Economic Importance of Contractor’s All Risk Insurance

Construction work is hectic and pretty much risky too. Just like every construction worker is advised to wear a helmet, insurance industry experts advise purchasing the contractor's all-risk insurance policy. This policy plays an important role in providing economic stability to the process. Let us tell you about some of the economic importance of this insurance plan.

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Provides Financial Security

It takes a whole lot of investment in constructing a building. That is what insurance is for, to protect you from unforeseen losses. If you have the contractor’s all-risk insurance policy then in case of any unexpected damage, it will provide financial coverage up to the specified sum insured amount in the policy documents.

Construction Risks Are Reduced

A construction site involves a contractor and other construction workers to finish the project. However, any human error or negligence can lead to unwanted damage and bring the project to a standstill. It is like the more time you take in constructing a building the more financial loss you will have to face. Not just this, in case of theft of construction equipment or any construction worker, sustaining any physical injury can lead to more expense.

If you have the construction all risk insurance policy, the contractor’s and construction workers' earnings are secured. In case of any loss or damage, theft, accident, etc. the insurer will pay them.

Financial Resources Are Generated

It takes a huge amount of money to construct a building. In order to get enough coverage, you have to opt for a huge sum insured amount. The higher the sum insured amount, the higher the premium amount of the construction all risk insurance policy will be.

The higher the premium amount you pay, the insurance company uses it to generate financial resources. Later on, the insurance companies invest these funds in government securities and stocks leading to the funds for economic development and industrial development of the country.

Economic Growth

You can only imagine the amount invested in building a flyover or road or a complex. Whether it is government or any private contractor, it depends on the amount you have to invest in building that particular flyover, road or complex.

According to the investment amount, the insurance price of the construction type is decided. If the amount increases, then the insurance price increases. Once the capital has been generated, it is used in productive investment by the insurers. This is how the construction all risk insurance makes a significant impact on the economy by using such methods. This helps in the economic growth as well.

Helps in Recovery

Natural calamities are uncertain and no one can stop them. In case of any major catastrophe due to hurricane or earthquake, the construction all risk insurance provides coverage to the builders and contractors.

The insurance policy provides coverage to the contractor and builders to change their location, replace their building along with the inventories. This is how the insurance company helps the contractors and builders in recovery.

Increment In Employment

When the insurance company utilizes the premium collected by selling the insurance policy and investing that amount in the market, stock or government schemes, it helps in the growth of the economy.

Once the economy increases, it leads to an increment in the number of vacancies because of such big construction projects. This makes way for capital formation as well.

Smoother Working Environment

People purchase insurance for the unforeseen loss or damages. Since construction works involved certain risks, it becomes important for the contractor or builder to purchase the contractor all risk insurance policy.

Once you purchase this insurance policy, it provides you peace of mind as you do not have to worry about any unforeseen loss or damage or the fear of paying out of pocket for the recovery or replacement.

When the employees know that they are covered under an insurance policy that would cover them in case of physical injury, the working environment of the construction site becomes smoother than ever.


Purchasing a construction all risk insurance policy is always a smart move for the builders and contractors. It provides coverage for different perils and also helps in growing the economy. It is advised to purchase this insurance plan online rather than offline. It is because you get to know about the coverage, terms and conditions, etc. of the policy clearly.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 31 March 2022