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My First Salary! What Next?

The contentment achieved on receiving the first salary is unrivaled and damn hard to express. After completing years of education and hard-work,...Read More

Life Insurance Glossary

Accelerated Death Benefit  A provision or rider that allows to receive all or part of the benefits of your policy before you die. These benefits...Read More

What to do When a Claim is Rejected

If your claim is rejected, the insurance company must give you the reasons for rejection. You can find out why your claim was refused. Insurance...Read More

When a Life Insurance Policy Lapses

While buying a life insurance policy make sure the policy meets your needs today and also in the future. What might happen if you change your...Read More

Ways to Reduce the Premium of Life Insurance Policy

There are limited ways to reduce the premium of life insurance policy but is possible. The amount of coverage you purchase, the inclusion of...Read More

Factors Affecting the Cost of Life Insurance Premium

Life is precious and we make efforts to protect it from different circumstances. The cost of life insurance premium is determined by the level...Read More

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Once you decide to buy life insurance to protect your family or dependents, you’ll need to figure out how much to insure and how much you can...Read More