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Home Insurance For Monsoon

The monsoon season not only brings the cool breeze of air with rain but also natural disasters that can damage your home in many ways. Just like you take an umbrella during the rainy season whenever you go out of your home, similarly being prepared and keeping your home protected with home insurance for monsoon will let you keep peace of mind during the rainy season. Taking an example of the capital, New Delhi has a record-breaking rainfall this year with 1,170.7 mm during the monsoon season and became a big reason to worry for many homeowners living in flood-prone areas.

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What Is Home Insurance for Monsoon?

Your home protects you from many natural calamities hence it requires protection itself from all kinds of natural calamities that might come along with it such as floods, storms, etc. In order to make sure that your home is protected from all these natural calamities, you must purchase a home insurance policy that can provide you coverage of all kinds of unforeseen damage caused by a natural calamity.

In case you have a home insurance policy but it does not provide cover for the loss or damage caused to your house during the monsoon season then you can consult with your insurer about the add-on that can protect your house. You just have to pay an extra amount to purchase that particular add-on.

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Benefits of Home Insurance for Monsoon

Home insurance for monsoon is a part of a comprehensive home insurance policy that protects you from the loss or damage caused to your house during the monsoon season. Here are some of the benefits of Home Insurance for Monsoon.

  • Financial Aid to Insured: Home insurance for monsoon will provide the insured financial aid for all kinds of damage caused to the house whether internal or external. Purchasing home insurance for monsoon will provide you financial cover so that you do not have to pay for recovering the damage out of pocket.
  • Enhance the Coverage: if you have a basic home insurance policy that does not provide cover for the damage coming out of natural calamity then you can purchase the add-on provided by your insurer for which you will have to an extra amount on your premium.
  • Recovers Damage Faster: There are times when you cannot invest your savings in recovering damage when you are not insured. Since the insurance plan provides financial aid to the insured, it brings along an advantage of faster recovery that you get after raising a claim.
  • Peace of Mind: Peace of mind is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. As you cannot stop a natural calamity and it causes damage to your house then at that point of time, if you are insured with home insurance for monsoon, you would have to pay for the damage out of pocket and get to keep your peace of mind.

What Is Covered Under Home Insurance for Monsoon?

Home insurance for monsoon provides cover for the following:

  • Damaged Floor: The insurer will provide cover for the damaged floor caused during a flood because of water entering inside the carpet area of the home.
  • Short Circuit: In case the water leakage in the house during heavy rain causes a short circuit that leads to any kind of damage is covered.
  • Damaged Furniture: Due to heavy rainfall, if the water enters the house and causes damage to the furniture the insurer will provide cover for it.
  • Damage to Structure of Building: If the heavy rainfall caused damage to the walls, paintwork or any other structural damage, the insurer will provide cover for it.
  • Leakage of Water: Due to heavy rainfall, if the roof of the home starts leaking water due to an improper drainage system, gets into the cracked walls and joints leading to structural damage, the insurer will provide cover for it.
  • Cover for Valuable: The insurer will provide cover for the valuable items kept inside the house.
  • Cover for Flood: The insurer will provide cover for the damage followed by the flood.
  • Restoration of Household Appliances: The insurer will provide cover for the restoration of electronic items as well as household appliances kept inside the house.
  • Replacement: If the rainfall caused severe damage to the house that you cannot live there anymore until it is restored, the insurer provides cover for the alternate accommodation for your stay.
  • Damage Caused by Fire: If the heavy rainfall leads to a fire accident causing damage to electronic items as well as other fixtures and fittings the insurer will provide cover for it.
  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown: In case lightning leads to an unfortunate power surge or short-circuit that eventually leads to electrical or mechanical breakdown, the insurer will provide cover for it.

What Is Not Covered Under Home Insurance for Monsoon?

The insurance plan does not provide cover for the following:

  • Willful Negligence: The insurer will not provide cover if you willfully ignore any kind of damage caused due to heavy rainfall during the monsoon.
  • Precious Belonging: The insurer will not provide cover for the precious belongings of the insured such as old coin collections, stamp collections, bullions, artifacts, paintings, etc.
  • No Cover for 1-Year Old Television: The insured’s tv will not be covered under the policy if the policy has not been purchased within the 1 year of television purchase.
  • Not Disclosing the Fault: The insurer will not provide cover for the damage if the insured does not provide correct information related to the damage and willfully hides something important.
  • Willful Destruction: If the insurer willfully damages the home structure or the content of the house, the insurer will not provide cover for it.

How To Raise A Claim Under Home Insurance for Monsoon?

Follow the steps mentioned below to raise a claim under the home insurance for the monsoon.

  • Inform The Insurer: Inform the insurer as soon as you witness the loss or damage after the heavy rainfall.
  • Take Pictures of The Damage: It is recommended to take photographs on your mobile phone of the damage caused. It will help you while raising the claim online and will be there with you as evidence.
  • Keep Documents Ready: In order to raise the claim, the insurer requires a set of documents that you have to submit along with the claim form.
  • Help Insurer During Inspection: Once you have raised a claim and submitted all the documents, the insurance company will send an inspector to inspect the damage and then begin the claiming process. Make sure to help them in every way possible for a quick and hassle-free claiming process.
  • Compensation: Once the inspection is done and claiming process begins, the insurer will provide compensation to you as per your sum insured.

How To Renew Home Insurance for Monsoon?

A home insurance policy is not something that you purchase for one time. You have to keep on renewing it stay protected from unforeseen damages. Here are the steps that you can follow to renew your home insurance policy:

  • Step 1: Visit the insurer’s website
  • Step 2: Enter the required details such as policy number, name, etc. and press enter
  • Step 3: Now select the option of renewing insurance plan
  • Step 4: Now review your plan details
  • Step 5: You can add or remove any particular add-on if you want
  • Step 6: Now it will show you the final premium amount
  • Step 7: Pay the premium amount using credit/debit, net banking, UPI, etc.
  • Step 8: Your insurance plan will be renewed and you will receive a confirmation mail from the insurer

However, it is important to renew your insurance plan before the expiration date to avoid cancellation of the policy.

Why Buy From Policybazaar?

For a hassle-free experience of purchasing home insurance for the monsoon, you can go on the official website of policybazaar. You can purchase the right insurance plan by comparing different insurance plans in one place and chose the one that suits your requirements as well as fits your budget. You can also calculate the premium using the online premium calculator tool. This makes your buying experience easy and quick.


Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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