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Confused with the insurance policy bought? Seek Help!!

Are you insured? This question has joined the list of common questions which deal with essentials of life, like - having a car, home, job, education...Read More

Multiple Benefits of Insurance

Life is precious and hence getting insured is imperative. But there's much more to insurance than just providing a death benefit. Insurance offers...Read More

Buying Insurance Online – 12 Myths Busted

After all the turns and tumbles over the past few years, online shopping domain has finally proved that it is here to stay. More and more buyers...Read More

Statistically Speaking – Women are Better Drivers than Men

There's no settlement to the age old debate of who's a better driver, men or women. However, it seems like the insurance industry has declared...Read More

Insurance Jargons – Are You Confused?

Insurance is an intricate product and so is its terminology. While going through a policy docket, we come across certain terms that we too often...Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Money!

Money is the one of the most important elements in our life. After all, it makes the whole world go round. Everyone talks about it all the time,...Read More

What Is The Life Insurance Policy With Maturity Benefits?

A life insurance policy with maturity benefits allow individuals to get a double advantage from their existing policy. Not only does your family...Read More

Life Insurance Company Ratings 2013

Life Insurance is a product that is sold and bought on mutual trust. There are certain parameters on the basis of which the customers and agencies...Read More

Why Women Need Life Insurance?

The common perception is that women don't need life insurance because they have no dependents. This is far from truth. Times are changing;...Read More

The Road to Insurance

Insurance provides a financial protection to your dependents in case of your unfortunate demise. Getting insured lets you take better control...Read More