Individual Health Insurance Articles

Are Wellness Benefits In Health Insurance Useful?

The real cost to insurance companies is low. It is not surprising to know that the impact achieved is low too. Let’s talk about this in detail. Last...Read More

10 Reasons why buying a Health Insurance in your 20s a Good Idea

In India, for a young person in his early 20s, availing a health insurance policy is imperative due to increasing health risks from a sedentary...Read More

High or Low Deductible Health Insurance - Which one to Opt for?

There are so many health insurance plan options available that it gets difficult to understand all of them and their features. When you are...Read More

Exploring Manipal Cigna Health Insurance and Claim Settlement

As residents of a developing nation, we are exposed to the risk of contracting various illnesses. Despite thorough maintaining an active lifestyle,...Read More

Everything you Need to Know about Digit Health Insurance Claims

A health insurance claim is a formal request that you make to your insurance provider. The claim process helps you get compensation for your...Read More

Here is What you Need to Know about HDFC ERGO Health Premium, Purchase, and Renewal

HDFC Health Insurance Plan has an online platform that makes it easier for clients to purchase and renew the policy. The portal offers an online...Read More

Alzheimer’s Disease and Health Insurance

If you know someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease then you would know how difficult it can get. It can be difficult for the person...Read More

Does Health Insurance Cover Psychological Disorders?

For a long time, mental illnesses related expenses were never covered in health insurance in India. But fortunately we are witnessing a drastic...Read More

How Health Insurance Helps in Covering Pre and Post Natal Expenses?

Maternity insurance is no longer an alien term. It is quite common with couples now, but the knowledge might remain bleak. Maternity insurance is...Read More

What Makes TATA AIG Health Insurance Plans a Perfect Option?

Tata AIG General Insurance Company offers some of the most extensive health plans. You select from a host of TATA AIG medical insurance plans and...Read More