Indemnity Insurance and Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Intellectual properties (IPs), such as patents, trademarks and copyrights, are invaluable for businesses and play a major role in shaping their future. Hence, companies are expected to ensure their optimum protection. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend IPs from potential threats in the current landscape. Indemnity insurance and intellectual property go hand in hand, as the former plays a vital role in ensuring your indemnification when you accidentally violate someone else’s IPs.

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Addressing Intellectual Property Disputes

Negotiating contractual indemnities or getting rid of them completely was easy back in the day. However, with technological advancements and businesses becoming more aware of their IP rights, it is not easy to get away unless you have your business protected. So, more and more companies are either self-insuring the risk or are buying Indemnity Insurance to cover the risk. It would enable them to cover the business and their suppliers of any indemnities agreed upon by the insurance provider.

Intellectual property violations can have a severe impact on your business's reputation and finances. Suppose a third party presses a violation charge against you for IP disputes. In that case, you will have to bear the professional and legal expenses and fees for managing the arbitration, litigation, or conflict, which can cause significant monetary outflow. Not only this, but your business may also face the risk of losing its credibility and reputation if it is unable to tackle these charges.

Legal Repercussions and Financial Implications

The legal repercussions and financial implications of not having indemnity coverage can be significant and potentially devastating for your businesses.

Here's an overview:

  1. Lawsuits

    Without indemnity coverage, a business may be vulnerable to lawsuits for IP infringement. Businesses finding themselves in the middle of a major lawsuit can find it immensely difficult to continue operating as it did. There is immense mental pressure among the decision-makers and the rest of the workforce to look into their past deeds and also ensure they do not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

  2. Legal Costs

    Defending against IP infringement claims can be extremely expensive. Legal fees, court costs, expert witness fees, and other litigation expenses can quickly add up, draining financial resources. Without indemnity coverage, one will have to pay these costs out of pocket.

  3. Business Disruption

    Legal disputes over intellectual properties can disrupt normal business operations. Legal lawsuits can lead to decreased productivity, lost revenue, and potential damage to customer relationships.

  4. The Role of Indemnity Insurance in Safeguarding Intellectual Property

    There is a need for brands to be proactive and find ways to ensure that legal cases do not cause havoc on their operations. Most brands today prefer having intellectual property protection insurance to cover themselves from all infringement types and any resulting judgements or settlements.

    An intellectual property insurance policy is a safety net protecting your business from claims and any legal costs incurred because of them. In most cases, it covers expenses related to:

    • Attorney fees
    • Defence charges
    • Settlements
    • Judgments
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Example Showcasing How Indemnity Insurance Can Address Intellectual Property Disputes

Here's an example to showcase how intellectual property insurance helped save the day for a Bangalore-based startup:

Unintentional Infringement and Indemnity Insurance Protection for a Bangalore-Based Startup

A startup based in Bangalore specialises in developing artificial intelligence (AI) software solutions for various industries. Their flagship product, AI Commerce Assistant, uses advanced machine learning algorithms to enhance customer interactions for online retailers.

Unknowingly, an algorithm in AI Commerce Assistant infringes upon a copyright owned by a renowned AI research institute in Hyderabad. It prompted the brand to initiate legal action against the Bangalore-based startup, threatening financial damages.

The startup, aware of potential risks, had secured indemnity insurance a few months ago. The policy covered legal costs, allowing the business to navigate the legal process. With insurance support, its legal team conducts an analysis and negotiates with the aggrieved party. The indemnity insurance policy covered the financial charges borne by the insurer, ensuring that the company was protected from the monetary implications of the legal ordeal.


Businesses today face constant threats, particularly in fields that deal with a significant dependence on intellectual property and research related to it. Intellectual properties, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, are pivotal assets, shaping a company's trajectory.

Defending these assets against potential threats has become more challenging, necessitating a strategic approach. Indemnity insurance emerges as a vital companion, playing a pivotal role in safeguarding businesses from unintentional violations of others' intellectual properties.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 07 March 2024
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