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AC Insurance

Just a nice structure and furniture cannot make you feel comfortable in your house. Especially in the summer season, you have to have an air conditioner installed. Since it is a long-term investment, you should protect it from unforeseen damage by purchasing an AC insurance policy. What Is AC Insurance?

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What is AC Insurance?

AC insurance provides coverage from unforeseen damage and financially protects you from the repairing expenses. Air conditioners are costly and the continuous innovation to improvise the technology and features increases the cost price of the air conditioners. Hence it becomes necessary to protect it with AC insurance. However, with every other AC installed the premium of AC insurance increases.

Benefits of AC Insurance Plan

Insuring your air conditioner is a smart way to keep yourself protected from unforeseen financial loss. Let us give you some more reasons to insure your AC with insurance by telling you some of its benefits.

  • The air conditioner insurance plan provides cover for any kind of financial loss caused due to accidental, electrical as well as mechanical breakdowns.
  • You can insure your AC at an affordable premium and the insurer will provide high coverage depending on the cost of your AC. 
  • There are easy payment options available such as net banking, UPI payment, mobile wallet, Car payment, etc. that makes your experience of purchasing the insurance hassle-free.

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Factors to Consider In Premium Amount of AC Insurance

The premium amount of your insurance plan is based on several factors. They are as follows:

  • The premium amount of your insurance plan will be based on the model of your air conditioner.
  • You can opt for the sum insured based on the price of your air conditioner., 
  • The premium amount of your insurance plan will vary as per the duration of your insurance plan.
  • AC insurance comes with the home insurance policy if you opt for the content coverage along with the home structure coverage.
  • Every insurance company has a different set of terms and conditions whether you can get coverage for your AC under home insurance content cover or you will have to purchase it separately as an add-on.

AC Insurance: Inclusions

You get coverage for the following in your AC insurance.

  • Fire: If the damage caused to your air conditioner due to fire accident, the insurer will provide you cover for it.
  • Burglary & Theft:If during a burglary or theft, your AC gets stolen, the insurer will provide cover for it.
  • Accidental damage:If there was an external accident that caused damage to the AC like during transportation of the AC from one place to another, the insurer will provide you cover for it.
  • Electrical & Mechanical breakdown:In case there was an electrical or mechanical breakdown that caused damage to the AC, the insurer will provide cover for it.

AC Insurance: Exclusions

The AC insurance does not provide cover for the following:

  • Wear & Tear: Any kind of wear and tear caused to the AC will not be covered under the insurance plan.
  • War & Nuclear perils:If the AC gets damaged during a war or war like situation as well as in the nuclear disaster, the insurer will not provide cover for it.
  • Manufacturing defect:In case there is a manufacturing defect in your AC then it will be considered manufacturers fault and it will not be cover but the insured will have to file a claim against the manufacturer.
  • More than 1-Year Old AC:If you have purchased your AC more than 1 year ago then it will not be covered under the AC insurance plan.
  • Willfully Destroyed: If you destroy your AC willfully then the insurer will not provide cover for the damage caused.
  • Not Disclosing the Fault: The insurer will not provide coverage for the damage if you do not disclose the fault or be transparent about how the damage happened.

Steps To Raise Claim Under AC Insurance

Here are the steps you can follow to raise a claim under AC insurance if the home insurance provides coverage for your AC under content insurance:

  • Step 1: Contact your insurer and inform them about the damage
  • Step 2: Ask for the claim form and fill it
  • Step 3: Keep the documents ready to submit along with the claim form
  • Step 4: The insurer will send an inspector to inspect the damage
  • Step 5: Tell them everything they need to know to initiate the claiming process from their end
  • Step 6: In a few days, the insurer will compensate for the loss or damage caused to your AC.

Documents Required To Raise Claim

You have to submit the following documents to raise a claim under AC insurance,

  • Report of the incident by the customer
  • Original bill of the reinstated AC
  • Repairing bills for partial damage
  • Duly filled claim form
  • In case of a fire accident, a copy of the report from the fire brigade
  • FIR copy, in case of theft

FAQs about AC Insurance

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