing in silver has its advantage as you have the option of beginning with a small amount like from scratch and build a portfolio out of it over some time. Silver is a metal, which is used by different industries, for instance, a solar energy sector, etc.

Investment is a big decision and should not be taken in haste. Let us take you down and know everything before you invest in silver.

Investing in Silver

It is essential; for you to understand that the time you think of investing in silver you are precisely putting your money into the production, trading and ownership of the metal. The value of silver is not restricted only until its use of consumption.

For investors who have a lower capitalization investing in silver is a potential choice as the investor will be able to purchase more silver for less money. For investors who are keenly looking forward towards investing in silver, it will be beneficial as silver has a tendency of price swings, which leads towards a movement sharply upwards. Besides, in comparison to gold silver has the nature of being more volatile. This is so because silver has a smaller market, which implies that investors who are investing in gold tend to seek more stability in the uncertain markets.

When there is market instability, silver becomes a preferable choice when compared with stocks and other paper investments. Besides, at the beginning of a downturn, irrespective of the fact that silver is volatile the investors will move their money into precious metals. It is to be noted that the high volatility of silver does make the selling of silver slightly tough as chances are that you might have to wait for a long time to get the price you are looking for nevertheless it is easy to end your position than in a treasury bond and to get a better return. Undoubtedly, silver is a liquid secure investment than an option like government bonds, etc.

Advantages of Buying Silver

Though silver might have a small market, there are compelling advantages of buying and investing in silver should be under your investment list. Below are some of them:

1. Silver is a tangible safe asset. It has a diverse array of applications. Silver is in demand by the different industries as well. It is possible that shortly there will be a shortage of silver. The fact is that silver is needed whereas gold is desired. This paradigm shift in the silver supply-demand is making silver a top choice for the investors.

2. Silver is cheap in terms of when compared to other forms of investment. If you are an average investor, it is one asset, which is affordable, and it can easily provide you with protection against financial crises.

3. Investing in silver is safe and it will never lose its shine. There will never come a time in the future when silver is not required. It will be used for manufacturing electronics, in ornaments, etc. Right from a common person to celebrity silver is always in demand. Moreover, any change in the value of the currency will always have an opposite effect on the price of the silver.

Options of Investing in Silver

Here we have described some of the ways you can consider while investing in silver which are:

Silver ETF’s

Silver ETF stands for exchange-traded funds, which primarily invests in hard silver assets. These funds are traded on a stock exchange and are made up of bundled third-party assets. Depending upon on how the assets perform you may receive the value. A silver ETF essentially tracks down the market price of the silver and is built around either over a particular quantity of silver or group of billion assets. If you want high liquidity and facing any kind of challenges owing to the physical asset then this is the best option to own and trade silver.

Silver Production Stocks and Funds

If you wish to put resources into silver in mutual funds and stocks, at that point you have to discover mining organizations or the organizations, which utilize silver for either production or distribution. It is to be noticed that however, the stocks track the market estimation of the silver anyway it has value past supply and demand. From now on, it could be dependable and less unpredictable than pure silver anyway it is dependent upon potential liabilities identified with the business.


It is one of the most popular ways to invest in silver. The idea is simple all you need to do is purchase quantities of silver. Now you own the asset and the time you feel like selling it you may sell the equivalent depending upon the market price. In general, it is going to be a minus dealer commission. You will be solely responsible for the storage, insurance, etc. and nowhere you will be answerable to any third-party. However, you will be in position wherein you are open to the volatility of the market but you always have the option of selling the silver as soon as you think the market will give you the best price depending on what you choose. The rates of silver are not the same every day. For instance, silver rate in Mumbai (as of 11 December 2019) for 1 gram is Rs.40 and a day before (i.e., 10 December 2019) it was Rs. 47.49. Similarly, silver price in Ahmedabad (as of 11 December 2019) is the same as of Mumbai.


Investing in commodities allows you to invest in the movement of the silver market wherein the profit you will get is not from the current market value of silver but interestingly witnessing how the value changes.

To Conclude

Investment in any metal has its fair share of advantages and risk. It depends on the investors on how readily he has an appetite of risk. Moreover, there is no asset, which comes with a guarantee card or assures that it will bring in financial success.

However, investing in silver is a stable choice, which should be successful on a longer-term perspective. If you are looking forward to making money, it is advisable to invest in something, which holds value.


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