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Life Insurance for Overweight People

Obesity has become a critical problem globally and this medical condition is increasing in India. It is a health condition that causes a number of health problems. A person is considered obese if their BMI is between 25 to 30. Obesity can be caused due to health conditions, genetic reasons, or because of lifestyle reasons like low metabolism, an inactive lifestyle, and junk food.

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Obesity might result in heart disease, diabetes, angina, respiratory ailments, hypertension, and other medical problems. These ailments can not only shorten your life span but also increase your premium rates. Thus, if you are obese, you should consider purchasing life insurance for overweight individuals. Let us take a look at some of the Life insurance for obese adults that you can purchase to secure your family. 

Can You Get Life Insurance if You Are Overweight?

Yes, you can get life insurance with high BMI from the best life insurance companies in India. The premium rates of term life insurance for obese adults are slightly higher than the premium rates for regular life plans. The life insurance plan may not offer the same benefits and have a few exclusions. Here is how the premium rates of life insurance for obese are impacted.

Premium Rates of Life Insurance for Overweight People 

If you are an overweight individual, you need to compromise on your life insurance policy when it comes to premium rates. You can buy life insurance from popular insurance companies but it will be expensive. 

Life insurers set the premium rates based on the health risks of an individual. They determine the risk of the applicant passing away during the tenure of their life insurance plan. Life insurance providers, similarly to health insurers, consider weight as an overall indicator of health. They use a BMI (Body Mass Index) to decide upon the premium rate for the required life insurance for overweight.

What is Body Mass Index? 

Body Mass Index or BMI is a measurement that uses a person’s height to determine the suitable weight for the individual. It uses various factors like your age, weight, height, and gender to determine the appropriate weight for you. 

A BMI calculator is an offline or online tool that measures the body mass index value. It helps in determining your health status using your BMI score. If your BMI value falls under the underweight category, it means you should focus on gaining weight and in case you fall in the overweight category, you need to focus on losing weight. 

How to Calculate BMI? 

Here is how you can calculate your BMI before purchasing life insurance for obese adults.

BMI = (Individual’s weight in Kg)/ (Individual’s height in m)2

After calculating your BMI, you can refer to the following BMI chart for the suitable outcomes. It is recommended to have a body mass index value between 18.5 to 24.9, to get the most affordable premium rates. 

BMI  Status of Body Weight
Below 18.5 Underweight 
18.5 to 24.9 Normal 
25.0 to 29.9 Overweight 
Above 30  Obese 

How Does BMI affect your Life Insurance? 

Since the BMI value indicates the health status of a person’s body, it impacts the life insurance premium rates. A high body mass index means that the person is at more risk of cardio/heart-related ailments and might regularly go to hospitals because of weight-associated problems. Similarly, a person with a low BMI than the average one is also called unhealthy as they may be having some sort of causal illness that gets diagnosed instantly. The validation provided by the insurers for using BMI to assess the rate is very simple. With a high BMI value, the person has the possibility of making regular visits to the medical clinics because of illnesses, which results in high medical expenses. Thus, the more the estimated expenses on health-associated issues, the more will be the premium rates of life insurance plans. 

You can purchase life insurance plans for overweight individuals at affordable premiums by buying term insurance for overweight online. Buying life insurance for obese online can help you compare the plans online, on one platform, on the basis of their premium rates, and offered benefits. One of the smartest things you can do to save on your premiums, in the long run, is to purchase life insurance for obese online and work on improving your health to fit in the ideal BMI value, after which, you can purchase a new life insurance plan at affordable premiums.

Do Insurers Only Use Overweight as a Health Indicator? 

Insurers use a lot of other factors to assess the health status of an individual before offering the plan. An individual with a more BMI value might be fitter than an individual who smokes frequently. Thus the other factors that you should also take into account are  

  • Age: Younger persons are less likely to be a responsibility to the insurer, so they are mainly provided with more affordable premium rates in comparison to older individuals. Therefore you must always buy term plan as soon as possible as the premium rates increase with age. 

  • Family history: There is a more probability of an individual having a genetic illness that might impact the individual in later stages of their life. For example, Parkinson’s is an illness that jumps from generation to generation and generally affects the person in later stages. Hence, the insurers sometimes ask for a medical history of the family before deciding the rates of premium. 

  • Alcohol and tobacco use: If an individual has a past of smoking or chewing tobacco or is a heavy alcohol drinker it impacts the rates of premium. Alcohol and tobacco consumers might have the ideal BMI but their internal organs often are impacted because of substance abuse. Various insurers offer special premium rates for non-smoking individuals. Thus, lifestyle selection also affects the premium rates of life insurance plans.

Wrapping It Up!

Life insurance for overweight can help you secure your loved ones against the uncertainties of life by providing a death benefit in case of your unfortunate death. A life insurance plan will also grow your wealth and help you save on your yearly taxes. You can compare term plans online on the basis of their premiums, sum assured, policy term, and benefits offered within a few clicks from the comfort of your home.

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