Critical Illness Insurance Articles

Health Insurance for Diabetics

Diabetes Insurance Plans in India It is an irony that, though India is classified as “the diabetes capital of the world”, only a handful...Read More

Health Insurance Coverage for HIV Patients

Health Insurance for HIV Positive Patients in India Since the last decade, HIV/AIDS has spread in epidemic proportions in India. At present,...Read More

Best Health Insurance Plans for Cancer Patients

Cancer Insurance Cancer is a dreadful disease in which the body suffers unregulated cell division and growth. There are over 200 types of...Read More

Critical Illness Health Insurance Plan

A regular health insurance policy is a blanket cover for most illnesses. However, there are certain illnesses for which the hospitalization...Read More

What Is Critical Illness Cover? - Features, Benefits and Claim Process

Being diagnosed with a critical illness means complete disruption of normal life and completely wiping away of a lifetime of savings. You become...Read More

Critical Illness Insurance - A Quick Guide

Critical illness insurance is wherein the insured gets a lump sum amount in case he/she gets diagnosed with a critical illness. You heard it...Read More

Surgery & Critical Illness

Life is never the same if someone gets diagnosed with a critical illness such as heart attack, cancer or paralysis. Such illnesses can exhaust...Read More