Individual Health Insurance Articles

How is Your Health Insurance Premium Determined?

Health insurance premium is the amount that you pay to the insurance provider to get health insurance coverage. If you have bought a one-year...Read More

Factors to Consider before Buying Women Health Insurance Plan

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Health Insurance Comes with Dual Benefit! Let’s Know about It

Having covered by an employer’s health insurance is a good thing, especially when you don’t own a separate health insurance plan. Nevertheless,...Read More

Top-Up Health Insurance: Here’s Why Having a Back-up Plan is Essential

Top-up health insurance plans play the role of Stepney (in a car). It supports the indemnity cover in case you exhaust the basic sum insured....Read More

Here's Why Every Women Should Get Health Insurance

Gone are the days, when women were just confined to their house walls. They have strengthened their roles in all the walks of life. Amid fulfilling...Read More

Want to Make the Most of Health Top-up Plan? Here are 5 Tips that will Help

It is rightly said- ‘Health is Wealth.’ In the modern age and time, we want to earn money, become a wealthy person and lead a good lifestyle....Read More

Five Tips on Making the Most of Health Policy Top-Up Plans

It is rightly said, ‘Health is Wealth.’ In the modern age and time, we are constantly running to earn money, become a wealthy person and...Read More

Safeguard Your Medical Concerns with the Right Health Insurance Plan

Is your health insurance policy fulfilling all your medical needs? Do you think it does not? Wondering which insurance plan will fit your health...Read More

Here’s How You Can Safeguard Your Future from Accidental Deaths

Life is a beautiful gift that we must value. But, unfortunately, the value of a life in our world is very little. If you skim through a newspaper...Read More

How You Can Save Taxes with Medical Expenses

Amid a sedentary lifestyle and hectic routines, our lives have succumbed to a number of lifestyle diseases. The rise in healthcare expenses...Read More