Critical Illness Insurance Articles

Liberty General Insurance Introduces Liberty Critical Illnesses Policy Upto Rs 1 Crore

Liberty General Insurance Company has launched a critical illness insurance policy namely, ‘Liberty Connect’ that coves up to 60 critical...Read More

Why Critical Illness Cover is Important in the Basic Term Insurance Plan?

Life can be ungrateful sometimes. You may find yourself dealing with a critical illness at any stage of your life, and it eventually becomes...Read More

Here’s How Critical Illness Plan Differs from Health Insurance Plan

It seems that more and more people are becoming victim to different non-communicable diseases. Lifestyle diseases such as hypertension or diabetes...Read More

Alarming! 32 Percent of Indian Population Suffers from Thyroid

A recent survey by SRL Diagnostics revealed that 32% of Indian population is affected by various kinds of thyroid disorders. The survey was...Read More

Why do Patients of Hypertension Need Health Insurance?

Let me tell you a story. This is the story of Shekhar. As a part of his routine annual health checkup, Shekhar visited his doctor. However,...Read More

Why is Health Insurance Necessary for Asthma Patients?

There are 30 crore asthmatic patients across the globe and what’s more surprising is that a tenth of that population comprises of Indians....Read More

How to Choose the Best Critical Illness Insurance Plan?

A general health plan or a mediclaim is used to cover medical expenses that may otherwise burn a deep hole in your pocket. But without relevant...Read More

Myths and Facts about Critical Illness Insurance

Many people freak out at the mere thought of a critical illness. The toll a critical illness takes on a human body cannot be put into words....Read More

Factors to Consider While Comparing Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Everybody is scared of critical illnesses, especially people who have lost their loved one(s) to them. If a critical illness run in your family,...Read More

A Complete Reference: Buying a Critical Illness Insurance Policy

You never know what life holds for you. Honestly, there are a lot many things if one’s life worse than the death. Life is uncertain at every...Read More