Understanding Machinery Coverage as per Current Value under CPM

The success of any construction project hinges on the reliable operation of machinery. Contractor's Plant and Machinery (CPM) insurance safeguards contractors and project managers against financial losses arising from damage or loss of machines used at construction sites and manufacturing plants. It is important to understand various options for machinery coverage as per current value to ensure comprehensive coverage.

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Machinery Coverage as per Current Value against Actual Value

  • Actual Value: This refers to the original purchase price of the machinery. It's the amount paid to acquire the new equipment without accounting for depreciation or wear and tear over time.
  • Current Value: This is the depreciated value of the machinery at the time of the insurance claim. It considers the reduction in value due to factors like age, wear and tear, and technological obsolescence.

In the context of construction machinery, the current value significantly influences the coverage during damage or loss. Contractors must understand how this depreciated value affects the potential payout in case of a claim. A clear understanding of this aspect can guide effective decision-making when selecting plant and machinery insurance policies, ensuring financial protection aligns with the machinery's current worth.

Selecting the Right Coverage under Plant and Machinery Insurance

When choosing coverage under Contractor's Plant and Machinery (CPM) insurance, it's crucial to balance risk tolerance, budget constraints, and project requirements. For businesses moving machinery frequently or working in high-risk areas, considering add-on covers can be pivotal.

As projects progress and machinery depreciates or is upgraded, contractors must reassess their machinery coverage as per current value to ensure it remains adequate and relevant. This not only provides financial protection but also aligns with the changing landscape of the contractor's operational needs and project specifics.

Coverage for Machinery Damage during Transport under CPM

Machines transported from one location to another are not typically covered under basic CPM insurance policies. However, there's an add-on coverage for "dismantling and shifting to a new location" that contractors can opt for. This add-on extends the coverage to include damages incurred during the transportation of machinery, providing a vital safety net.

Proactively Managing Risk

Effective risk mitigation on construction sites involves not just insurance but also proactive strategies:

  • Implement a rigorous maintenance schedule based on manufacturer recommendations. This includes regular servicing, detailed record-keeping, and operator training on proper equipment use and maintenance.
  • Secure the construction site with a strong, impassable perimeter fence and lockable gates. Maintain good lighting throughout the site, especially for machinery storage areas. Consider security personnel for high-value equipment or overnight storage.
  • Immobilize machinery when not in use (remove keys, disable batteries, use wheel locks). Utilize alarm systems for particularly valuable equipment.
  • Maintain a clear and up-to-date inventory of all on-site machinery to facilitate regular checks and prompt identification of missing equipment.

Example of Inadequate Coverage and Its Consequences

A construction company had started a new project. It decided to invest in a standard Plant and Machinery Insurance Plan, prioritizing lower premiums over comprehensive coverage.

During the project, a critical excavator, initially valued at Rs. 50 Lakh, suffered significant damage during transportation. The basic policy, limited to covering the machinery's depreciated current value of Rs. 40 Lakh, provided no compensation, as it didn’t provide coverage for damage during transit.

This oversight resulted in a direct loss of Rs. 50 Lakh for the damaged excavator, compounded by a project delay costing an additional Rs. 15 Lakh. The total financial impact of Rs. 65 Lakh due to inadequate coverage served as a stark reminder of the importance of aligning insurance policies with the actual risks and values in construction projects.

The Importance of Expert Consultation in Construction Insurance

Consulting with insurance experts is invaluable when navigating the complexities of Contractor's Plant and Machinery insurance. These professionals specialize in construction-related policies, offering critical insights tailored to specific project needs.

  • Address Concerns: They help clarify doubts and provide detailed explanations, assisting in making informed decisions. They play a key role in navigating the intricacies of policy options, ensuring clients understand their choices fully.
  • Demystify Machinery Valuation and Coverage: Common concerns often revolve around understanding machinery valuation and the nuances of CPM coverage. Experts can dispel misconceptions.
  • Provide Transparency: Trusted experts like those affiliated with Policybazaar emphasize the importance of transparency and clarity in policy documentation. This advocacy ensures that all stakeholders, including contractors and project managers, have access to clear information.


Selecting appropriate coverage for machinery under CPM insurance requires careful consideration. It's crucial to understand how these options affect claim outcomes and align with the specific requirements of the construction project. Consult with experts at Policybazaar to understand coverage options that meet the unique needs of your project.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 20 March 2024

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