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Judging a Life Insurance Agent

With the rising competition in the insurance market, the competition among insurance agents to secure the maximum number of clients has also...Read More

Insurance Trends - 2016

Numerous senior executives in the insurance industry foresee the Indian insurance witnessing robust growth in 2016, backed by favourable Government...Read More

Death During Grace Period: 5 Important Facts

A fifty-five year old man is diagnosed with brain cancer and has to be admitted to the hospital. He had maintained a term policy for the last...Read More

How Can You Lower the Insurance Premium

Studies reveal that the life insurance industry in India is one of the largest with 360 million products. However with the huge population it...Read More

Men Vs Women - Compare Benefits Of Life Insurance

Although as a society we are supposedly inching towards a gender neutral environment, we still have a long way to go. Insurance for women is...Read More

The Most Trusted Life Insurance Companies in India in 2018-19

Life insurance is a cost-intensive, long term investment for Indian residents. Most individuals see the coverage that their life insurance policies...Read More

Securing Your Debt With Mortgage Insurance

It's the year 2009, a year after the Lehman Brothers crisis; the world economy including the USA and Europe seems to be gloomy and back home...Read More

Life Insurance Purchase – Online vs Offline

Purchase of life insurance can be done from an insurance agent (offline) or online. Although the latter form is becoming increasingly becoming...Read More

How To Calculate The Life Insurance Coverage

We often hear it is a rule of thumb that life insurance cover must be 6 to 7 times as much as the yearly income. Suppose a person earning 4 lakhs...Read More

How to Evaluate your Insurance Policy

It is in our nature to compare prices and brands even if it is the smallest things we buy. But when it comes to evaluating and comparing insurance...Read More