Top Five Ways to Invest in Gold in 2021

Gold in the form of jewelry isn't just for ornamentation purposes alone. It also acts as a great investment option. Investing in gold has always been one of the traditional ways of making money. All gold investments come in two different forms. You can either buy gold in the physical form through jewelry and gold plates, or you can buy gold in the paper form through bonds or traded funds at an existing gold price in Bangalore. There are also different types of mutual funds present in the form of gold. These gold mutual funds generally invest in international gold mining companies. So, here are five different ways in which you can invest in gold in 2021.

Physical Gold

Investing in gold has its advantages and especially if you invest in its physical form. However, it also  comes without its concerns. These concerns include safety, high making, and purchasing costs and outdated designs. Among these, the making charges can be mind-boggling for some investors.  In India, the making charges on the physical forms of gold such as jewelry generally lie between 14 and 25 percent of the total cost of the ornament. These charges cannot be recovered.

Gold-Exchange Traded Funds

Investing in gold, especially in exchange-traded funds or ETFs, can be interesting. An ETF is similar to a mutual fund and trades on the stock exchange just like other ordinary stocks. The fund's portfolio is fixed well in advance and doesn't vary much unlike other stocks, shares, or mutual funds. ETFs offer practical ways in which you can invest in gold.

Gold Stocks

Investors in India also have the option to buy and trade different gold stocks offered by companies that are actively producing and developing gold deposits at a gold price in Bangalore. By doing this, investors can avoid the premium they would have to pay if they purchased gold directly. Also, the value of gold shares tends to rise over time, thus giving out good profits.

Gold Options and Futures

Gold options often allow investors to speculate on the gold rate in Bangalore today. Buying gold options or even futures on exchanges can be challenging and can pose higher risks as compared to investing in other forms of gold. So, invest in options and futures only if you have the appetite for the risks involved. Although investing in gold options and futures can be great and does reap huge profits. However, it is still not recommended for novice investors or investors who are just starting with gold.

Digital Gold

As mentioned earlier, physical gold in the form of coins, jewelry or bars can even be bought online at a gold rate in Bangalore today. In India, the digital form of gold is often offered on digital wallets. Similarly, 'GoldRush' is a form of digital gold offered by the Stock Holding Corporation of India via their website and 'Me-Gold' is also a digital gold investment option offered by Motilal Oswal. All these offerings are governed by the MMTC-PAMP joint venture where MMTC is a public sector company, and PAMP is a swiss corporation specializing in the fabrication of different kinds of metals.

Why should you Invest in Gold?

There are plenty of reasons of buying gold as compared to other commodities. For instance, buying and trading gold can guard the investor against inflations that tend to occur in the markets. Additionally, investing in gold can protect you against falling or fluctuating foreign currency rates such as the Dollar. Another reason you should be investing in gold is that it can act as an insurance policy against market instabilities. Besides these, gold is also a commodity based on demand and supply fundamentals. Gold gives you a diverse investment portfolio and adds value to your investment.

So, in short, these are some reasons why you should invest in gold. Buying this rather valuable commodity at the gold price in Bangalore can help protect you against volatile market conditions and can also grow in value, thus, adding to and diversifying your portfolio of investments.

What are the Differences between Investing in Different Forms of Gold?

Investing in gold depends on what form of gold you want to invest. Physical forms of gold such as jewelry can be more expensive than other non-physical forms like Gold-ETF or paper gold. This is because, there's no entry fee involved in these forms of gold investments, although the costs for ETF can be as high as one percent.

SGB, on the other hand, benefits investors with long-term investment goals. These can be kept for up to eight years. However, their lock-in period is only five years and investing in gold ETF can provide much higher returns than investing in SGB due to better liquidity of the funds. Also, the process of purchasing these ETFs is done through the online mode, which is much easier than SGB.

One of the major differences, however, is that investing in gold ETFs can attract taxes up to 20 percent after three years of investments, while SGBs are essentially exempt from them. Also, SGBs tend to accrue interests of up to 2.5 percent annually, which isn't the case with ETF. This is one of the primary disadvantages of investing in Gold ETF.

How to use these Two Most Important Tips for Buying Gold?

While almost every investor out there buys gold in some form or the other, you should still do some basic research and background checks before you go off investing. The two most important things you should be looking at when making investments into the gold commodity are the gold price in Bangalore and the policies involved in the investments.

Make Sure you Get a Good Price

Look around for the best prices you can get on your gold investments. For new gold investors, you may want to take a look at some dealers as well as their websites. This way, you can be sure you are getting a good gold rate in Bangalore today. Likewise, gold exchanges are also great places to look as these also can be found online.

Make Sure to Know the Policies Well

One of the biggest mistakes most investors tend to make when investing in gold is with the policies. Although dealers are great sources from whom you can buy gold commodities, it's still always better to be wary as there are dozens of fraudsters out there. Some dealers charge a premium, and some won't. So, make sure to ask the dealer about their policies before you sell your commodity back to them. This way, you can avoid them.

The Final Words:

Gold commodities can be great investment vehicles, however make sure you know what you want and what you are doing before you invest. Check the gold price in Bangalore thoroughly before you even think of making your investment. Also, do your homework, so you know whether you want to invest in such things as SGB or ETF. The choice of investing either in SGB or ETF depends on how comfortable you would be in managing your investments. So, do your research thoroughly and be wise when investing in different gold commodities.